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  1. I believe we will hear of addition ships sailing from Caribbean ports this summer within the next couple weeks. I think it’s clear that sailing from US ports won’t restart till the fall at earliest. The CDC had a hate on for the cruising industry long before this pandemic even started.
  2. I’d say they give zero f$&@‘s about the increased pressure since they just doubled down on their website that going on cruises is the highest risk possible on their scale and they advise against getting on any cruise ship anywhere in the world.
  3. They may go straight to a spam folder. Mine used to go there until I marked them as not spam
  4. How is it going to backfire? They have stated it is their policy until October. So either they don’t sail at all till October and see zero revenue or (if it is somehow approved) they get three months worth of revenue sailing without kids. Seems like a no brainer to me.
  5. Maybe they are simply referring to the cruises sailing from Caribbean ports Americans can go on because flying to these ports is much safer and sanitary than embarking at a US port
  6. I’m a ship first person. I’ll take Oasis class all the time because of the entertainment options. It’s simply personal preference though. I do believe when I reach a certain age and have more time to cruise I will transition to a port preferable cruiser
  7. Given the CDC’s lack of common sense, NCL decided to play to the CDC’s own guidance that vaccinated people can gather with very little risk. They decided not to muddy the waters by including children under vaccination age. I agree with your point about the data showing children are low risk but common sense has no place at the CDC’s table. I believe that is the reason NCL is taking the black and white approach.
  8. They would not be starting all their ships immediately. They are also only starting at 60% capacity. I believe there is enough pent up demand that they will be able to fill all available cabins with vaccinated adults only.
  9. Thanks for jumping on this. I just woke up here on the west coast
  10. So under the ‘purpose’ section of the technical instructions is a sentence that states ‘for the purpose of these instructions, CDC considers cruise ships to constitute a residential congregate setting’. In the CDC’s updated COVID instructions yesterday they excluded non-healthcare congregate settings from the update. They describe non-healthcare congregate settings as prisons and detention Centers. So the CDC in their infinite wisdom classify cruise ships the same as prisons and detention centers!
  11. While the entire industry realizes that the CSO is outdated and no longer valid (with the rollout of vaccines and the info and proof that cruises can be conducted safely in many other parts of the world) the CDC is blissfully ignorant of this. They are sticking with their outdated protocols and not budging. I wonder if Miami mayor stands by her comment ‘I am impressed by the Director’s knowledge of the industry, and her empathy to the economic hardships that the loss of this business has caused’?
  12. I really hope you get to because that means my cruise on her just after New Years will be sailing!
  13. You can also book through Royals website as well (usually earlier than the app).
  14. Same. While it’s exciting to see cruises restarting I believe my next cruise will be Jan 8. 2022 on Symphony. If we are able to go sooner I will try to book something earlier but right now that is my next booking (I have 4 booked for 2022!). That being said it is still exciting to see the cruise industry slowly coming back to life and knowing they’ll still be around for my 2022 bookings!
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