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  1. You can't go wrong with either choice. I would personally chose Harmony with the only tie breaker being the Broadway show of Grease over Cats. I saw Cats on Oasis and hated every minute of it lol. I also love the Oasis class ships but an alternative for you to consider could be the Odyssey. I have not been on a Quantum class ship yet but it looks amazing!
  2. The financial crash of 2008/2009 didn't sink (pun intended) the cruise industry and I don't think this will either. I think you will see incredible cabin price sales while the cruise lines pick your pockets while you are on board. The strategy helped them recover in 2009 and it will work again. It is hard to imagine with the dark clouds hanging over us (and the cruise industry) right now but when the clouds clear humans have proven to have short memories as @Ampurp85 mentions above. The sales will be irresistible and the ships will fill again.
  3. There is the teen club. There is also 2 flowriders, ziplining, rock climbing, several pools and hot tubs, sports court......
  4. Thanks. This is a good clarification of the report and also shows how information, while not incorrect, can be very misleading. Its all about how it is reported.
  5. We always go for Deck 8 forward so we have easy access to walk through Central Park on our way to dinner.
  6. I'm not American but isn't this the whole idea for the stimulus checks?
  7. Even without the upgrades Allure is still an amazing ship! Was just on her in January and she is still in really good shape and has an awesome entertainment lineup. If you want the latest and greatest change your booking but if you choose to stick with Allure you will still have an amazing cruise!!
  8. Trying to explain a cruise to someone who hasn't cruised is next to impossible. There are no words to describe the feeling of walking up the gangway for embarkation, the feeling of pulling away from the port, the feeling of being surrounded by vast oceans, the feeling of sunsets and sunrises at sea.........these need to be experienced in person to truly appreciate. and when you do.....you are hooked!
  9. I love hearing these stories of first time cruisers!
  10. Their cruise with confidence policy entitles you to a full refund
  11. Most cruise lines have at least 1 private island. If they are able start some short cruises where screened and cleared passengers can be contained to the ship and private islands only (only 1 ship in port at a time), perhaps they can weather the storm. I believe it will be a minimum 6 months (most likely longer) before cruising starts with any kind of regularity and I don't think any corporation no matter how large can survive that with no income.
  12. the entire carnival fleet was displaying that message
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