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  1. I always feel like companies etc use business days simply as a reason to make a longer time sound shorter.. ie stretch it out. As is the case here really. Not like you think, wow only 38 business days till my holiday..
  2. They have been working on a vaccine for Aids (a virus) for 40 years, and still nothing. Covid has a lot of attention, so maybe they will get lucky or maybe more focus will speed that up, but chances are they wont anytime soon. The most likely outcome is effective treatments are developed (just like Aids where most people who get it are treated and get on with life) and this in conjunction with some measures and testing and immunity over time along with the fact most virus's actually get weaker over time will be the most likely way forward. So you will catch covid, some people will get n
  3. Its annoying, but its not just RCI , its travel industry wide. Its hard to understand if they are swamped, or they cut to many staff, or its systems or its just a ploy to hold cash. Emirates who also owe me a fair amount of cash, have said refund delays are hitting 6 months now. Hotels.com who I also am waiting on are getting up there. So not sure land based vacations would be much better off.
  4. They processed it immediately as they sent me a copy of the RCI confirmation and also sent me the confirmation they had got the money back and then turned it round back to me in day or 2 - so the delay was on the RCI side. Outside of that they did all the stuff at the start and then did process the refund etc and I imagine now get nothing for it and I know they are struggling to even stay in business (many in my area have simply closed) in these crazy times where 100% of their business is down the drain - im happy for them to have the $50 (out of a 5 figure refund) if it helps them defer
  5. Another update. Got my full refund less $50 which I think the TA charged in their words for all the effort. Requested 23 March. Confirmed same day as it was. RCCL cancellation not mine. Random amount of like 2 or 3% refunded in 2 random amounts about 3 weeks later. Then the rest today. Quite a long time at 90 days (email said 45 days max originally) .. but we got there I guess.. Hopefully I can send it back to RCCL soon.. but not confident the worst is over just yet.
  6. At nearly 60 days since requesting here - they canceled the cruise and was very simple booking as was fully paid and hadn't got around to any extra purchases etc so should be very simple booking to refund. No responses from RCCL. Got 2 random payments 20 days ago amounting to about 10% and that's it. The refund email clearly says WITHIN 45 days. Nothing about business days. I know its tough times but its should be automated process just like booking is. Lack of any response or update leaves a bit of a sour taste. Even if they just apologized for being late and provided an update it woul
  7. Thats based on some pretty optimistic scenarios. Including being back by year end and I just dont think they will be. Borders will still be closed.. airlines shutdown etc etc. They are burning 400m a month and 100m on refunds. They are also depending on 75% of all rooms full when they do resume. Which is optimistic in itself. I love RCCL I have never been on a cruise with any other company. But its all stacked against them. As someone else said chapter 11 is not the end of the world. Its not good and will hurt them and a lot of customers but its not Chapter 7 which is shutdown
  8. Sadly I think its higher than 50/50 - CNBC were saying they think maybe no cruising at all till 2022 ! now that might be pessimistic, but anywhere near that or even 2021 and I dont think any company can sustain that level of cash burn and will have to do some drastic things. NCL has come out today and said to the SEC so pretty formal - they dont think they will be able to continue as a "going concern" which means viable business by the end of the year if things continue. So RCL while a good company arguably stronger than NCL - have a lot of debt and had really invested way ahe
  9. As someone meant to be going on it on May 27 - 2 cruises after the AMP - just another reason to cancel I guess, if one was even needed. Sort of makes no sense thou, apart from cost, surely they want them off the water and being repaired etc - staff planned to be on leave etc - as that was planned and they wont be doing anything else seems strange to not use the time, similar to airlines moving forward with heavy maintenance of grounded aircraft earlier. I guess it really shows how tight the cash is. I will be aiming to get cash out if they do cancel not a FCC if I can
  10. Australia copied the policy so those ships are going nowhere anyway. Not sure if they can park up or have to leave the waters empty but not sure where they would go to as any of the Pacific islands won't have a bar of them and have said so. Sadly cruises in this part of the world are done for the foreseeable future.
  11. We are on Explorer of the Seas which is based out of Rome in May for 9 nights and has 3 stops in Italy - one in Malta (which is banning ships) then onto the Greek Isles - So yeah cant really see it going ahead - you would think they would cancel and send the ship somewhere else or park it up.
  12. Yes, my previous prediction of $20 or maybe even lower stands. RCI hasn't really had anything specific towards them as yet IE a princess style death ship or big Caribbean cancellations, Europe cancellations haven't happened yet as its a bit early - so there is likely a few more hits to come much more specific to RCI. Really sad for the company - but great buying once it bottoms out, and they will of course come back over time so with some dividends and cruise credits could be a nice little investment. Just not today.
  13. Well that at least is not true. There is a critical shortage of tests in the US. There have been many articles of people in Washington etc begging for tests to be refused. Only 2000 have been done in the entire country of 350m and even if they meet the targets of 1m to be made that's still way less than needed. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/03/how-many-americans-have-been-tested-coronavirus/607597/?preview=3-4FLneYp3QF4ooMLWUN_KtUiR8
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8075633/First-British-victim-25-describes-coronavirus.html Seems not.
  15. And there was a guy in his 30s in the UK who wrote about getting it in early Jan in China and still hasn't fully recovered and for most of that he thought he was going to die it was so bad and he wasn't even hospitalized. So like anything everyone is different and there is a huge range of experiences which vary widely. Better not to get it at all I guess.
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