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  1. Do you get handed a receipt from the bar when not on a drink package?
  2. Can you cancel a purchased drink package and get a full refund?
  3. Our friends have spoken to their Doctor and has mentioned that you can show positive 30 days after.
  4. We are scheduled to cruise May 2nd Anthem OTS . My wife and I are traveling with another couple and they just got Covid, will we be able to get a refund if we don’t have Covid? Also we booked flights through Air to Sea if we have to cancel will we get our flight money refunded?
  5. Does anyone know if they still have roller skating on Anthem OTS? We are on the May 2,22 transatlantic cruise and was really looking forward to it.
  6. Does anyone know if Anthem OTS use the Wow bands?
  7. People walk around broadcasting there badges around there necks. I just put it in my pockets. And if my wife is wearing a dress, then hers is in her purse or in my pocket. People have mentioned wow wristbands. How much are they and does Anthem OTS provide them?
  8. I am having concerns about taking this cruise with all that’s happening in Europe. The itinerary for this cruise consist of Spain, France and Southampton UK. Will RCL cancel this cruise?
  9. Hi, I am wondering if there’s formal nights on a transatlantic cruise? We just completed our 12 day Southern Caribbean cruise and noticed a lot of people dressed in t shirts and jeans on formal nights. My wife and I both like dressing up for dinner and hey we have been in a pandemic for 2 1/2 years so why not.
  10. Hello, I have just booked my hotel with this site and it includes free parking plus shuttle to the port. ParkSleepFly.com
  11. Congratulations on your upgrade!,, I’m scheduled to sail on February 5,22 inside room and have bid on a spacious Balcony 525 is that too much?
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