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  1. I'll definitely grab a few. I like to travel with my own towels (I use my Turkish ones now) but like how compact and quick dry these look! Also love the head wraps for my long hair! I know what folks are getting from me for xmas this year! Thanks!
  2. Love the towels! I am looking on their web site... are they "microfiber" or more like the thin cotton "Turkish Towels"? PS - Following along!
  3. This may be the most handsome dog I have ever seen. He's beautiful!
  4. I had no idea dogs were allowed in cabins on cruise ships. This causes me some concern in that I have a severe allergy to certain dogs (fur vs hair). I recently staid at a hotel with family and had to sleep in my car due to having an allergic reaction as soon as I entered the room due to not being aware they had a pet policy. I now carry Benedryl with me at all times. My brother (has two sweet dogs I am highly allergic to, they belong to his wife who I adore and can't possibly ask to get rid of her lovely dogs but as a family we work to avoid my exposure to the point where if my family visits them, when they return home they strip in the garage and bag their clothes to wash and go straight to a shower.... I can't even hug my own daughter until she's decontaminated from the visit) recently moved back to the area and came over to the house, sat in one of the club chairs in my living room and when I sat in it an hour later I had a reaction. We now keep one chair that I am the only person allowed to sit in just because my reaction was so bad. My eyes swell shut and I have trouble breathing. I'll have to alert my travel companions (not family so are not aware) of this so if I have a severe reaction they can get me help. I love dogs. It saddens me that I have this allergy but I have no control over it (no, shots don't work). I have to be so very very very careful. Is this super common to see dogs on the ship? Or fairly rare?
  5. Okay. Those are adorable! Love the starfish. Hadn't even considered the 3D printer as an option. But then that opens a whole new world of ideas. I just thought of those Rube Goldberg machines you can affix to the wall. Maaaaaybe I can throw one of those up and then it serves as decoration but also kids can tinker with it in the hall! (I homeschool my daughter (she's 15 now) but I love the idea of an interactive design which is not a white board (for obvious reasons lol) You can buy 3D printers at Best Buy now!
  6. How casinos use Facial Recognition technology: https://www.coolcat-casino.com/casino-news/how-casinos-use-facial-recognition-technology.php Malls Across Canada Are Using Facial Recognition Technology To Track Shoppers And It Sounds Like An Episode Of Black Mirror: https://www.narcity.com/news/malls-across-canada-are-using-facial-recognition-technology-to-track-shoppers-and-it-sounds-like-an-episode-of-black-mirror
  7. So then it's CBP which stands to reason they would have it/use it.
  8. "They"...who? The gov already has my stuff. I know that.
  9. Ah. Good to know. It sounded like it was RC that was doing this.
  10. Oh! Those prices aren't bad at all for a one off clean or press or even steam! Thank you!
  11. I prefer not to have my biometrics held by every corporation that wants it. I opted out of using my finger prints at Disney. At the end of the day, how are they securing that data? I certainly don't mind if others want to do it. Just not my cup of tea.
  12. I know having your laundry done is rather expensive, is it the same cost just to press something or any idea how much it runs on average just to have something pressed?
  13. Assuming this is optional and I can elect NOT to have my face scanned?
  14. I have not written one up but I plan to as I unpack from the trip I just returned from. I'll be happy to share it once I have it documented.
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