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  1. I've only been on one cruise that was rerouted for a medical emergency. Having said that I am an early riser. I'm usually on the walking track or sitting on the balcony when the ships dock. When I'm overlooking the dock side, it's not uncommon to see an ambulance there taking somebody off as soon the ship is tied up, last cruise I counted about 6 times (that's just randomly looking over the side). If the roles were reversed and you needed a hospital, would you rather them turn around to go to a hospital in Miami or would you rather them continue on and go to one in Haiti
  2. I’d say whatever you have or their comfortable with. If they have a collar golf shirt that is more than fine. I wouldn’t purchase formal attire for them (unless you really want to).
  3. Watched the interview earlier in the day. Said that when he “came to” he was in the water with no boat in sight. His story makes no sense
  4. Props to the medical staff on the Jewel. What they did is difficult to do in a hospital with a neonatal unit. What they did is that times 100.
  5. If you live near a passport office you can probably expedite it, but will cost you.
  6. Just got off a 14 day recently. While I agree with the windjammer not changing thing up, I wouldn't say the food overall was bad or even noticed a drop in quality. In the MDR the chefs were experimenting with food combos (confirmed by our waiter) and some just didn't work, but then again there are probably very few > 7 night cruises, so they're trying not to repeat. The only real night the food wasn't good was the first night in the MDR, the food was dry, but that seemed to be more of a mess up by the RCL as opposed to the chefs. The two dining times were supposed to be 5pm and 8pm (which was the time when we looked at our paperwork). For some reason they mistakenly printed 5:30 and 8:30 on everybody's seapass card. The dining room was expecting everybody to show up at 5 and nobody did until after 5:30. Poor maitre'd looked very stressed that night, telling everybody they could come at 5 as the seapass time is incorrect
  7. Was there a few weeks ago for two days (darn hurricane). As others mention plenty of chairs, all with umbrellas. If I had to estimate I’d say at most 20% were occupied
  8. Myself I have no issue with this. Outside of when sailing with kids and needing the Pullman bed setup, the second one we don't really need.
  9. If I was this individual the first thing he should do (assuming he gets release from medical center) is go down to the casino and make big bet. Has to be the luckiest person on the planet
  10. Yep. If your using the phone app you just take a selfie. If they don’t like they’ll retake it on their tablets at the terminal
  11. With everything going Starlink, maybe no need to offer multiple packages
  12. Never got the survey, anybody screen cap the menu(s)? I’m not overly picky with options (just give me the pumpkin seed rolls and I’m happy), wife not so much. If these changes cause me to have to go to the windjammer for dinner (something I’ve never done), might have to look for another cruise line
  13. Tried the MDR for breakfast and lunch for the first time last cruise. Loved it for breakfast, definitely will be going there on our next cruise. Found the amount of food for lunch was too much
  14. I've held a few positions where I've had to do investigations on complaints (probably pushing close to triple digits). My one takeaway is there is always 3 sides to every story. Side A, Side B and the truth (somewhere between them, usually closer to the one having the complaint against them)
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