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  1. Man when you read how a cruise was shut down for 1 suspected case of covid, suddenly the US CDC doesn’t appear so bad anymore. I am thankful for the US cruise restart and that we are able to cruise even if it means jumping through some hoops and going along with some protocols I don’t love.
  2. Unless you go super frugal (in which case why go if you aren’t actually going to explore and see all the sights of the world) I don’t see how you could do this trip for under a quarter million for a couple
  3. This cruise is obviously for a very small segment of people. The vast majority cannot feasibly manage a trip like this due to time and financial constraints. A large portion of those that do have the time and means would probably choose a different form of travel to take in the wonders of the world rather than being “stuck” on the same ship for 9 months. I’m curious to know....of all the cruise enthusiasts on this forum, if the time (away from work) and money factor were removed, how many would actually want to go on this cruise. Keeping in mind, only time away from work and money factors are removed, all other factors remain in play (time away from home, time away from family, time away from your regular hobbies, the fact it is only one ‘small’ ship you are on the entire time, etc) I have thought about it a lot since the announcement and have decided that I would go if time away from work and money were not a factor.
  4. The quote I heard from a RC representative is that “it’s jaw dropping news totally out of left field”
  5. Is this another overhype? Remember ‘the news we’ve all been waiting for’?
  6. It’s the same situation in the US is it not? CDC recommends avoiding cruise ship travel but is allowing ships to sail nonetheless?
  7. Oasis of the seas. My wife and I sailed on her for our honeymoon. It was our first cruise together and both of our first time cruising an Oasis class ship. We were blown away by the beauty of the ship, Central Park, and the incredible entertainment. Oasis class continues to be our favourite class of ship although we do enjoy the other classes as well.
  8. The CDC considers stepping out your front door a level 4 risk
  9. It is administered on what the cruise calls day 7 (last full day of a 7 day cruise), the day before disembarkation. Royal provided a PCR test with results in less than 12 hours. We were tested at 9:15AM and results were delivered to our stateroom at around 6:30PM
  10. Technically Canada is open to cruise ships next month. Reality is they aren’t expecting ships till next summer but rolled ban back to November to try to seem like they are being reasonable. Wouldn’t it be funny for Royal to call their bluff and say yes, we will sail Pacific coastal starting November with a stop in Victoria lol
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