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  1. Just noticed that Navigator is now showing as being in Cococay on the same day as Allure on the 25th. This is new as up till a few weeks ago Allure was the only ship scheduled for that day
  2. You can't go wrong with your decision but I would have to agree with others on here and give the slight edge to Symphony because of the shows. Cats is AWFUL!!!!!!
  3. Is this different than Maho beach or is it part of it? I'm not actually interested in this, I'm looking for a relaxing beach, not one with planes roaring overhead.
  4. We have an excursion booked for the morning when in St. Maarten next week but would like to find a nice beach to relax at in the afternoon. Any suggestions?
  5. I've been hearing that some recent visits to Coco Cay have been cancelled due to wind. We are supposed to be there on the 25th on Allure. Does anyone know where the most likely redirect would be if we are unable to dock? Labadee? Naussau?
  6. I was trying from my pc. Tried logging on with mobile device and got the same issue. Logged back in with PC and able to get in now but not navigate the page :( Good thing I have a cruise coming up to calm my frustrations
  7. Anyone else having issues with the website? It has me stuck in an endless loop. I sign in to my cruise planner and get a message "Congratulations you are already booked! Sign in below to see our black Friday deals for your cruise". The only thing I can click on on the page is the sign in button which just brings me back around.
  8. My wife and I always go for Mytime dining when sailing on an Oasis class ship so we can book around our entertainment. However, on our upcoming sailing of Allure we are travelling with some others who are choosing to stick with traditional dining due to food allergies and wanting to ensure strict attentiveness by dining and kitchen staff. We tried to ensure them the same care and attentiveness is available through mytime dining as well but they feel more comfortable sticking with traditional. The 8 PM slot they have chosen would only work for my wife and I for 3 of the 7 nights due to times of shows we booked. My wife and I are planning on booking specialty dining on the other nights so not as to interfere with our show times but I got to thinking.........would we be able to eat in the mytime area of the dining room at a time of our choosing even if we stick with the traditional dining time on our booking?
  9. Aqua theatre show became available for booking on Jan 19 sailing on Allure last night! I guess the aqua theatre is in fact operational :)
  10. Any update? Its mid-week and still no aqua shows in cruise planner.....
  11. This is fantastic! Was very disappointed by the rumors that there would be no aqua show. BTW we will be on the same cruise
  12. Thanks for the detailed comparison! Really looking forward to my first celebrity cruise in May. hoping for a low key relaxing getaway.
  13. No Aqua shows available for booking on my January cruise even though everything else is. Is this not something Royal would notify cruisers of? Similar to an itinerary change? Would be disappointed if this was the case. The aqua theatre is one of the big draws to Oasis class for me.
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