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  1. I emailed MEI and they introduced me to an agent via email.
  2. Our very first cruise in 2000, Celebrity Zenith, was to Bermuda in October. And yes, we experienced "big seas". Really, really big seas (the Captain announced 30-40 foot seas). But it was exciting and Bermuda was beautiful (my favorite port) and I've been cruising ever since. Just do it.
  3. Sorry to say, from what I've read on this site, you don't have a choice. Gotta pay to cruise to Bermuda.
  4. We did the Caribbean on Anthem out of NJ in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Essentially same itinerary, but a nice break from the cold, dreary days of winter. The Covid mandates made us cancel in January 2022 but when cruising fully opens up, we'll probably go again!
  5. I believe that's the bag laying next to the shirt.
  6. We bought a coffee card on Anthem during Jan. 2019 cruise. The crew member told us to save the card if we didn't use all the "punches" and we could use it IF we sailed Anthem again...which we did in Jan. 2020. The card was honored even with us mentioning it was bought the previous year. Actually have another card with a few punches left just waiting to be allowed on Anthem again! ️
  7. You make such a good point I hadn't considered. I have generally always breezed by with a polite "no thank you" but after reading your post, wish I had stopped each and every time! And if they ever allow me to cruise again, I'm stopping and getting that picture!
  8. I received the same e-mail but I know I don't have any outstanding FCCs. I received full cash refunds for my cruises due to the current mandates. I chalked it up to more Royal screw-ups.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm jumping right behind you!
  10. Oops...no. I missed that. My apologies. It was Anthem (if I remember correctly) which is Quantum. I need to pay more attention.
  11. Over the years I have booked 3 guaranteed balconies. One I upgraded to a regular balcony, the other 2 ended up being obstructed views (lifeboats).
  12. I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your daughter. I wish there was something more I could say that would help you and your family as you live with this indescribable reality.
  13. I recall when the advice from some on this site was IF you popped a positive to retest again (obviously hoping for a negative). Also, more recently, suggestions offered on how to help make sure you're negative by using saline or alcohol (?) nasal rinses. People have alot invested in their vacations. They just want to get on the ship.
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