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  1. Thank you. I tried that and it's still there so I'll just take a deep breath and not worry. Much. 🙂
  2. Thank you. I needed that reassurance right now.
  3. My cruise is booked for NEXT APRIL 2020. I just was checking my cruise planner which has it at 184 days left (nice, thanks for the count down) and when I clicked on the button to plan my cruise and tried to look at the shore excursions while I sip coffee, it took me to the next page with giant letters saying, Important Update: Due to your cruise vacation departing within the next 2 days, you can no longer purchase / reserve / modify / cancel products online. Please feel free to browse and view your schedule. You will be able to make additional reservations / changes once onboard. Um. WTF? I am fairly sure I am not cruising until next April (2020)... please tell me this is a glitch and should get sorted out? Even at the top of the excursion page it says, "Your 7 NIGHT Bermuda Cruise - Sailing On Grandeur Of The Seas - From 24 Apr 2020 - 01 May 2020"
  4. I'd share that I have zero desire to cruise on any of the ships that are like amusement parks on water. I don't want or need water slides or zip lines or any of that. I am probably in the minority but there has to be more than one of me that is okay with just sitting quietly and reading a book while I sip a drink. There has to be more than one of me out there but probably not many so they leave the smaller ships to us folks who actually avoid slides and zip lines and all that. I have nothing against them personally but it's just not what I want when I cruise. I'd like to think they realize there are still a few of us left around. Let me have that illusion.
  5. It's $16.99 on mine today. But not sure it's really worth it to buy so....
  6. I found this couple's cruise vlog on You Tube and they had one entire video just of the MDR menus for each day and some pictures of what they ordered. I found it tremendously helpful to watch so wanted to share. It's "fairly" recent (May 2018). Grandeur Of The Seas - Main Dining Room Dinner Menus & Food - 9-Day Itinerary May 2018 - ParoDeeJay
  7. My first Royal Cruise was 11 years ago. Three weeks before my x decided to become my x. The cruise was awful. Why? Because all I remember from that cruise was him being drunk, a jerk, and not wanting to do anything at all. His drink of choice was "Grey Goose Martini with Six *&^%$ olives". Six. Never understood why SIX? To this day.... if I hear anyone say "Grey Goose Martini..." I cringe and hear in my head "with six olives". This December marks 10 years free of my x. I wanted to celebrate with a "do over" and in 217 days, I board the Grandeur of the Seas (same ship) and I will indulge in all the cruise ship vacation fun and experiences that I wanted to do all those years ago but instead listened to a drunk jerk complain for seven days. I am going to go do all the things and take excursions and dance and see the shows EVERY night! I am going to have so much fun and I am going to do it right this time! 🙂
  8. LOL I'll remember I can fit a body under there in a pinch! Thank you! And I also hope for good weather!
  9. Thank you all! I usually carry the big pair I have (I guess they are kind of "office size"). I use them to cut KT Tape (so I don't want to borrow guest services and get theirs sticky). Sounds like I should be good if I check them! THANK YOU!
  10. I am in the middle of packing to head out for a business trip this afternoon. I was just making sure I had my KT Tape and scissors (I am driving so no worries about TSA or flying). When I fly, I pack my regular size scissors in my checked bag with no problem. Suddenly wondered what the cruise ship policy on scissors is? Can I put regular size scissors in my checked bag? How about nail scissors?
  11. I only have one and a small rolly bag for onboarding. That one should sit in the closet fine and is small!
  12. Oh there's a clever idea! Hadn't considered I could stow it "open face" ! Thank you!
  13. Thank you! That's actually a nice thing considering.
  14. So if you get a 100% refund AND a FCC of 100% what does that mean? A 100% refund on the current cruise you were scheduled to take PLUS a FCC of that same amount towards a future cruise (sort of like a free cruise IF the price was the same?)
  15. New to this so for future reference, what is FCC?
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