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  1. I,wouldn't say it is normal, but it does happen, the good news is they did give you a heads up and you didn't show up to early and have to,stand forever. It has happened to us once and to be honest it was very crowded, I would still arrive at least by 12:30 or so and hope,everything is,cleared by 1 pm. Don't let it ruin an awesome trip planned.
  2. Much, much quicker on line , and they have even shortened that process this past year. Print out your set sail pass and have that and your pass port ready when you get to port.
  3. We always link our reservations thru Royal agent and I think you can even log in and do it now as long as you have the others in your party's reservation number. When you all check in, make sure you have same table number, if not go to dinning room asap, this has worked for us every time but once, and the second night they had us all together. We have 8 traveling in January and we are linked together.
  4. Glad to hear it is a pretty island, usually on our first trip,to a new place, we enjoy some kind of tour to see the island and its history. Thank you.
  5. Anyone have any suggestions for an excursion, honestly had never heard of this place until we booked this cruise this coming January, beings it is our first time on this island we would like to,get off the boat. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. I also would say around 11, we have did earlier flights, but then seemed rushed and more stressed, return flights always seem to be an issue, they are to,early or you have to sit around an airport for hours, but 11 or later seems less stressful to me.
  7. Welcome aboard, I am rather new myself, many knowledgeable cruisers on here if you need help,or have questions.
  8. Good choice on the jet ski, we have did it twice in labadee, they took no pics, but it,was a long ride and was very good. We did horse back on Cozumel and they did take a pic at one point during our trail ride and offered the picture at the end for,I believe 10 dollars.
  9. As twangster said the compass deli is a great option as it never seems crowded, the windjammer was crowded on first day but not,like on some of the bigger ships. We just got off the Majesty about a month ago and the staff always seems so friendly on this ship, we enjoy the theater on this ship as it is comfortable and usually not packed. You will enjoy the Majesty as it is easy to navigate , have a wonderful cruise.
  10. We used Cocoa beach shuttle both ways and was reliable, been about three years and can't remember the price, but,service was very good, friendly and safe.
  11. We also like the Holiday in on 17 th street, very good location, nice big rooms and nice pool area, very close to port. I know this process is all part of the excitement before a cruise. Best of luck on your search and happy sailing.
  12. Vision of the Seas. January 25 th.
  13. We are doing a cruise in January out of,San Juan, we ported out of their last year and really enjoyed San Juan, but the cheaper flights home left before you could get to,airport. We fly from cvg(Greater Cincinnati airport) where delta has the most flights, we turned points in 25 thousand points and a small 6 dollar fee for,one way on delta to,Sju. But return on delta was outrages, so,we are using United via,Houston for 220 dollars a peace, so the total for,sju and back will cost around 450 dollars, so you really have to be inventive to,port out of San Juan.
  14. Not sure about empress, hopefully someone will, we just did a four day on Majesty and we had a formal night on the second night.
  15. Hampton inn on Coco beach was good for us, a really good restaurant just down the road with outdoor music. What impressed us as well was the organization for departing to,the cruise ship on port day, they actually gave us a number and when the driver pulled in he said I am taking numbers 1 thru 35, the next bus had 36 thru 70, instead of everyone rushing to get on the bus it was so organized, the motel,itself was very clean and comfortable.
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