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  1. @12thman I personally use IPVanish and I’ve never noticed a difference in speed between being connected and not being connected.
  2. I got this idea from seeing a couple bags in the airport with something similar, but this trip I’m going to try out this luggage cover that I got off amazon. It’s supposed to also double as a protective cover but I’m mainly using it to make my boring black spinner suitcase stand out.
  3. The former. Each person gets their own. There’s even been reports of kids under 6 who don’t need to pay for the Key getting their own codes. It’s slipping my mind now who, but I know someone here mentioned that in a recent Live Blog.
  4. @ama537621 The screencap I posted is from the "Rewards Terms and Conditions" page. I agree that it is worded very confusingly. The only reason I knew about the 30 day thing was because I had seen people here talk about it.
  5. I’ve never put them on my carry on, though I would say it can’t hurt to print out extra copies of the tags in case you change your mind about why you’d like to check.
  6. Were you told that by Royal? According to MyVEGAS, while you have to use the points within 14 days of redeeming the reward, it can be used on a sailing that is within 30 days of booking. I have been told that repricing a cruise resets that clock.
  7. @monctonguy you absolutely can link them up! You just need to have a FB account to link them. You can link all of the apps I named as well as the FB game to earn points into one pot.
  8. There are multiple games that count toward accumulating points for this reward. I enjoy playing Pop!Slots if I want to play something while paying attention to it and listening to a podcast in the background or something, but it's not the best for getting the gold coins for rewards since you have to pop the balloons that randomly appear to get them (and it's not always gold coins in there. Sometimes it's XP and sometimes it's the in game money). I'd say you are better off playing either myKONAMI or myVEGAS for being able to set to autospin and walking away as they will automatically give you the points without you paying attention. Also I don't know how I did it, but I somehow got signed up for their mailing list and they send me free chips daily if I click a link in the email which launches in game and gives me chips. It's 1M per day for Pop slots and something like....500k for the other 2? I forget. There is also the FB version of myVegas which is good to run in the background if you have a desktop/laptop. I don't think I'll ever get enough points for a free cruise, but it's fairly easy (sort of) to get enough points for $100 OBC. And I'm talking as someone who refuses to pay any money for this game on IAPs.
  9. Do you remember how long it ends up being? If I decide to get it for someone as a gift can I hang out and watch without paying if I don’t drink at all?
  10. In @Traveler‘s chart, when they say “suite” they mean a suite on a non Oasis or Quantum class ship. Since Oasis and Quantum classes have their own suite program with the Sea/Sky/Star classes, it’s broken out separately. As far as I know the private sun decks aren’t found on the other ship classes so it wouldn’t apply. oops! That’s what I get for not seeing that there’s a second page on this topic!!
  11. As long as you are still within 30 days of booking you should be fine. No issue with combining MV OBC with normal Royal promotions. You can even combine it with OBC that comes from Royal directly. That’s how I got $150 OBC for an interior on a 7 night sailing
  12. It's still in the same spot as before. I'm guessing @Lovetocruise2002's new Modly Powers of Power allow her to edit the post even though she didn't post it.
  13. You should be all set then! Disclaimer: I don't have personal experience with this, but I'm almost positive I've either read about this situation or heard it on the podcast.
  14. From what I understand, your rate is locked if you choose to prepay gratuities, but not if you choose to wait until you are on board to pay. If you used a travel agent, just ask them to tack gratuities onto your invoice as you would like to prepay them. If you booked directly with Royal, I'd imagine you could call them to have them do it, but I don't have experience with that as I've always used a TA.
  15. Good for anything. It gets loaded pre-cruise so you can use it in the cruise planner if you would like. I’m personally saving it to pay for gratuities.
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