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  1. I've got to admit, it's a bit suspicious. Just about everybody posting here went through the cancellation and refund process. I know my family and friends did. I and the party I was traveling with chose refunds (SERIOUS regret now that I'm going to book a summer 2022 cruise and would love to still have that 125% certificate) but point being the options were presented and honored by RCCL. If you aren't seen the refund as requested, it's likely nothing to do with RCCL and everything to do with an intermediary vendor. Lesson #1 when dealing with agents (and I guess travel clubs) if you are paying
  2. Huge Oasis class fan here but I've only been on the Allure and Symphony which leaves me with some Harmonious questions. Does the Harmony have the Deck 16 piano steps? This one might be a deal breaker if not . Also is the splash pad/pool area for the younger for the kids identical to the Symphony? i.e. small waterslides, NO whirlpool and more functional toddler play area? As much as we love the Allure, this was very much a welcome upgrade on the Symphony. Does Harmony CK lounge bar face forward or aft? Is laser tag offered on the Harmony? Finally, when did Harmony last receive any sort of pass
  3. Hi Sammy that's a Grand Suite 2 bedroom. Sky class suite located on amidships decks with plenty of room for 8 travelers.
  4. All good points. We do tend to travel with a small army though, grandparents are usually in the mix. A1 is not one of the options because your right the GT beats that option every time. A2 would be the splurge. Believe it or not the GTs between June and early August next summer are not available in abundance. I didn't pull the trigger on a reservation quickly enough for our ideal dates. Plus, between coffees, smoothies, and drinks we can usually break even on the drink package though we haven't purchased one since the Anthem summer of 2017 (pre sky class cruising). The sky class benefits, assu
  5. @Lovetocruise2002 Hey different topic stumbled into your live blog on Symphony from 2019 we'd cruised in a loft suite in May just prior to your #17. Jenny and Jackie were absolutely phenomenal in the SL! I did ask Jackie if she would every want to be a Genie and she said no she'd want to keep her sanity (I paraphrase)! We booked Symphony again May 2020 partly because we loved everything about that cruise and in the hopes that that dynamic duo my still be there. Of course that ended up being a covid cancel. The staff can often improve an already great cruise experience.
  6. Yes, yes, and yes. When you come to where the cruise experts hangout expect sage advice! You all have basically put my though process on "paper". Not a hijack @tonyfsu21 but an absolute must mention. We did do the lofts on (seaside view not aft...beautiful worth the slight upcharge) last cruise (Symphony summer 2019). It was absolutely beautiful and sky class is a bargain over star class for sure when you are in striking distance to CK and don't have to necessarily spring for drink package because of the proximity to free drinks from 11AM on and cocktails for a good chunk of evening. As s
  7. Question #1 I'm finding that GS 2 bedrooms begin on deck 9 and above is it correct to assume that there are no GS2 configurations below deck 9? Question #2 Also if we have a choice between deck 8-10 in an Aquatheater 2 bedroom what would you experience aqua suite cruisers recommend as far as deck, and why? Thank you!
  8. Glad to see your point of view coming from a supremely experienced cruiser. Doing the same minus the vaccine if forced part. I'll be relegated to the 2nd class citizen that will become of those that will refuse to vaccinate. It's a shame because cruising was a supreme love of our growing family.
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