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  1. I personally know two individuals that flew BACK INTO the US on "aeroplanes" into MAJOR airports (Dulles and San Francisco) from other countries (Honduras and Japan) AFTER the ban on non-US Citizens went into effect (they are both US Citizens so were allowed to come home) and when they both landed there was NO ONE to check those coming off the planes. They just walked off AS usual and got their luggage and went home. Walked through customs with no questions, no temp taking, no "where have you been?" or "how do you feel?" Nada. Zip. Zilch. My friend that came from Japan was shock
  2. I can't find anything in the future that works for me. Still trying. Sigh. Thanks.
  3. UPDATE: Still planning to go! Pinged our TA yesterday to ask about keeping an eye on canceling folks to see if we could wrangle a free or cheap upgrade as they were out of balconies by the time we booked. One of the men with the group sent an email out asking if we should go ahead and cancel as a group and I think every wife in the group shut that down immediately. At this point in time he appears to the be the only one worried about going. The rest of us are still planning and now that my big event I had to put on is over, I can start thinking about packing! Luggage tags a
  4. 54 Days to Go. Another question. I am making a little checklist of gifts I need to bring back. You know, the usual, assistant at work, team members, parents, daughter, etc. I usually will get my dad either a bottle of wine or a new liquor/ liqueur when I travel. Anything interesting or unique to Bermuda? I have also seen "Cuban" Cigars for sale. To be honest, I know that many of them aren't REAL Cuban cigars but I don't think he'd know the difference, he'd just be tickled I got some. (He's not an expert or conoisseur.. sp?). Are there any recommendations for a Bermuda specific rum or wine
  5. Found photos of the Clocktower Mall on Trip Advisor and there is a photo of the list of shops and there IS a "Bermuda Triangle Shop" !!!!
  6. I have gone to Las Vegas every single year for work for OVER 20 years. When I look at the "big ships" they kind of remind me of that (Las Vegas). Nothing wrong with Las Vegas. There are definitely things to enjoy there but it reminds me TOO much of "work". Definitely a perception thing for me. Some people want bright lights big city for their get away. Others prefer quiet, cozy, and less crowded. It's all good!
  7. And Azamara (could not figure out how to quote both!) So then my hazy assumption about it being the ritzier lines with the rich old widows appears to be right.
  8. Awww. Thanks! I just do what I do. Definitely a phoenix moment, for sure! I am looking forward to finding a good bar that can help me with some mocktails. I will probably have a glass of wine with dinner but for the rest of the day, coffee, water, and I am going to indulge in one scrumptious mocktail while lounging by the pool (I try not to go overboard on sugar etc.) I keep hearing about the Viking Crown Lounge. Do I have to be a certain level of passenger to go into that?
  9. Oh wow! Four stories! I am really looking forward to seeing them. I am really looking forward to Grandeur after all I have heard about it!
  10. I do have a dancing question... I have seen on old Cruise Compasses that they have dance "classes". I am not opposed to taking a class but assume you need to bring a partner? (Which I do not have). I have heard a rumour that on some cruise ships, they will have people that will dance with you in the evenings if you wish and don't have anyone to dance with but I have to wonder if that's only on ritzy lines with rich widows etc. I have been ballroom dancing over three years and am proficient in Argentine Tango, have a Bronze Intermediate in Waltz & Rumba, and studying now
  11. Love the pics! Have you been to Luray? I hear they are better than Luray...
  12. This may sound silly but I am making my list of gifts to bring back for folks. My gentleman friend LOVES the whole world of UFOs, Big Foot, Bermuda Triangle, etc. I want to find him a fun gift (shirt maybe? Hat? Hoodie?) that is "Bermuda Triangley". He'd get a kick out of that I have done some googling but not really found a store that specializes in that stuff there so wondered if you recall seeing something like that or did most touristy places tend to have a handful of crap on that topic. Or will I have to hunt it down? (Or order it online from somewhere else and pretend I got it on the c
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