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  1. Thanks. That is very helpful. Erring on the side of caution is most always a good idea.
  2. Please do. Thanks. Have a great time…..where are you going? Which ship?
  3. Thanks. I used the eMed test for my last cruise with no issues but that was when proctored test were required. Now that RC is accepting home tests that are not proctored, I was wondering if anyone had an issues when checking in at the port. I do check quite frequently(Alright, everyday….I admit it) to see if the testing protocols change.
  4. Has anyone had any issues using the unproctored home test for pre-cruise testing so far? I have a 10Night itinerary coming up in December on Celebrity Edge and unless RC updates their protocols before then to include sailings over 9Nights, I will still need to test. Any good or bad experiences out there?? And what I mean by issues is: Issues with the test results being accepted, in its various forms, when checking in at the port.
  5. A girl can hope, can’t she? Great idea about having MDR food delivered. I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. We love the privacy and vibe of the CK and most times, the menu as well. However, sometimes…..not so much. I’ve heard that you can order from the MDR menu on occasion while dining at CK. Anyone have any experience with this? We will be on Wonder next year and would love to take advantage of CK even more than in times past. Thanks for any feedback anyone can offer.
  7. So true!! The picture could be of anybody's test, including the family pet!! It's time to just rip off the Band-Aid and let's get it on!!!
  8. I'm hoping so too....after all, it only took a few weeks for them to go from 6 nights or less to 9 nights or less. Do I hear 10????
  9. Talkin' bout "Missed it by that much"....You said it!!! Going on Celebrity Edge this December....Vaxxed & Boosted....good to go, no test right? Yaaaaay!!! Well, not so fast!! Our sailing is 10 Nights!!! Royal: Couldn't you pick a nice round number, like 10 or less??? "Missed it by THAT much"!!!!!!
  10. You will love Symphony!! 150 Central Park was awesome and as @Ampurp85 suggested, it may be worth doing twice. We did!! Wonderland, IMO, should be done at least once. It was a nicer experience on Anthem than on Symphony, again, IMO. Izumi Hibachi was nice, but nothing to write home about. However, what we did really enjoy at Izumi's was the Sushi & Sake Lunch, although not included in the Dining Plans. Hooked was a more casual experience but the soft shell crab was amazing and we had a really nice server, Ginny. She was truly accommodating...we asked for San Pellegrino and she was set to bring us Dom Perignon!!
  11. I too agree with @OCSC Mike. We did a B2B on Symphony recently, both sailings in a GS. The 1st leg we did a 3N Dining plan and the 2nd leg, a UDP. We also wanted to make sure to take advantage of CK. It is a very pleasant place to dine, quiet and relaxing. Great ambience in the evenings. However, we found the food to be of superior quality in the Specialty Restaurants. So even if you eat dinner frequently in the Specialty Restaurants, fully utilizing the UDP, there are plenty of opportunities to eat at and enjoy CK....Breakfast, Lunch as well as enjoy the adjoining lounge for afternoon/evening appetizers. Welcome to the 'Suite' life...there's no going back now!!!
  12. We are on Edge December 2022. We love Celebrity because our very 1st cruise was on the Celebrity Zenith many years ago. The standard was set. We enjoyed our Royal sailings immensely and look forward to our 2nd B2B on Wonder in 2023, but sailing on Celebrity is always like coming HOME!!
  13. We have a 10-Nighter on Celebrity Edge coming up in December so hope testing is dropped by then for longer sailings!! But this is good news. Testing is so super stressful.....drove me to drinkwaaaaay before 5p that day!! Exactly!! My eMed tests expire in November, about a week before I would need to test. I really don't want to buy more if I don't have to!!!
  14. You just need to keep checking….everyday if possible. We are booked on Wonder for November 2023 and CocoCay excursions showed up about 2 weeks ago.
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