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  1. I am mostly an iced tea (straight black, no sugar) gal. If I do hot, it's Earl Gray.
  2. Thank you. I live on fresh brewed iced tea. I may have to bring my own tea bags as an emergency back up.
  3. Oh dear. A week without my tea.... I need fresh brewed tea. I may have to MacGuyer it.... I am on Grandeur....
  4. So it's just fancy/upscale tea bags? I wonder if the iced tea is fresh brewed or that horrid mix powder stuff...
  5. I was looking at the refreshment package and noticed it said "Premium Coffees and Teas" I understand what they mean with premium COFFEE but was curious what they meant by premium TEA? I ask as the travel agent for our group tried to talk another gal into canceling her beverage package by arguing over if she drank tea she already got tea free. I know they have the big vats of "iced tea" for the masses which is free (water, tea, and lemonade I hear) so what kind of tea falls into the "premium" category? I plan to keep my refreshment package for the mocktails and coffees alone but as an iced tea snob, I suddenly wondered about the tea situation on board....
  6. Thank you! Good to know. Now I can plan with that and mind and not be waiting for something I'll never get!
  7. As one of the Board of Directors for our local Junior League of Cotillions, I often am in situations or environments where everyone dresses like this (or fancier). We do it all. The white gloves including. We hold 2-3 Balls a year complete with orchestras and dancing. When I attend the evening events at my ballroom dance school, it is not unusual to see many ladies in full gown or gentlemen in tuxedos.... alongside younger "kids" in jeans and TOMs. Or the lady that always wears the most fantastic "cha cha" pants with ruffles from her ankles to her cooter! I have a lovely wardrobe of gowns and dresses. We recently held a full Victorian Ball and every lady in attendance had a hoop skirt on! I truly love taking a moment out of my day and spending time on myself to dress up. To do my hair. To put on a gown or dress that makes ME feel like a princess. It makes ME happy. I could prance off to Home Depot for light bulbs or meet friends at a dive diner for a chili dog (I have actually done this in a gown, long story) and at the end of the day, I have never once felt out of place or uncomfortable. When I dress up, it is about me and me alone. It's not for anyone else. Just me. When I sail in April, I have not one but TWO gowns because I understand there will be two formal nights. I will also bring two dresses probably for 70s/White nights if they have them. When I board, I have a lovely dress and.... prepare to gasp... A HAT! And not a ball cap, an actual HAT! It's not as over the top as this one but I'd say it's "in the spirit of". I plan to swan about and dress for dinner and be presentable for breakfast or coffee in the morning because that makes ME happy. For all those who prefer to wear their pajamas to get coffee or shorts and a backwards ball cap in the Main Dining room? You are always welcome to sit with me, next to me, or in my immediate field of vision. How you choose to dress does not affect ME (unless you are in full fetish gear and have that mask with the zipper on.... those kind of freak me out a little so I might politely excuse myself but really that's about the only time it might bother me a little but that's on me, not you so if I am uncomfortable, it's my responsibility to attend to removing myself POLITELY and GRACEFULLY from the situation, not yours for being there). 🙂 I have met some of the rudest nastiest people in the world who are wearing a tuxedo or gown. I have also met some of the most fabulously delightful warm wonderful people in the world who are dressed rather sparse or "sloppy". What a person chooses to pull out of their closet and drape on their body doesn't make them a good or kind or pleasant person. That only comes from the heart. And if you have a good heart then I could give a fig what you are wearing. If you are a mean spirited, ill tempered, nasty person than the most gorgeous most expensive designer gown won't fix that black void where your heart should be. My two cents since everyone is tossing there's about! 🙂 (121 days to go!)
  8. 1. No. I don't have Facebook 😞 2. I adore dressing up. A few years ago, I purchased this gorgeous shimmery wrap dress in a silver frost colour. I use it for my New Years Eve dress each year when I attend my ballroom dance school's party. It's got a retro vibe to it and I think it would be just darling for a 70s moment. However, I did also just find a very lovely white chiffon number that I am dying to wear because it is so swirly and pretty so I was thinking it would be perfect for a white night. I will most likely just bring both and be ready for anything! 3. If it's usually held later at night then I can always do a costume change after dinner 🙂 (I have decided to indulge on my cruise and do all the little things I love like laying in the sun, reading, dressing up, and dancing!) Thank you!
  9. Thank you. I have sorted through old ones. Wasn't sure if there was any specific notice that came out prior. Many moons ago (over 10 years) my parents asked me to join then for a cruise on a different line and they received that kind of information and communicated it to me prior to sailing. Wasn't sure if that would occur here. Doesn't sound like it will.
  10. Thanks. I have been looking at the Compasses online but mine isn't one of the ones that uses the app. Sounds like I just have to wing it!
  11. 122 days to go. Starting to think about packing. I know, I know, 122 days but with my schedule it's going to be the blink of an eye and I want to not feel rushed or stressed. I am also looking at some end of year sales with some cute dresses and might want to pick one up. The question is: I have seen some nights there is a "70s Night" and other times there is a "White Party". Are we going to find out prior to sailing what kinds of evening events there will be so we can pack accordingly? I know there are old Cruise Compasses online and I think I have only seen 70s parties on those (I'll be on Grandeur). Will we get more event specific info the close we get? If so, when do we usually see that? Thanks!
  12. I don't use Facebook but my gentleman friend and I use gmail/google chat to keep in touch when I travel. Assuming as long as I have the Voom/am connected to wifi on ship, I can message him the same as if I had Facebook? He does not own a smart phone so can't download the WhatsApp ap.
  13. That also makes sense that it would also have a regional theme/element. So "chicken" would be the protein but a ship sailing regularly from Japan is probably going to have one version while one sailing from Texas might have another.
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