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  1. I figured I'd bump a related thread rather than start a new one about drink packages. My girlfriend and I just booked a 7 day cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas leaving on 12/26/20. Checked today and the UBP is $59 per day. I kind of figured it would be a bit lower since Rhapsody isn't regarded as a premium ship (was hoping for $49). I know that the trend is that prices don't go down, but is there likely to be some kind of a sale to knock it down a bit in the next several months? I also know that you can always cancel and book it, but if the price might go down or at least stay the same, I'd rather not have another ~$950 hit on my credit card right after the holidays!
  2. Hello, My girlfriend and I are looking at booking a cruise over NYE 2020/2021. I know that it's smart to book early to avoid price increases, but we are not 100% that we will be able to go. If we book and have to cancel, how much money do we lose? Can money paid be transferred to a future cruise instead? I have been watching Matt's live streams but this question has never come up. (I don't usually have the chance to watch them live so I can't ask him myself) Thank you!
  3. People think the default lock screen is "super cool?" 🤨 The number one most frequently lost item has got to be phone chargers
  4. Do they offer anything similar to OrangeTheory? I would pay for that, but otherwise I would stick to things I can do on my own.
  5. I think some nice additional info to add would be how many nights the cruise is. $230 PP is a much better deal on a 7 night cruise than it is on a 3 night cruise!
  6. I am a teacher, so my time during which I can take vacations is quite limited if not during the summer. Is there a way to search specific dates? When I go on the Royal Caribbean site, I have to search by the entire month, and there's no way to see all of the dates unless I click each and every single match. Any tips on how to make my search more date-specific would be welcome. Thank you
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