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  1. I tend to agree with you, we love cruising, just started cruising about 15 years ago and waiting on cruise 21, we have one in the bank after being canceled twice, just not sure if we will cruise with mask mandates and etc, no fault of any cruise line, unfortunately this isn’t going away anytime soon and may have to become a land lover again.
  2. We personally prefer the freedom class , not to big, not to small, to each there own, but we have been on freedom of the seas five times.
  3. We was a week before you all, we was out of San Juan, I agree, so hard to believe, we thought by now we would have been on two more, it’s just hard to imagine, something so many of us truly love, just can’t cruise, we’re not getting any younger, I hope we can get sailing soon, we have canceled two now, hoping for November, we just need 14 more days to diamond plus, we’ll keep trying.
  4. We just canceled yet again, not wearing a mask in 90 degree weather on top deck, hate to say it, after 20 cruises, we might have to find a new favorite vacation. I have the first shot, if the shots are not good enough, we’re holding off.
  5. I think it’s gone, but the Empress of the seas, very pretty, but just to much motion, only one I have ever got a little sea sic on.
  6. I think they were already leaning that way before Covid, I am pretty sure that will be the process, as most cruisers know, from about 11 am til 12, the dock in crazy. I wonder what the process will be when giving out boarding times, will it be the earlier you book, will it be by your Royal status ( diamond,etc). We just had to rebook yet again, either way, I’m so ready to cruise.
  7. I buy one of those watches as well, they seem to last one year, just in time to buy one on my next cruise, also I have to get a nice cigar, but I don’t smoke it until we get home.
  8. Our last cruise was early February of this year, had another in May, that of course got canceled, our February cruise was out of San Juan which was our third cruise out of San Juan and has became our favorite place to cruise from for many reason, the city is beautiful and people are friendly, we found a private owned hotel that is reasonable and treat you like gold, even use the same cab driver, plus we enjoy the islands that they stop at out of San Juan. Saint Luca and Barbados has become a couple of our favorite stops, the only down side is connections flying back to Cincinnati, no non stops, but I remember being at airport having a last lunch together as four different couples hugged and said good bye as we all had different airlines, we have rebooked for June this year, keeping fingers crossed for all the cruises friends.
  9. I signed up because I need some ship time, also I have a cruise in late June and I am hoping these test cruises will help secure a real cruise, I work at an airport and have been around folks since this all started.
  10. Most definitely fly in a day early, especially if flying from the north in the winter, who knows it may snow a foot or so the day of and will be major delays, also if your flying a non major airline, they seem to have more canceled flights than say delta, I work at Cincinnati airport and have saw this happen in the winter, we always go a day early, will continue to.
  11. I used to look at the ones in Key West, the ones at the pier are very clear, actually was there, called our son and he could see us waving at him, I enjoy the cams.
  12. It would be impossible to drive to our favorite port, San Juan, our last three cruises have been out of San Juan, as far as state side ports, I guess Tampa or Orlando area would be around a 15 hr drive, which is doable, but I usually try to fly if over 5 hrs. Usually don’t mind driving to vacation, but always that dread to drive home when vacation is over, give me that 2 hr flight anytime.
  13. I 100 per cent agree, great tour with informative bus ride, we had an awesome tour guide, we did this both times we was in Barbados.
  14. In Falmouth we have did the same excursion twice we enjoyed it so much, it’s the bamboo water rafting, about an hour bus ride which is informative and scenic, once you arrive they have hand made bamboo rafts which you actually sit and relax, a tour guide does all the work for an hour long ride down a calm river with nice scenery and very relaxing. Just stay with your group and should be fine, we actually would do it again.
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