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  1. I have never sailed on Celebrity but just booked 2 cruises with them today. They were offering some amazing onboard perks (prepaid gratuities, beverage package, and $150 per person OBC) and are out of my homeport of Vancouver so I couldn't resist. I know celebrity doesn't offer all the extra onboard activities that Royal does (slides, flowrider, etc) but its about managing expectations. These cruises will simply be about relaxation. I will continue to book Royal cruises to get my thrills.
  2. I could not agree more. The loyalty perks, while nice, are not the reason why I choose a specific cruise.
  3. I just got off Radiance this morning. Loved Samba but the location sucks. Only way to access it is through the outdoors around the sports court. If you need to use the restroom while dining, you need to go back outside, and some distance away. I think the space would be better served with a casual café or bar that would be used by the people enjoying the pool and sports decks. Perhaps a bbq pit similar to what Oasis is getting as part of its amplification.
  4. My exact thoughts when I started reading this post! Glad to see you joining this forum to post positive things! Happy sailings @Crummy!!!
  5. The biggest advantage to booking through a 3rd party is generally a lot less crowded excursion. There is a minimal risk involved such as the ship not waiting if there is an unforeseen delay or such but it is minimal. I remember doing a catamaran and snorkel in St. Kitts awhile back through a 3rd party. There were 4 of us in our group had signed up and when we arrived we were the only 4 people. The crew still went ahead and took us and we had a fantastic time! I have done similar excursions booked through the ship and they are always packed.
  6. Any RC ship sailing Mexican Riviera is welcome!!!!!!!! 3&4 night sailings even better as it would give us Westcoast peeps an opportunity for short getaways that the Floridians enjoy!
  7. Thanks, we plan on being onboard early so hopefully the wife will get an opportunity to take advantage.
  8. I've heard that there are really good deals to be had in the spa on embarkation day. Does anyone have any info on embarkation day specials? Sailing on Radiance.
  9. My wife and I are on this particular sailing (listed on page 3).
  10. I was looking up the same things for our visit there and the parasailing weight limit is definitely a combined weight, not per guest. I didn't see anything about a weight limit for Jet skis.
  11. Mr. Sanchos limits the number of guests as well do they not? We tried to book it for our last cruise but they were maxed out and would not accept more reservations.
  12. We had the same experience on Oasis. MTD but same area and same wait staff each night. I don't know if it makes a difference but in our case even though we had MTD we did make reservations ahead of time (at different times each evening). Because you are able to prebook shows on the Oasis class ships we were also able to book our dinner times.
  13. You are supposed to buy your own soda package, its super cheap. I do the same thing since I don't drink coffee and use soda to get my caffeine fix.
  14. How about times? say you make a reservation on the 3rd night for 7PM but when the compass comes out you realize there is a show at 7:30 that night you want to watch. Would you be able to change your reservation time? or cancel and make a reservation for the following night?
  15. I would totally take advantage of that if it was available!!
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