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  1. Can you order Alcoholic drinks to stateroom with the drink package?
  2. sk8erguy1978 Can you post your google doc if you made it I would like to try some as well.
  3. Does the key help with getting tables in the Main dining room? We have my time dining (10 of us) and we have scheduled a time to eat but we are concerned we will miss shows.... If we have THE KEY would that get us anytime we want to eat faster? Essentially I am asking if there is a "Key" line for the MDR.
  4. Sailing on Harmony of the seas at the end of October. We have a late flight the day of Debarkation and I'm trying to figure out what time we have to be off the ship and also what is the process is leaving the ship.... Do we check out somewhere? I know we need to work with our bill if we have any questions but can we do that after we get off the ship on the phone? But the main question is time... what time do we have to be off the ship?
  5. I am concerned about missing shows. I have 6:45 my time dinning and the shows start around 8-8:30... 6:45 is the earliest I can choose so my question is first will I make it to the shows and second how can I choose earlier eating times and if I can how and what time should I choose?
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