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  1. Lots of 7 to 12 day cruises out of Florida ports from January to April 2022 but only one short one in April. Is this typical for RCCL? When do they add the 3-5 day cruises?
  2. Our family members were searching for connecting interior rooms 11 months out and none available. RC's CSR and the TA both told them it's because RC will allow connecting rooms to be booked individually, there are no controls. You'd think they would at least hold those open until all comparable non-connecting rooms are booked but alas no.
  3. I agree on the major cities. I would love overnights in several places, San Juan for example. Why not two days and one night in San Juan, then cruise to the next port overnight.
  4. How many days in advance of set sail does My Time Dining usually open up for reservations? Has anyone seen it available to book via the dining email or customer service before it's opened up to Cruise Planner. The early time for traditional on our 3/20 cruise is already full.
  5. Update. I emailed Melia, part of the reply included "...Please be advised that the standard day pass is no longer available, we only offer the all Inclusive now." So, I think we're either hitting Hilton or going to a free beach with trips to bar and/or restaurant nearby.
  6. We might get close to what we want, see mook1525's response and my follow-up question
  7. That's interesting, what was included, lounger, umbrella, access to pool and beach? I'm guessing you could by drinks at their bar and order food for cash?
  8. I suppose by the strict definition of "all" it's not. There are extra charges for VIP stuff and the spa, but they include the following: "Included with the Melia Day Pass is Unlimited dining for lunch and snacks at open establishments, Unlimited drinks (house alcohol & nonalcoholic beverages), Beach access, 3 pools, 2 whirlpools, Lounges, umbrellas, towels (no need to bring the ship’s towels), Non-motorized water sports, family pool and Kids’ Club, Wi-Fi to stay in touch with family & friends"
  9. I'm guessing that everything like a beach club or a bar with a little beach is "all inclusive"?
  10. We're taking a tour that includes a big lunch and will be hitting the beach around 2:00, so we won't need the food, plus my wife doesn't drink so we'll probably spend $50 tops between us, a far cry from the $260 at Melia or RIU. Any ideas?
  11. Same here Brobbins246 swiping does nothing. I have an Android, do you as well? It may be that the app for the droid is pre-beta (if RC were honest about it).
  12. I downloaded the mobile app. It has a great list of things to do, and it has a personal calendar. Problem is, there doesn't seem to be any way of putting the activities, shows, etc. on my calendar. Anyone know how this works?
  13. Thanks F1guynz, I also have seen several posts about the addition of the escape room during refurb which is why this was very surprising. I'll have our group figure out when they want to do the escape room and the TA can help.
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