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  1. I'm not sure what's confusing. Swim diapers are only allowed in the baby splash zone.. If your activities absolutely have to include being with your little ones and them being in water, then I guess that's where you'll be. You might see if they are interested in Adventure Ocean to give you some time apart, or possibly other activities beyond swimming. That's really up to you.
  2. Thanks for this. Starting to really look good.
  3. I want to. I really enjoyed the sailing but we had bad weather in ports. Five out of 8 of us have caught Covid so remain diligent in that regard. I'll take these mild symptoms for that sailing any day.
  4. Sorry to have missed you, I was onboard last week. There are public computers on deck 8 off the Aft elevators. I believe it's the second level of the Library that is Deck 7 Aft Elevators. There were several machines there in case you need them. Enjoy your cruise and thanks for sharing!
  5. You can absolutely have a picture taken together. The restriction I think you're referring to is being able to get pictures of people in other cabins with the picture package. As long as someone from your cabin is in the photo, you can get that picture in the package. If it's just a picture of the others without you, it doesn't qualify for reasons I think are obvious. In practice though, if they gave your room number there is a good chance it shows up on your kiosk and you can include it in the package.
  6. Like this one on cruisemummy https://www.cruisemummy.co.uk/cruise-drinks-package-calculator/
  7. Try to reserve once you're onboard, if still sold out, show up about 30 minutes early and stand in the stand by line. You'll likely get in. I'm not sure what your question is about drinks, but they are available once you board at open establishments.
  8. It says it in the app that it's free on Day 1 and port days for kids under 12. We had a thread here last year on it and someone was going to confirm, but never did. App doesn't say if an adult purchase is required, but it probably is
  9. I've always called it Sorentinos (even knowing full well it's Sorrentos) because where I grew up there was a pizza joint called Sorentinos. The weirdest things make it back to you in life.
  10. Another thing that is going to impact pricing and probably downward are after cruise reviews. At this point it's all hype and expectation for Icon the ship and the class of ships. Next month cruisers are going to begin sailing and the cruise line will need to live up to that hype. I think they've really set the bar high for themselves and even when Icon is a really great new ship with some great new features, we're going to see tons of "It's not worth it" type of reviews. I'm booked in a few months on Icon and I expect to enjoy it, but I don't expect even the teenagers are going to say this is worth 3x cruises on other classes of ships.
  11. Also a nasal rinse guy here. Fill out the special needs form, choose the CPAP option for the Distilled water. It's always just there waiting for you.
  12. Totally understandable, but you can see even in this situation he came through within hours and his built in 10 day cushion on final payment was protecting you the entire time. You're going to have a great time!
  13. I'm with @SpeedNoodleson this. Maybe you can find someone to effectively be a house sitter for you while you are away. Often late teen/college aged kids do this and if there is someone doing it who you already know or whose family you already know, that's a bonus. If my wife's sister can't come and stay with the dog, we've moved to this route and frankly, I'm pretty sure that both the house and dogs are in better shape than when my SIL comes.
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