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  1. Utopia of the seas here saying "please don't.........forget about me"
  2. Unfortunately Canada still requires cruise ship passengers to provide a negative test to operate cruise ships from Canada even if its not required to enter the country. Double standard for the cruise industry. It was the same way in the US for a long a time. The cruise season in Canada has less than a month left and hopefully next season all the silly rules will be gone.
  3. When you fill out the app, it is linked to your passport. This is why it you are not asked for it.
  4. Any idea why they no longer just give the cards at check in? I understand they don't want people going to thier cabins before they are ready but they used to just have the hallway doors locked so you couldn't get to your cabin.
  5. I'm curious why all the hate for Nassau? Dispite having sailed 15+times out of Florida we have never had Nassau as a port stop (we did stop briefly once for a medical emergency). It looks like a beautiful island but I am well aware of the fact seasoned cruisers do not like this port. Is it because it is a frequent stop for short cruises? Is it pushy vendors? Less than desireable port area?
  6. Just out of curiosity because i'm too lazy to look it up myself. Are jelly fish stings usually just an irritation (i.e. a mosquito bite or bee sting) or are they a serious thing?
  7. Royal should also warn cruisers not to drive to embarkation ports due to the possibility of being involved in an a car crash.
  8. You would pay for the cocktail. Unless you order the shot separately
  9. If thats the only one that works with your schedule, I would take it. The option is not being on a cruise ship and no one wants that
  10. As an additional issue here in Vancouver is striking tug boat workers are holding ships hostage at random. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/cruise-ships-delays-caused-by-labour-dispute-damages-vancouver-s-tourism-reputation-passenger-says-1.6048220
  11. With a lot of things in cruising going back to 'normal' this seems to be one thing that hasn't returned yet. Is this a permanent casualty or will it return one day? For a planner like myself I hate waiting till on board to book shows.
  12. Unless you wanted to go explore elsewhere you don't need to leave the gated area because your flight was delayed. Once you are through you are through.
  13. Formal night is not what it once was. I had no problem dressing formal when I first started cruising however I now prefer the much more casual dress. I wear dark jeans with a nice shirt. On occasion I'll throw on a blazer so I don't look like a slob next to my dazzling wife, who loves to dress up. I just prefer to pack less.
  14. Soda package price doesn't really fluctuate.
  15. Sounds about right in line with all of Royals announcements lately........unclear.
  16. There is no chance that Canada will change any protocols for cruising this year. Keep in mind this is the country still requiring an app filled out before entry when most countries have dropped all entry requirements. Our government moves glacially slow
  17. Interesting to hear this about Spectrum. I had no idea things were so strict yet there in Singapore. The reason not much is posted about it is most members are from North America, Australia, and Europe. Doesn't mean we are purposely ignoring what is happening in Singapore it just means we have no experience of it. So its great to have yourself post these updates and for us to hear your perspective and experience from Spectrum. Just curious, are land based protocols similar to that on the ship or is the ship being held to a completely different standard?
  18. You would normally do this on the Royal app. However, they have recently removed this requirement so I’m surprised you received an email asking you to do so
  19. In this day and age of plastic (and now cell phone or smart watch) payment most cashiers have a hard time figuring out cash change on a simple transaction never mind expecting them to factor an exchange rate in.
  20. The case is meaningless though. If the destinations that the cruise ships are sailing to have requirements the cruise lines need to enforce these requirements regardless of what florida's requirements are.
  21. Its not necassarily the homeport that dictates the protocols, but the places they visit. Florida already tried to get rid of the vax mandate from the cruise lines a year ago but the mandates are requirements of the places the cruise lines visit.
  22. 270 is an amazing space but it absolutely sucks as a theatre venue.
  23. It took very little persuasion actually. I just asked him to show me the verbiage detailing this and I would gladly admit I was wrong. I was very polite and ready to assume I had missed something. He didn't even look (pretty sure he knew it wasnt there lol) and corrected it. The coffee card specifically said X amount of specialty coffee's, nothing about espresso shots. I think its Royal pulling a little sneaky sneaky and most folks just accept it when they are told onboard it is per shot.
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