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  1. Our tour met up at 8:45am and we were back at about 2pm (and super hungry!) We wandered around the port shops for another 1/2 hr and then went to pig out at the Windjammer. You could pack in one more short activity depending on all aboard time - it was 4:30pm for us. Personally, the thing I learned about excursions on this cruise was to pick a single destination excursion and be done. The travel time within the excursion for more than one stop was too much for me and I think I would’ve relaxed more if we were focused on a single destination.
  2. San Gervasio was not spectacular in the largest sense, but it was exactly what my Mom and I could enjoy. She was severely seasick our first day out and Cozumel was our first stop, so the smaller excursion was plenty. Plus, getting away from the tour group and finding a small corner to imagine the past was easily done - quiet and beautiful. I still have Chichen Itza on the bucket list - will just have to take another vacation ?
  3. I tried to order the lavender daiquiri at one of the shows and was told it was only made at the R bar. Never had a problem getting anything else from everywhere else. Had chocolate martinis in many locations. Though I didn’t try getting my favorite French 75 anywhere other than the Schooner where it was on their menu.
  4. My cruise is now in the history books - favorite drinks in order were: 1. French 75 from Schooner Bar. 2. Coconut Mojito. 3. Lavender Daquiri And there were MANY others sampled - rum punch, pina colada, margarita, Bloody Mary (yuck!), mimosa, scotch collins, Mai Tai, gin and tonic, plain martini.....
  5. I am on board now and definitely need that t-shirt! Too many fun drinks to try! So far my absolute favorite is a chocolate martini - yummy!!! I’ve also tried Lava Flow, Whiskey Sour, Rum Punch, Gin Fizz, Mimosa, Bloody Mary (yuck!) and one of the Collins drinks (that was obviously not so memorable - for whatever reason ?). Found the standard Sauvignon Blanc to be serviceable for my wine with dinner.
  6. Hobby airport (HOU) The group is coming from Oregon (and I think they have one connecting flight) I *think* I could board by myself, but wouldn’t want to. I’d rather join my Mom in the mess and try to treat disaster as adventure!
  7. So, my Mom won us a cruise on Liberty that departs in 7days! I am so excited! Because we didn’t book this vacation and it’s part of a casino tour group, the flights and other travel details are mostly out of our control. I don’t live near my Mom (or the tour group’s starting point) so I am flying to Houston on 9/21 and then meeting the group on 9/22 (embarkation day) at the airport to join the “fun bus” from Houston to Galveston. Here’s where the cross your fingers part comes in: the tour group flight doesn’t land in Houston until 11am! Even if everything goes right with flight time, luggage retrieval, loading the bus, I figure that puts us in Galveston at 1:30pm (at best!) Liberty sails at 4pm. From reading these forums, I’m getting super nervous about the tight time schedule. So, I’m asking for good vibes, prayers, finger crossing, positive ju-ju- whatever it is you do! (Does the ship ever wait if it’s a large group that is delayed?)
  8. Thanks for the list. Will try to find a bottle of Kim Crawford to try before the sail date and see if it’ll do. I would bring two bottles of my own, but I’m flying, being lazy about packing and basically wanting to max out the beverage package ?. Happy to see Cte St Michelle on the list. Anyone know if that’s the DRY Riesling?
  9. Hi all! Previously posted about buying the Unlimited Beverage Package and got some great advice about new/fun drinks to try. Forgot to ask....does anyone know which Sauvignon Blanc’s are available on board? It is my wine of choice with dinner. Can I order in the MDR by the glass with the Unlimited Beverage Package? (Only 7.5 more days until leaving on Liberty!)
  10. I am flying to the port, but will be bringing my two allotted bottles of wine in my checked baggage (to be transferred to carry-on for embarkation) in wine diapers. I figure I can use them on the way back for hubby’s gifts.
  11. Great advice ThyriC! I still won’t be trying any vodka concoctions - like the taste, but the stuff makes me into an angry Russian! But, maybe I’ll do tequila - not my fave but a good place to explore. Your post actually got me thinking of another question- what sparkling water is available on board? I’m addicted to the stuff and much more likely to stay hydrated that way. Course I could always just get a club soda and call it the same...
  12. My husband is staying behind with our 3 kids while I go on a cruise with my Mom. (I know, he’s the best!) He likes whiskey and bourbon and some tequilas. Any recommendations on a special one to buy to bring back? Something not easily obtainable stateside? Or something too expensive to buy on a regular basis? I’ve never purchased liquor when on a trip, so need advice! My Mom and I are on the Liberty of the Seas sailing Sept 22nd to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Falmouth
  13. We have the beverage plan. Do I need to bring both my Seapass and my Moms to get two coffees at the same time?
  14. Wasn’t planning on it, but splurged on the Unlimited Beverage Package for my Mom and I, so now.....what drinks are your must haves (alcoholic or not). I love coffees, juices/smoothies, wine (but mostly Sauvignon Blanc which I don’t see much available on the menu) and for cocktails - rum, whiskey/bourbon or gin. Not a big vodka or tequila fan. TIA!
  15. Thanks for the advice! Not everyone in my sons’ caregiver circle (including my husband) has an iPhone, so wanted to make sure I could utilize WiFi calling/texting if necessary for those Androids in our family of folks!
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