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  1. Also important to note is that their 'living expenses' are all covered as well for time on board. If you factor in the cost of rent, utilities, and food this rate of pay becomes much higher.
  2. It was 2010. I was on the last Mexican Riviara cruise on Mariner before she headed to Asia.
  3. Totally agree with you there. I'm from Vancouver and my wife and I always talk about how nice it would be to have weekend cruise options to just hop on for a couple nights without having to fly anywhere like the folks in Florida can.
  4. Booked Allure for Jan 2020. Wanted to book Oasis because we Knew she would be amped by then but because we could not be assured that cats was no longer going to be playing at that time. Booked a different ship just to avoid Cats lol.
  5. Must have been tourists.........Canadians would never do that lol I know what you mean though. There were a lot of people who ignored the dismount signs in that area.
  6. I made it onto a famous @twangster image! Can't believe my wife and I were in the presence of royalty and missed the opportunity to meet @twangster personally!
  7. 'provided humanitarian assistance' sounds a little dramatic as well...........
  8. What are the odds.......was just on Norwegian Getaway in January (a cruise which cemented our decision to be loyal to royal) and there was a similar group on there. It didn't really affect anything because with Norwegians freestyle dining and having multiple dining rooms on the ship they just made one kosher. Not sure how they will handle that on the Allure......perhaps one of the levels of the main dining room would be reserved for kosher guests?
  9. Could this potentially be the second "Perfect Day" location? Not sure if there is an airport near there but could it potentially be a "home port" with cruises leaving from there but including pre or post cruise stays?
  10. Hopefully everyone remains calm and stays safe. Doesn't sound like the ship is in danger of going down or anything at this point and they have been able to get one of the engines running again
  11. There are already a couple other threads on here about the key
  12. So there would be less public space per passenger. This is why Royal is my preferred cruise line, they seem to have much more public space than other lines.
  13. I believe it will be getting a massive "amped" makeover. This ship will probably be utilized for the new 'perfect day' island planned for the Australia area
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