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  1. Don’t just look at the cruise planner during advertised sales. I feel like a ton of the lowest prices I’ve found (esp for excursions) are at a random midweek time outside of a sale. I tend to make it part of my morning routine to spend 3 mins checking the prices on the CP of the things I’m interested in. More broadly than that, BOOK THINGS IN ADVANCE VIA THE CRUISE PLANNER. Sounds so simple, but even things like booking MTD times. You can always change it on board and at least you lock something in.
  2. The lowest I’ve seen for a 1 device package is $11.99. The real savings come if you want more than one person to have internet and can get the multi-device one. I’ve semi regularly seen the 3 and 4 device surf and stream package go down to $8 and $6.75 pp per day, respectively.
  3. Do you still need to sign up ahead of time for the pop up complimentary escape rooms?
  4. I'm at 26 days for my Grandeur cruise and still no assignment. The barcode trick also just reveals the reservation number and 1-1 for me as well so no luck I guess! It's not like it even matters because it's an interior GTY but I think it's just that knowing the room number will make it all seem more real. I very much agree with @PRebecca saying she feels like a 7 y/o on Christmas!
  5. I had the Key in a JS on Allure this past May. Junior Suites can board with the suites and go through suite security/wait in the lounge, but there is no priority disembarkation without the Key. For boarding, suite boarding is before Key. The order called when I was there was (unannounced) Back to back cruisers, Star Class, Suites & Pinnacles, Key, then Diamond Plus etc for C&AS.
  6. Oh I agree 100%. My personal rule of thumb is it’s not worth it for anything below Quantum/Oasis class. That price made me slightly pause for Grandeur until I remembered that I had a locked in 3 device Internet package for $24 per day.
  7. If this is something you are interested in/have purchased, check out your cruise planners because the price may have come down. My Grandeur sailing has had the price at $16.99 for a bit now, but my May Harmony sailing just had the Key come down to $26.99. Saved me $80.
  8. I wonder where her staff will end up? From all the talk I've heard about Grandeur, the employees are what really makes it shine.
  9. Where would you recommend for quiet on board Grandeur? Also how busy has the solarium been? No pressure, but I would love a recap of your trip when you are done!
  10. One other thing to keep in mind about a paper backup is that it’s great if you are on a ship where you get your sea pass card in your room when they are open. No need to hand your phone over to a bar tender who is around many, many liquids. Much less stressful to hand over a piece of paper vs a phone worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
  11. As others have said I really recommend having a paper backup as well, though that’s optional. I remember when I was checking into Fort Lauderdale once and the person checking me in using my phone said that they had to print paper copies for me because their scanners to get onto the ship weren’t cooperating with phones that day. When I told them I had paper backups, he lit up and said I was all good to go then. I probably only saved myself a minute or 2 at most but you never know.
  12. While you are up there I highly recommend also getting some from Modern Pastry. From what I remember when I lived there years ago, Modern was more of a local favorite vs tourists liking Mike's. And really, in a cannoli taste off, I think you are the real winner.
  13. Yes, if you call in they can override the calendar conflicts. I had to call to book my day pass since I currently have a South Beach cabana booked. I likely won't keep both, but I want to keep my options open for now!
  14. Especially for a Nov 2019 cruise I would keep your chill island ones to be safe. South Beach isn’t technically scheduled for remodel completion until January 2020. If they are selling beach beds for that area it’s possible it will be open in time, but I wouldn’t want to chance it being cancelled last minute.
  15. I’d like to clarify that by tipping early and often I don’t feel ENTITLED to faster service. I have no problem waiting my turn. But I think there is no issue showing financial gratitude to someone who I know I will be seeing a lot and if they want to throw some waters my way while also helping someone else, then it’s appreciated. I don’t consider a tip wasted if I don’t get faster service because of it. I consider tips thank yous, not bribes. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.
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