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  1. I agree with this logic. Recommending cruisers get passports to cruise (or travel) because they will be in a foreign country, and then telling them to leave it on the ship when you actually visit a foreign country never made sense to me either.
  2. This seems to be a summary of CDC "guidance" by a news agency, NPR. I'm usually hesitant to take these as facts even when I like what it says. And I'm not picking on NPR.
  3. Dang, I got a little teary-eyed thinking I just may actually hear it on a ship soon.
  4. Does RC inform their cruisers to Canada that ArriveCan is required? If so, at what point - booking? check-in?
  5. RC isn't stopping the unvaccinated (adults) from booking, as I'm proof of that! They will gladly take your deposit. No questions asked about shots. Whether I could actually get on the ship is another matter. Unvaccinated children are allowed to cruise (which I'm happy about) but I'm not sure there is a huge difference.
  6. Yeah, I also got pretty excited until the Bahamas-thing reared it's head, unfortunately. Definitely should have known better after all this time.
  7. My experience has been if you carry on luggage, it's with you until your room opens. But suites or Keys might have other options.
  8. I don't think you're wrong for wanting the mandates to stay because that's what you think is the best for you and others. Maybe it was the next part of your post that got it deleted. Who knows...only Matt and his admins know for sure the whys. And maybe, as human beings and busy ones at that, they're not totally impartial all the time but I do believe (even when I'm ticked at being deleted) they are trying to do a good job for all here. I hope at some point you can see that too.
  9. I would strongly disagree with this statement. I understand being upset when something you post is deleted because it has happened to me. We may not be on the same "side" as I have not been able to cruise the last few years. But this is a good forum which I enjoy and benefit from so I will work on keeping my opinions to myself. I'm hoping you will continue to contribute here too!
  10. @Pattycruise Thanks for trying to help the OP with your comments and suggestions. Class act.
  11. Thanks for posting your exemption request. Very well written and thoughtfully said. And I have the same feelings about RC and wishing them luck. But, like you, I'll be jumping ship to the first cruise line that drops the mandate.
  12. Oh my gosh! Never seen the ocean? I am sooo excited for you! And love the hat, wear it, windy or not!
  13. Since we're not allowed to cruise, we are heading to the Dells tomorrow for vacation!
  14. Really hoping you get to cruise!
  15. I hope you hear something soon AND get to cruise!
  16. When I took my oldest granddaughter, 19 at the time, on a cruise in 2018 there was a meet and greet for ages 18-20 listed in the cruise compass. It was held either the first or second night of the cruise and I believe that was the only time I saw it. Royal may still do this or maybe not but you might want to keep an eye out for it if interested.
  17. Uh oh...we're heading to the Wisconsin Dells tomorrow for vacation.
  18. Unfortunately (in this case), a large balcony room means a larger balcony not a larger room. I hope you will still enjoy your room and your cruise.
  19. So happy this worked out for you! But, wow, they were cutting it close!
  20. So glad this worked out for you! And don't worry @nate91, I believe many of us who made the same choice as you will be together again on a cruise in the future (well, not literally together...we're strangers and that would be weird). Credit goes to @Pooch for her "up the chain" advice!
  21. Our card(s) have the name of the ship handwritten on the back along with the voyage # and our cabin #. From what the crew member told us and the specific info written on the card, I believe it's ship specific. But I am also aware that RC can have inconsistencies of their policies between ships or even sailings of the same ship.
  22. I emailed MEI and they introduced me to an agent via email.
  23. Our very first cruise in 2000, Celebrity Zenith, was to Bermuda in October. And yes, we experienced "big seas". Really, really big seas (the Captain announced 30-40 foot seas). But it was exciting and Bermuda was beautiful (my favorite port) and I've been cruising ever since. Just do it.
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