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  1. I 100 per cent agree, great tour with informative bus ride, we had an awesome tour guide, we did this both times we was in Barbados.
  2. In Falmouth we have did the same excursion twice we enjoyed it so much, it’s the bamboo water rafting, about an hour bus ride which is informative and scenic, once you arrive they have hand made bamboo rafts which you actually sit and relax, a tour guide does all the work for an hour long ride down a calm river with nice scenery and very relaxing. Just stay with your group and should be fine, we actually would do it again.
  3. I’m from Ky, you are correct, especially in the Western part, they have cook offs every year. My worst I think was the duck, in general I enjoy most of the food.
  4. Deanies Cajun seafood in New Orleans Montgomery Inn Ribs in Cincinnati ( Bob Hope had his ribs shipped from there) Log Cabin In for fried chicken in Independence Ky
  5. Escargot, prime rib and the strawberry cheesecake.
  6. Like most others, there are so many reasons, when you walk in and they greet you with a smile and welcome you aboard, it’s like YES, I’m on vacation, after that first few hours it’s off to dinner to meet new friends or dine with old friends, we met a couple about ten years ago from Napa, were midwestern folks, we have cruised together ever since, every year and visit each other yearly, except this year, we did get a cruise in, in late January. We enjoy waking up to a new island and exploring those islands or at times just get some sun on the top deck, no phones, no computers, just fun in the s
  7. We also use the Holiday inn, no complaints.
  8. Majesty was our first cruise, we have been on the Majesty three times including our last cruise, hope they keep it around, even thought we enjoy the freedom the most, there is still something special about the Majesty.
  9. We visited Jim Beam in Louisville area, probably Makers Mark our favorite, but the drive to Woodford May be the most scenic, we are as about as far North as you can get in Ky, but we think the Ohio river area is also scenic. But sure we sure anxious to eventually get back on a cruise ship.
  10. WE have been visiting the bourbon trail, we’re not even huge bourbon fans, but the country side in Ky is so beautiful and all the horse farms near Lexington are nice to visit, also enjoy the Smokey Mountians, we had a cruise canceled in May, have not tried to rebook anything yet.
  11. I work at an airport, hard side for sure, I can’t tell you how many times a bag falls off a tug and sits in the rain until it’s picked up. They are lighter than they look and lighter than you would think. We cruise and fly a lot and my wife crams them full, we only use the hard side. The cloth ones get wet and get dirty much quicker.
  12. I tend to agree, and at times I’m not sure what some of the items are, but they sure look tasty.
  13. Was supposed to be on a cruise this week, May 25th, we did receive fcc on May 22, but our cruise has been canceled for over 30 days for sure, we called Monday night about our taxes and port fees, actually got thru very quick, we hit option 6 on the phone, agent said it had not been processed at all yet and probably would be another 30 to 45 days before we receive it, I guess they are just over whelmed.
  14. No maybe yes Dang, was supposed to be on a cruise this week.
  15. We enjoy breakfast in the windjammer, so many choices, don’t eat dinner there but on days at sea will grab lunch there and as so many have said, kind of tradition to start our cruise with lunch in the windjammer, but mostly would miss the great breakfast choices.
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