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  1. We normally do not bring out kids into bars, but the rising tide is the one we would make an exception due to the novelty of it. (Excepting of course during covid when the AO spots were filled. )
  2. Look, I know that people want to be excited for their upcoming cruises. I do too; we sail on Wonder in three weeks. But I’m very concerned that these cost-cutting decisions will yield a lackluster trip. Cut lobster night, cut half the menu options, put out wait staff who don’t know drinks and don’t refill glasses, limit room service… It all adds up to getting less while paying more and that’s not the mentality I want going in. We’ve got two additional sailings on the horizon, both in suites, and they will be the last we book until RC comes to realize that business truism - it costs more to find new customers than to keep your current ones happy.
  3. On Adventure in February, we gave up on MDR after night 2. The WJ is what it is, but it doesn’t require 75 minutes and a change of clothes.
  4. We've had apps staggered. I think it depends on the ship and the staff.
  5. When we ordered multiples on Feb on Adventure, the second plate was clearly prepared at the same time as the rest of the food and so came out cold. I don’t mind staggering the “courses,” but if you can’t serve the food hot when you stagger them, you can’t stagger them.
  6. We’re on the June 11 Wonder sailing. You’ll have to warm up Coco Cay for us
  7. Jumping on to clarify my upcoming brunch at Mason Jar. Also, are the PB&J old fashions available for brunch or for dinner only?
  8. Jumping on this, as well. I was unable to secure Leo's number myself. (Don't worry; different sailings )
  9. That was my absolute favorite venue on Allure.
  10. For our next cruise, we’ll hit Coco Cay on Day 2, St. Thomas on Day 4, and St. Maarten on Day 5. We’re taking the kids to the water park at Coco Cay but don’t have any idea what to do for the other two stops. We don’t want to miss out on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but we also don’t want to do water slides-beach-beach and miss out on the rest of the islands’ offerings. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. We’re looking at booking a suite on navigator and, unless we want to be at the front or back of the boat, it looks like the only options are immediately below the pool deck. Has anyone had a Deck 10 suite on Navigator and, if so, was there any noise problem? Thanks!
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