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  1. I was moved from Brilliance to Independence for 7/31/2021. Totally cool with me, but now I get an error when trying to access the cruise planner. I know that there had been a cruise planner sale and I was planning to book the drink package. Does anyone know when this will be fixed or if they will honor sale prices due to inability to access the cruise planner?
  2. If every country but the United States is doing something, I think it's fair to call it "common" sense. The rest of the world gets it, we don't. The science keeps changing because we are learning more about the virus. It's not some nefarious scheme to keep you off a cruise ship.
  3. If you had blindly asked me, I'd have agreed. But - firstly, I believe there were many reports saying they could make it to Q3 of 2021 with NO revenue, and they will be getting at least a tiny bit of revenue with deposits and the small amount of cruising that will likely happen in Asia and Europe before then. Secondly, if they declare bankruptcy, someone will swoop in and take over operations. It's not like this is a dead industry that nobody will ever want to patronize again. If there's money to be made, however distant it will be, someone will make the investments to try and make that money.
  4. I would be nervous too...I mean, I think there's a decent chance that my July 31st 2021 may not happen
  5. If your cruise is canceled, which in all honesty it probably will be, that means that covid is still a serious problem. Therefore, I wouldn't worry about hosting a large Thanksgiving either way.
  6. wait...do you like French Onion Soup? We can't be sure LOL
  7. Either way, that would be better than naming yourself after the internet personality of the same name!
  8. Was there a standard rotation of items in the past? I didn't realize the menu was consistent enough to require "updating."
  9. That's wild that you visited Francoist Spain. Would you mind sharing what the experience was like?
  10. Did this post get stuck in the ether for four months? It's been quite a while since there was a TP shortage! ?
  11. I agree. In my mind, two scenarios exist: 1. Cruising does not resume until there is a vaccine 2. Cruising begins before then, but with a greatly reduced number of passengers. As mentioned, there is no way to make sure people properly social distance at anything close to normal capacity.
  12. Why did the single nurses change clothes after work and before going out for the evening? Because they "don't want no scrubs!"
  13. Questions: 1. Let's say that I cancel a few days beforehand. Am I realistically going to get the same value in 11 months (as an example) knowing that prices tend to increase the closer one gets to the sailing date? 2. What is lift and ship? I see it mentioned quite often on the boards but I haven't seen an explanation of what it is.
  14. And that is assuming that Florida actually does start to get the cases under control. That seems far from a guarantee! Waiting until 2021 seems almost a given at this point. I am debating when to pull the trigger on buying Royal Caribbean stock...
  15. Well said. I am continually disappointed by seeing people here allow their passion for cruising to get in the way of the reality of this virus.
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