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  1. It must include tables in some way because when I inserted my card on the most recent cruise I was on there was a number shown for casino points. I have never played any slots on the ships. I'm a table only player.
  2. I think I've seen @AnnetteJackson able to help here before with situations like this. I hope you get this figured out and find someone you are happy with!
  3. I love this idea of cubes going there and compression coming back for souvenir space. I just found some compression cubes that can be used as normal ones or compressed depending on how you close them so this post made me pull the trigger on grabbing those. I’ll have them expanded going there and compressed coming back!
  4. That's the reason more than cookies not working that I almost always visit the royal site in incognito mode to price things out. I don't need 5 follow up emails to remind me that I looked at something but didn't book it.
  5. Yeesh. It’s making me extra grateful I was able to snag a Chill Island one for $320 before the price jumps. I thought it was just because it was a Vision class ship, but it looks like it’s not just the mega ships that prices are crazy for.
  6. Good lord. @twangster which ship are you on that they are charging $1300 for chill island/oasis lagoon cabanas??? I assume Oasis class of some sort?
  7. I was recently on Allure (this May) in a Sea class room. I can’t address lunch in CK, but I do want to ease your mind about the locked doors before you have your proper cards that will open the lock. You may have some issues getting into the suite lounge without a key, but the Coastal Kitchen door is a glass door that the host can see you through and we never had to bang on the door or wait to ride someone’s coattails in. The host always saw us coming and buzzed us in without issue. I think that as long as it’s during lunch service (which I believe normally starts at 11:30 but was delayed on our sailing to noon due to a health inspection) then you should be fine to go up before rooms open. Also, you absolutely don’t need to insert a key in the elevator or anything to reach deck 17. It’s just like any other elevator button in there. If I were you, I would get to Port Everglades early if only because you can spend every moment possible on the ship and the suite waiting area is actually rather comfortable.
  8. If you don’t mind smaller ships without all the bells and whistles, you can find some fantastic solo prices on Majesty and Empress right now. My friend just booked a solo sailing for a 4 night ocean view room on Majesty for $391 including taxes and fees.
  9. I think you can agree that coffee that you are going to drink should not be served hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns within 3-5 seconds. THAT is where the negligence comes into play. Not that it was hot. That it was excessively hot and they knew about this and chose to ignore. Spilled coffee shouldn't require surgery and skin grafts. I won't argue with you that frivolous lawsuits exist. That RV one sounds like a perfect example, if true. I was simply stating that many, many people think they know the facts of the McDonald's case because they heard about it on the news, but what was reported at the time was drastically oversimplified and misrepresented. Anyway, back to the topic in this thread, I do agree that it is absurd to sue Royal over this and I think it's pretty obvious that this is a desperate ploy of a mourning family to blame someone else. It's a very sad situation all around, but I don't see how this is RCI's fault.
  10. Thank you! I'm so glad someone said something about this because citing the McDonald's coffee case as an example of frivolous lawsuits is such a pet peeve of mine. McDonald's propaganda campaign sure did a number on public perception.
  11. That’s my order too! It’s funny, my dad was just saying that he doesn’t know how I manage to find all the deals that I do for cruising items. He doesn’t know how much I crowd-source!
  12. I think part of it is cultural since there are so many places to go so easily from where we are. We could easily drive a couple of hours and spend time in another major US city like New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, etc. And that’s not even counting how quick it is to fly to various places from here. Now mind you, they will LET you take more than a week off at a time if you request it. I just don’t like dealing with the passive aggressive, half joking comments. So part of that is self imposed. ......that being said I feel no guilt at going on a 11 day sailing over my birthday in Jan 2021 (EEE SO EXCITED!)
  13. I know for me, personally, even though I get close to a month worth of vacation time I get some serious side eye from coworkers and my superiors if I use more than 6 or 7 days in a row. My coworker went to Italy for 2 weeks and had some comments when he came back from the owners about how long he was away. It goes over better if it’s spaced out.
  14. It’s funny, in my mind I get 2 weeks vacation time. However I just did the math and I get 19 days per year (so just shy of 4 weeks) plus major federal holidays. However my PTO doubles as both vacation time and sick days so I don’t like to plan on using every single day for vacations as it wouldn’t allow me the flexibility to call out if I’m not feeling well. We don’t get off for things like Presidents’ Day or Columbus Day (not NYSE or court house rules) but I honestly can’t complain. My work is very flexible as far as allowing me to take time off which is nice. It means I can plan 2 and a half years in advance and not worry about not being able to get the time off (.....knock on wood. Don’t want to jinx myself!)
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