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  1. For my Harmony of the Seas cruise next November, the refreshment package is $18.00. That's the cheapest I've ever paid for that particular beverage package going back several cruises and I'm surprised it's this low nowadays. However I'm gonna wait till the last day of this sale before buying in the hopes of getting my 125% cruise planner credit from a cancelled cruise I was supposed to be on next month. If it doesn't show up I'll have to buy it on my own. Update 11/28: I pulled the trigger and got it today. Murphy's law, if I waited the price will go up tomorrow as part of the cyber
  2. Just like almost everyone else on this board I hate it too. I was supposed to be on Oasis of the Seas next month. I just rescheduled my Carnival cruise for the second time. All I can say is you just gotta keep waiting. Contrary to what the media and the cruise haters may say, progress is being made and we will be back.
  3. One would think the way things are moving forward that by October, 2021 you would be able to get off the ship on your own. If things are going good, the restrictions can be lifted sooner, rather than later. It would be nice, but you just don't know right now. You could always cancel whatever you book.
  4. The refreshment beverage package is at it's best price for my Harmony of the Seas cruise next year right now. Some of the excursions look good pricewise too. However I'm waiting for my 125% cruise planner credit from my cancelled Oasis of the Seas cruise that would have been next month to show up. Don't know how long that's going to take.
  5. These things happen, especially during not by choice withdrawal.
  6. It's a roll of the dice with guarantee rooms. If you're OK with possibly being in the let's say the extreme far rooms (upper corner or bottom corner) especially in order to save $400, then go for it. Sometimes (but not all of the time, however it did work for me) if you can pay off the cruise sooner rather then later, they'll assign you a room shortly after. You just have to keep checking to see if and when it happens. If that happens you may be able to get that room changed to another balcony for no charge if you're not to thrilled with what they assigned you. Should I book a guarantee s
  7. Great, bet there will be a pop up person on my screen encouraging me to bid on something. Get it, get it, do it, do it, do it
  8. I do feel allot better now that there are vaccines just around the corner. And like most of the people who post on here, I can't wait to cruise again. But it seems every time there's good news about this and we feel we're moving forward, along comes stories like the Sea Dream, and between the media blowing stuff out of proportion in the name of making money via website clicks and viewership ratings, and all of the misinformed senators and cruise haters opening their mouths, not to mention people on these boards who like to post their own personal negative opinions, we get dragged back. I'm so
  9. Tell that to the 20,000+ who want to go on a test cruise. As much as I don't want to say it, this is purely political. Wouldn't surprise me if these 2 were never even near a cruise ship. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/11/13/us-senators-ask-cdc-bring-back-the-no-sail-order-cruise-ship-ban
  10. Yes, please, I sooooo need to win more key chains 7 hi-liters. I'll be waiting at the Schooner Bar.
  11. They just recently opened up cruise planner sales for November, 2021. Nothing great right now, the prices should be better for my cruise in a few months, but I'll keep checking. As for January, 2022, you "should" start seeing sales in January, 2021, but keep checking for you never know. When Matt posts the sales in the blog he lists the sailing dates that are included in the current sale. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/11/11/save-45-pre-cruise-add-ons-royal-caribbeans-new-sale
  12. I'm guessing, but more then likely Navigator of the Seas will be among the first ships to return to service. Perhaps they're picking up more crew for training. That said I've been watching the port cameras on PZT quite often now and using Cruise Mapper to see who's where. I know the ships had to go over towards the Bahamas recently to get away from this late season storm, looks like they may be starting to head back. https://www.ptztv.com/portfolio/seaports/ https://www.cruisemapper.com/
  13. I'd hate to see this turn into a political thread and get locked, but I would love to cruise to Cuba. Empress & Majesty are awaiting the call I'm sure. I really just want to see all those old cars there still running and in mint condition. After that, the history of the island.
  14. With the Refreshment Package, I always got the fresh squeezed orange juice at Windjammer at breakfast time. On Freedom of the Seas, I enjoyed watching them put the oranges into the that big juicer machine and getting the freshest tastiest orange juice ever. Never saw the juicers in action on the other cruises though, but I could tell the juice was freshly squeezed recently.
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