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  1. My in-laws are very into status. They constantly brag about being D+ and are super impressed when they meet Pinnacle members. So I like to wear my Platinum pin when we go to the MDR with them so that I can wow them.
  2. Nah, that seems good. The other stuff isn’t a bait and switch, it’s a totally optional addition you can add onto your cruise if it appeals to you personally. But you can absolutely have a fantastic cruise without spending a single extra dime. Enjoy!
  3. I’m definitely going with Matt’s philosophy about anything beyond diamond being just gravy. Should hit diamond in 2023!
  4. TA handles anything dealing with the cruise booking itself. Anything you buy via the cruise planner is yours to handle.
  5. That’s exactly the dilemma - If I can upgrade the cabin, I would rather do that. But I would be much happier putting some credits toward my existing cruises than booking a new one in a cabin I don’t like.
  6. We use the RC Visa card for our RC purchases and have accrued enough points for a new cruise. Here’s the question - can I upgrade from my rewards points cabin? And, if so, how?
  7. I found Adventure delightful on my previous cruise on it and have another trip lined up next Spring. Here’s hoping!
  8. For the price of Star Class, they should toss in Ben and Jerry. And maybe some ice cream too!
  9. Cruising with my in-laws, there was a night after Coco Cay when the kids were too tired for the MDR. So our wait staff sent our usual desserts to be delivered by the in-laws. I was wowed!
  10. On our first cruise, I didn’t get a souvenir because I assumed the shops would be open on disembarkation morning.
  11. RCCL could really use a good comms department. Little things like advance notice of switching ships could create some real good will.
  12. … which, now that I have that picture in my mind, I wish I had photoshop…
  13. It’s Matt, so I’m putting my money on him standing outside the Icon construction with a sign that reads “More Sabor”
  14. Ok, so wait, is my app wrong or is hibachi available for lunch? Because I’m definitely planning on grabbing hibachi for lunch.
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