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  1. Yeah, the nice thing is it's just for one meal, so if you don't like any of them, you don't need to sit with them for 7 nights.
  2. We actually had better luck at Izumi. We got seated with two couples who were pretty cool. We exchanged numbers with one of them, which was fun. Got our first cruise friends.
  3. I may do that for a different cruise, but I always worry I'll be seated with people I don't like for the entire cruise.
  4. I don't mean to argue, but that's simply not correct. Square has tap-to-pay terminals. Also, I literally just downloaded an app called NFC Credit Card Reader on the Google Play Store and was able to skim my own debit card. It shows my card number and the expiration date. These things are easily done.
  5. I'm aware it is rare, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Newer cards absolutely can be skimmed. There are numerous devices out there which basically act like portable payment terminals. Square is an example. All they need is to brush up against your wallet and they have your card number. We literally didn't use the card the entire trip, so there's nowhere else it could have happened.
  6. I'd find it very unlikely that someone randomly guessed his number on the one day we got off the ship in a port with his wallet. All the thief bought was $300 worth of steam stuff. Not saying it's impossible, but I think it more probable that it happened in port.
  7. It wasn't invite only, but it was just a short 30 minute demo, basically. As far as I'm aware, it was only done two times one of the days and they made announcements 30 minutes beforehand. They weren't on the cruise compass. So, basically I never got a seat because it was filled up as soon as they announced them.
  8. As I said, this wasn't the only bartender who did this. He was just the first one and I had the longest conversation about it.
  9. It was a friendly tone and if it was once, I would have been okay, but he commented on it multiple times asking me if I was sure. When he gave me the drink, he said "Your /virgin/ Lime and Coconut", like emphasizing the virgin part which I felt was just unnecessary.
  10. Hey, all we just got back from Oasis OTS and Nassau was one of our stops. We were only off the ship for maybe 30 minutes before getting back on, but in that time, my husband's debit card number was stolen. The very next day, he got an alert of suspicious activity on his card. He never even used it. It stayed in his wallet the entire time, so be aware that there must be folks with portable card skimmers walking around the area right off the port since we only went maybe a block or two away from the cruise port before getting back on the ship. My advice would be to leave any cards on the ship and only carry cash if you plan on looking in the shops at all. Also keep your money in your front pocket since it's harder to pick-pocket. We were also offered "some lines" from a random guy on the street, so be aware of that as well. Some people are not shy about offering illicit stuff even with police a half a block away.
  11. I saved all the cruise compasses. I'll send em to the blog in a day or two once I get back into my routine.
  12. We just got off the Oasis of the Seas for the May 8th sailing. I did note this on the RC survey, but just wanted to see if anyone else here has experienced bartenders shaming you for not drinking alcohol. We got the refreshment package and while most of the time we had no issues, toward the end of the cruise, I asked for a Lime & Coconut with zero alcohol and the bartender kind of badgered me about it. I was like, "I have a refreshment package, I don't drink alcohol" and he was like, "Really? You want virgin? No, come on." Made me feel a bit weird. I don't drink since I don't like alcohol, so...just give me my drink and don't try to make me feel like I'm a terrible person, okay? This happened two more times toward the end with different bartenders. Is this normal?
  13. We just got off the Oasis of the Sease and I emailed that address. I asked for a table with me and my husband by a window and we got exactly what we asked for. It was awesome.
  14. Did you? I got a text that said I got an email but I haven't received an email....
  15. So my oasis of the seas cruise is Sunday and I got a weird SMS which leads to this page attached. I haven't received any emails so not sure what it means. Should I be concerned or is this normal?
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