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  1. I work at an airport, hard side for sure, I can’t tell you how many times a bag falls off a tug and sits in the rain until it’s picked up. They are lighter than they look and lighter than you would think. We cruise and fly a lot and my wife crams them full, we only use the hard side. The cloth ones get wet and get dirty much quicker.
  2. I tend to agree, and at times I’m not sure what some of the items are, but they sure look tasty.
  3. Was supposed to be on a cruise this week, May 25th, we did receive fcc on May 22, but our cruise has been canceled for over 30 days for sure, we called Monday night about our taxes and port fees, actually got thru very quick, we hit option 6 on the phone, agent said it had not been processed at all yet and probably would be another 30 to 45 days before we receive it, I guess they are just over whelmed.
  4. No maybe yes Dang, was supposed to be on a cruise this week.
  5. We enjoy breakfast in the windjammer, so many choices, don’t eat dinner there but on days at sea will grab lunch there and as so many have said, kind of tradition to start our cruise with lunch in the windjammer, but mostly would miss the great breakfast choices.
  6. We feel your pain as they say, was to sail in a couple weeks, we have not rebooked, hope to soon, a lot of us on this site looking for the high seas to open up.
  7. I tend to agree with you, which it seems most don’t, look if I am on a 5 to 9 day cruise, that 20 to 30 minutes to maybe save one of our lives seems very minor, do I like standing their in the sun waiting, of course not, but i actually would rather be outside for a few minutes than inside in case of an emergency and not know where to go. I tell people that go with us on a cruise for the first time, after the drill is over it’s sun, fun and excursions for a week. Just my opinion, but I can give up a few minutes before the fun starts.
  8. It is smaller, but easy to navigate, the shows were not crowded. I honestly thought it was one of the best staffs we had ever had, of course now, who knows where everyone will be. If you have been on the Majesty it is very similar. I also like the mid size like the freedom, etc, but would not hesitate to sail the Vision again. It is also very pretty inside and well kept.
  9. Had cruise canceled for May 25 th, not rebooked yet, but planning to, just not sure how far out to plan, don’t want to have to keep rebooking, their is other people involved in booking. Good luck to everyone and their planning.
  10. So I have a question, our May 25 th got canceled as expected, we went on line for future cruise credit, QUESTION.. can we rebook now for July or August or do we have to wait until we get something showing we ask for fcc? Thanks
  11. We was on Vision in January, it is very well kept and the staff was more than amazing.
  12. Same problem, on the Independence on May 25th, keeps asking which voyager I’m on, I gave up.
  13. We are supposed to sail on May 25th, we are also waiting for them to cancel, I hav no clue why they have not, we are thinking of rebooking in September, in our case we need to change flights and motel as well, hope we both hear soon, good luck.
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