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  1. I couldn't agree more. Same with the cruise directors jokes. However, the majority of people on cruise ships are still first timers or once every couple years cruisers and find these hilarious. Those of us who have heard the cruise ship jokes many many times are the ones rolling our eyes.
  2. Yes, and it is a much larger course and is (checks notes), yes, is included with your cruise fare. Not $1 per second.
  3. My wife and I are on this sailing as well. Have sailed on Oasis class many times. My advice would be to not feel you have to do everything (although with only 3 port stops on an 8 night cruise there will be lots of time to explore the ship). Check the cruise planner starting at about 30 days out to prebook any entertainment you don't want to miss.
  4. Unfortunate loss of life but obviously some extenuating circumstances. The area was not deep and the top of the boat was still above water when it fully settled. Unfortunately, people panic and chaos ensues. (while others jump on social media to live stream it).
  5. on one of my cruises during the 'restriction' era (can't remember which one, maybe Ovation?) my wife and I were excited to see a 90's party scheduled for one of the venues. We were expecting it to be folks from around our age (40's) but when we walked into the venue it was wall to wall late teens and early 20's folks with the music at a deafening level. We looked at each other, nodded, and turned right around lol.
  6. The cost of the cruise is about 1 tenth of the cost for a single nosebleed ticket behind the stage at one of her concerts.
  7. The most annoying 'charter' group I have ever encountered was for a group from a supplement pyramid scheme, sorry multi level marketing entrepreneurs, who took over the Adventure of the Seas. They took over the main pools every day and karaoke every night. It doesn't have to be the 'hip hop crowd' that causes all the problems. We just found other things to do and ignored the group and made the most of our cruise. Luckily it was a port intensive sailing out of San Juan so we weren't on the ship much.
  8. Prepare to be shocked. Cruise ship spa prices are ridiculous! Doesn't slow down my wife though
  9. Spoken like a Floridian lol. Those of us who live in cooler climates are looking for hot weather on our cruises! I just got back to LA on Saturday from the Cabo/Mazatlan/Puerto Vallarta itinerary. Weather was fantastic!
  10. Check in time would remain same as a regular sailing due to working hours for shoreside employees.
  11. I actually stayed in 7658 the last time I was on Radiance. It does not have obscured views but the balconies above look down onto yours. The bigger balcony was fantastic though!
  12. As long as they keep the promenade. That is the thing I miss the most when cruising other lines.
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