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  1. I'm so tired of these negative articles put out just so people click on them. Everybody's an expert, including me. Starting this December I have 4 cruises reserved thru April, 2022 and you know what? IMHO I'm going on them, nuff said.
  2. Just wishful thinking here, I know Royal is not doing too good moneywise (not to mention everyone else) but it's a shame they couldn't just find a way to "store" Monarch and Sovereign somewhere for a while. I have no idea how much it would cost to keep something like them stored in some shipyard somewhere till all of this passes. There is a market for the smaller ships out there. Quite a few people prefer the smaller ship experience. And as noted there are defiantly ports of call out there that can only accommodate the smaller ships. And what happens when we'll be able to travel to Cuba again. Royal would have to pull Majesty and/or Empress from where they are currently sailing from.
  3. Perhaps a travel agent could look into this better. However what you are looking at maybe some kind of sale that requires you to book it as non-refundable. For my Harmony cruise next year I got it at a super low rate, but I had to book it as non-refundable deposit.
  4. I'm not 100% sure on this in booking from the UK, but if you can book the cruises as a refundable deposit do it. Yes refundable deposits can cost more, hopefully no too much more, but if the price is right you could change to a non-refundable deposit before final payment is due if you are going to go for sure. There's always insurance too.
  5. I have the DBP on our next cruise. I've always gone with the notion in regards to further tipping with, how strong would I like my drink to be?
  6. Debarkation, which means for most, vacation over until next time.
  7. I wish Carnival had some kind of cruise with confidence program for cruises already booked, but not yet cancelled like Royal does. I have 3 rooms booked for family for a cruise with them this November. Due to health concerns with some of them we had all decided it was best to postpone that cruise and book another one for next May. The November cruise was booked as a non-refundable deposit (who knew this was going to happen last year when we originally booked it). The cruise we booked for May was booked as a refundable deposit just in case. While we do not want to see cruises still being cancelled in November, we still have that cruise on the books till final payment is due in the hopes of taking advantage of what they do offer guests on cancelled cruises if in the unlikely event they do cancel it and use them for the May cruise. If there's no word on what's happening with that cruise come final payment, we'll just have to cancel it and eat the deposits on those rooms.
  8. I'm kind of feeling the same way about my current travel agent I have with this automotive association I pay for each year here in America. This is the third agent the local office has had in the last 2 years. The first agent was great, helped me out bigtime on my Oasis of the Seas cruise, but left for health reasons. The second was also good, but also left, why I do not know. But now this current one, I have to stay on top of in order to hear back from. I booked my Harmony of the Seas cruise on my own in April and wanted it transferred to them. Managed to get a hold of this new travel agent and gave the info. Didn't hear back from anyone after 10 days, emailed the agent and got an apology saying that they didn't start the transfer process yet, but started it that day. Granted the office was closed in April due to you know what and everyone there was working from home and probably very busy so I'll give them that one. My latest cruise for April, 2022 I also booked myself (it was the end result of a lift & shift that I did all on my own). Made an appointment last month (the office was by then re-opened) and went there to see the travel agent in person to ask a few questions pertaining to my other cruises and give them the new cruise to take over. Over 2 weeks later and I have not heard from anyone again. Emailed them this past Tuesday to ask WTF (no I didn't say or write that, but you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜), and still have not heard back from them. I'm going to have to visit the office again next week (this time I'm gonna just show up) to find out what's up unless of course I hear back from them. Don't these travel agents get the credit even for cruises they didn't actually book themselves, but were booked by their clients then transferred? This particular travel agency is one of the services this association offers that I'm paying for out of my yearly membership, and I've been a member since I started driving way before the turn of the century. If they don't want to be bothered getting paid to wait on hold with Royal (or emailing them) to do a transfer then just say it. I'll be disappointed, but keep my membership for I use them for other things, and then I'll try another travel agent who may actually care about their clients.
  9. If you get a covid antibody test and the results are positive that you have the antibodies for covid and you can't remember the last time you even coughed, then you are one of the vast majority of the population who had it, beat it and didn't know it.
  10. Hmmmmm social distancing. If that means less people in the Schooner Bar during music trivia, then hell yea. Less people means better odds for me to win those coveted Royal Caribbean key chains & highlighters ๐Ÿ˜
  11. Usually no. But they could try and see if you could get a room upgrade for what you paid.
  12. Perhaps they'll start with the ones lucky enough to score the $18.00 deluxe beverage package ๐Ÿน like me ๐Ÿคฌ. Happy Fourth of July ๐Ÿ”๐ŸŒญ๐Ÿงจ
  13. If they are indeed looking into reducing the number of passengers they should stop accepting new reservations on cruises sailing September 15 thru lets say the rest of the year for starters. That's a good thought with the carrot dangling. Perhaps something somewhat similar when airlines want to bump someone because they over sold the flight. Make some kind of great offer to see who volunteers. If enough want to get "bumped" to a different cruise somewhere down the line to satisfy Royal then great. If not then maybe a little more of a "push" or slightly pressure people to re-schedule (you know like emails every day, possibly calls too). If not enough volunteer after that, then they'll force cancel people based on ????? with proper extra compensation of course.
  14. I haven't been on a casino cruise in years, mainly because I can't breathe in there after about 1 minute. But if Victory no longer allows smoking while indoors in their casino, I may have to look into going on one of those again. Hopefully when RCCL resumes cruising here in September, there will be no smoking in their casinos as well.
  15. From what I heard last, there are several vaccines in development and testing phases and they are very promising. Also because of the current promising results, the manufactures are making 10's of millions of their vaccines now in the hopes of once given the green light (perhaps early fall) they can be distributed right away instead of waiting till the green light, then making them, and us having to wait longer to get them.
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