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  1. I agree, when you step foot on the ship after walking up the gang way and a smiling face welcomes you aboard.
  2. Most of us have a favorite cruise we have been on and a favorite ship, no cruising going on, so time for some favorite memories. Mine is a couple of years ago out of San Juan on the Freedom of the seas. We enjoy the stops like St. Maarten and those type of islands, plus we had a group of 8 that had a lot of fun together. We do have one booked in late May we was sure looking forward to on the Independence with our son,his wife and the grandkids, would have been our first cruise with the grandkids. Let’s hear some good memories.
  3. Probably August, the start of Hurricane season, sure hoping sooner.
  4. We also have late May cruise on the 25th, usually at this point, we are starting to get excited and picking up little things for the trip, at this point I hold out little hope of going, and I am usually the guy that’s is the positive one, the glass half full guy. We fly from cvg( Cincinnati airport) so travel to fll is pretty easy at this point, but who is,to,say the airlines will start limiting the number of people on a plane.Its a changing world fellow cruisers, everyone stay healthy and safe and see ya on the high seas soon.
  5. We are on the week before you, I will make sure we clean up.
  6. Yes,we have cruise late May, will be keeping a close watch, we are on the Independence, i would venture to say, there will be some clean and steril ships.
  7. I waited over 20 minutes yesterday, finally gave up. But I get it.
  8. Just paid off our May 25th cruise and saved over 400 as cruise went down, still planning on going.
  9. It seems like a good,time to buy some stock in some of the cruise lines,ride it out, cruising is a hot industry and things will pass. With that being said, Royal has spent so much on being bigger and better and taken small things away from the customer . Cruising 20 years ago was just simpler and better in my opinion.
  10. I know people are calling them like crazy, I called yesterday about a question on a May cruise, finally gave up, was on hold 20 minutes before I gave up, not sure if people were booking or canceling, but they are busy at call center.
  11. Noon should be no problem at all, unless something unforeseen happens.
  12. It may have already, we cruise the end of May and went to pay off and cruise , went down around 400 dollars for me and my wife, I was glad I hadn't made final payment yet.
  13. I always pick up,a cigar for a co worker, I actually buy one on the ship, they have a nice variety and can assist in your choice and the prices are decent. One hint, buy a cigar with a tin cover so,it,will be protected during travel.
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