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  1. Mine came in just a few days from the Black Friday cancellations
  2. @donkasaurusrex I'll have an 11 YO soon to be twelve onboard. If he buddies up with a set of sibblings his age, I'll be asking the parents "Are you donkasuarusrex?" it will either be you or I'll be again labeled "that weird guy"
  3. Peace and love @_1stTimer. Hope to see you at sea.
  4. That's a good price @Brett_FL Normal is different for each cruise. It generally runs closer to 30 bucks per day. Close to internet cost is the sweet spot. For me, if the gross total cost for the cruise is 35-49 bucks per person above internet, I see value in it. More and I don't.
  5. Sorry for the confusion about your intention to have internet for safety, I was moved by your initial post wondering if 2 people could watch Netflix at the same time. I should have known it was to watch safety videos. Did you explicitly state that you didn't intend to circumvent or did you say "I don't plan to violate the rule if it is indeed possible to do.". Circumventing isn't the same and maybe you don't even plan to do that. What I was trying to say in the since moderator deleted post was that internet costs what it costs and you aren't a victim of that cost. You have choices. If you've already paid $300 for internet but want usage that might cost a little less than double that, then you have a choice. It's your choice. I would make mine, but not think any less of you regardless of yours. Call it virtue signaling (I seriously had to look it up) if you want, but there might be other similar examples where I might choose circumvention and you may not. I'm not trying to pretend that I'm a saint. I'm not really close. I might be on the borderline for the whole admittance into heaven thing.
  6. I noticed and wondered the same thing this weekend on our 12/18 Oasis sailing. Whatever the menu is, I'm sure I will eat just fine.
  7. I think you're nitpicking @_1stTimer. There is a difference between buying a plan for 2 devices and only every having 2 devices logged in than buying a one device plan and portioning it out yourself to devices. I personally don't care what you do, but I would just both watch the same show in Netflix and snuggle up if the cost of the second device wasn't palatable.
  8. Before the Black Friday sale, it was $139 for my March sailing. @SpeedNoodlesis right on though, supply and demand. Whatever price allows them to bring in the most revenue from the asset is where it will land. It will be interesting with Icon when the onboard waterpark is a competitor to the PDCC waterpark.
  9. Really enjoyed the blog @Neesa. I'll echo that your positive approach is the way to go and I'm going to emulate that going forward. Looks like you all had a great time. Very nice to put a face to the username. I hope your holidays are great and that our paths cross one day at sea.
  10. I suppose depending on the age of your kids. Having them learn to tip will help them mature into that aspect of their lives. Tipping might also get them a little faster service when they return to the same bar. My youngest is 11 and we just hand him some ones and he tips.
  11. I wouldn't say a lot of ethics. Just a little and whether the person adheres to them.
  12. Cats is a love it or hate it kind of show. A lot of people really love it. Not me, but many do. Had a crazy run in its day.
  13. My experience was the same on the internet. First day it wasn't pricing in a discount at all on multiple devices. I just chilled and this weekend booked. Our offering was 13.99 and 11.99 thereafter, and adding one was 13.99, but when you increased, it dropped all, even the first one to 11.99, so a few bucks extra savings which I'll happily take.
  14. Let me help you with this. 12, 16.9 floz Soft Drinks, Coca-Cola Products from a Grocery Store: $8 plus going to the grocery store and schleping them to the port and up to your room. Unlimited Soda on 7 day cruise $74 Difference I'm not out of Soda on the second day and didn't schelp 12 extra lbs of soda to a cooler that isn't really a fridge. 2 bottles of grocery store wine: $50 2 bottles of inexpensive wine aboard a ship with gratuity: $94 Difference: $44 - This is probably a win. Lighter than Soda or water and reds don't need chilled, but not the topic of the thread either. 12, 12 floz bottles of water in the cruise planner: $11.99 Bringing a reusable water bottle you already have and filling it aboard the ship: free - No, this isn't the alternative, the alternative for those that want bottled water is schlepping $3 of water and their 12 lbs onboard to save 9 bucks Difference You don't have to lug water like you're somehow not on vacation.
  15. It was my attempt to present it as I understood it. I don't know if it's right or not
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