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  1. Not difficult at all, we used lyft and was picked up in 6 minutes, Fll is very close,you should have no problems at all.
  2. Plenty of time unless there is some problem at port, I have had flights earlier than that.
  3. Our decision is usually based on if we need off the ship early or want to hang around to kill time. If,we,are in a rush, we fight the crowded elevators and the lines getting off the ship and carry our bags, if we are killing time, we leave our bags out the night before, usually by 11 or 12 and just walk off with just carry on, this is much less hectic for sure. When you get to,the terminal to leave they will be at the number on the wall to match the bag tag numbers they left you to,put on your bags.
  4. We received same email basically for,the Vision of the seas on January 25 th cruise. Just inserted diffent ship and lounge names, said high number of Diamond and above. Must be standard practice now to send those out.
  5. If your not looking for an expensive meal place, we really enjoyed La Taberna Lupulo, I,just looked up the address, it's 151 Calle de San Sebastián. I,wrote a good review last year, we had 8 people, service was good, kind of a pub type place. Portions were large.
  6. We have started picking up some Lysol at a Walgreens or someplace after arriving the night before cruise. Never know if someone had a cold or flu in room before you.
  7. I have Vision of seas listed already for January 25 th, adding Independence of the seas May 25 th, 2020.
  8. Isn't it Normally on the bar as you enter the windjammer, that's where I saw it last time.
  9. I enjoy all of them except the empress, just to much motion on empress for me. I do think you get awesome service on the smaller ships. Personally the Freedom is our favorite.
  10. Very good place to jet ski, we have did it twice their.
  11. That's good news, I think we are on the same cruise, we fly out of cvg, that's the Cincinnati airport that's in Ky, to Atl to San Juan also arriving on the 24 th. Hope to see you on the Vision.
  12. We are cruising out of,San Juan the end of January , I called our motel yesterday, which is in the the lagoon area, about two blocks from the ocean, they said everything around them is fine. You have to feel for,the folks in San Juan with all the major weather issues the last few years.
  13. They will give you a meeting spot and time, someone will have a sign with your,excursion name on it, you will follow them to your transportation.
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