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  1. Not NYE, but I’m curious if CK does anything special for Thanksgiving! Does anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Question about the suite sundeck (specifically on Oasis if it makes a difference). I know there is a bar up there, but do servers come around to the chairs like they do on the pool deck/Solarium? Also I assume the free wine/beer is only in the suite lounge and not in the sundeck bar, correct?
  3. I would absolutely cruise before there is a vaccine, but I could also see this making me more likely to spend more time on my balcony for now vs the pool deck.
  4. I came on the blog to talk about the importance of TAs and saw this thread that ties into my point. So my sailing that we had is a 3 person sailing and we paid around $3,400 total for our JS (excluding taxes and port fees). I got an email from Royal today telling us we got our FCC issued! Very exciting! Except it’s for 2 of 3 passengers and only for $420 each which is NOWHERE near the realm of what we should have gotten, not even taking the 125% aspect into account. All I had to do was forward that to @michelle basically going “what in the world???” And she replies back within hours (emphasis mine) “yes all the ones they just did this week are all wrong We will get it all straightened out – so frustrating. I will take care of it so no worries” The amount of relief I felt when I found out I wouldn’t have to wait on hold to argue with Royal is legit invaluable. I can’t believe this level of service is free to me. @Matt is SO right when he says that you think you don’t need a travel agent until you really, really do.
  5. 8 is my absolute favorite. Can’t beat walking through Central Park to get to your cabin. What a treat! Also super close to Park Cafe and Trellis Bar. And a quick dash down to deck 6 to grab a fresh fruit smoothie from Vitality Cafe.
  6. “Offer” is what shows up when a travel agent puts a hold on the room. From what I understand, it takes the room out of inventory. Previously there were a couple of days padding that they allowed a TA to put a hold on a room before a deposit was needed to hold it, but because of all the craziness happening now and the delay in FCC issuance, they are letting TAs put a very extended hold on the room. If I’m remembering correctly, it’s now a 5/31 deadline for deposits to hold sailings.
  7. Yeah finding out it’s use it or lose it has me being a bit more loosey goosey with what I’m considering getting. Like a beach club cabana doesn’t look AS crazy when Royal is giving me a free extra $500.
  8. I asked my TA @michelle that very question and here is the answer she got from Royal "Yes, they attach the cruise planner to the FCC then when you rebook a cruise or apply the FCC to a cruise, the apply the cruise planner credit also and you can use it for before you get on the ship and while on the ship YOU HAVE to use it all on that sailing – it will be non-refundable and will not carry over"
  9. So I think this is different from the last round of cancellations. If you bought something in the cruise planner you can either have it refunded or apply for 125% OBC for a future sailing. I’m curious if this would be able to be used online ahead of time or if it’s only able to be used on board. Makes a huge difference.
  10. This isn't an absolute, but as a recent example of a cancelled cruise planner purchase. On March 15th I cancelled some dining packages in the cruise planner. The refunds hit my credit card on March 20th.
  11. Exact reason I'm holding out on my May 10th sailing. I got so many good deals stalking the cruise planner so I'll be really disappointed to lose them if it comes down to it. I'll understand, of course, but that doesn't erase the disappointment.
  12. I have no idea when it will resume, but I fall around the Labor Day camp. While we currently have a May 2020 cruise booked, I’m 80% sure that will be cancelled so we booked 2 diff refundable options to lock in prices before FCCs drive up prices more. We have Aug 30th and Nov 29th booked. Nov was my idea and August my parents. Holding both to see who (if anyone) is right.
  13. I’ve technically been on 5 cruises in my life, but 2 of them are from when I was younger than 14 so they are hazes of kids club talent shows and trying escargot and ox tail soup. From my cruises as an adult, I’d have to say my sailing on Allure. I learned how much I LOVE hanging out and reading on the balcony and that the juices/smoothies at the vitality spa cafe are as tasty as a margarita or other frozen drink but don’t make you feel as sluggish thanks to WAY less sugar. I also adored the shows and couldn’t believe how much entertainment was included in our cruise fare. Also it was our first time in Coastal Kitchen and living that suite life. There was a point while sitting in the solarium with my kindle and a frozen drink under a “palm tree” in front of the hot tub/pool that I felt for the first time “pure cruise bliss”. There was a nice slight breeze blowing some of the water spray against my neck while I laid there reading and sipping my drink. Heaven.
  14. Keep an eye out for sales. It definitely goes cheaper than that. I’ve seen the Internet for 4 around 28-30 per day before.
  15. I’m going to make sure to follow the 20 second rule with hand washing because I didn’t realize you had to wash for that long for it to be effective. I’ll also be more religious about taking zinc 2 weeks before and through the trip to help my immune system fight cruise crud.
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