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  1. The benefit of using Next cruise is the reduced deposit as well as onboard credit. You can however, do both. You can book with Nextcruise (or purchase a next cruise certificate) and have the booking moved to you travel agent. Something to keep in mind is that some of the larger travel agencies buy group space at a great rate and then these cabins are sold through thier various agents. If you book one of those cabins the reduced deposit is not valid and you have to pay the difference of the deposit. I have actually decided to stop using Next cruise with Royal as I find there program doesn't really offer much benifit compared to other lines.
  2. I don’t think anyone said it was only for Alaskan cruises. It is required for any entry to Canada which would include the East coast.
  3. https://604now.com/flixbus-bus-service-vancouver-seattle/?fbclid=IwAR0xb4F9fwRsGPEzN6yabY4g915PXBEzZAlZ6IdDcMJrinMFP6OPH8HOAt8&fs=e&s=cl This service starts tomorrow. Might be helpful for folks sailing from or into Vancouver and preferring to fly into or from Seattle
  4. I think its the European version so it doesn't need a stemanie, it uses an adruplua instead.
  5. Is there any indication of the test requirement for flights into US ending anytime soon?
  6. Only when purchasing the deluxe (alcohol) beverage package do they require any other adult in the same cabin to purchase as well. Refreshment and cola packages can be purchased individually
  7. https://604now.com/washington-approves-150-million-vancouver-seattle-high-speed-rail/
  8. How many bookings does this affect for you? I know you have been booking and cancelling over and over and over again waiting for protocols to change
  9. If you’re logged into your cruise planner prices should be in Canadian. It should be stated though. When I am looking it always states CAD after price
  10. Haha I do the same thing. I just factor it in to the cost of the cruise but it helps her relax for the duration of the cruise.
  11. This is the major factor. Its unfortunate because most treatments are at least twice the cost they would be at a land based spa
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