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  1. https://604now.com/washington-approves-150-million-vancouver-seattle-high-speed-rail/
  2. How many bookings does this affect for you? I know you have been booking and cancelling over and over and over again waiting for protocols to change
  3. If you’re logged into your cruise planner prices should be in Canadian. It should be stated though. When I am looking it always states CAD after price
  4. Haha I do the same thing. I just factor it in to the cost of the cruise but it helps her relax for the duration of the cruise.
  5. This is the major factor. Its unfortunate because most treatments are at least twice the cost they would be at a land based spa
  6. I have never been on inaugeral but from all accounts I have heard I will never book one. Two issues - often the first sailing can be cancelled, especially now adays with the global supply chain issues. Secondly, from what I've heard, a lot of shows and/or venues are not actually ready to go by the inaugeral. I have twice now cruised on ships first sailing back (post shutdown) and will never do that again. I just feel that going on a cruise after the crew has had a few weeks under their belt is a much smoother experience. Just my opinion.
  7. I feel that the C&A discount should be calculated over and above the sale price. The loyalty perk should always come off the back end, otherwise its not a perk if you are just getting the same rate that anyone else can get.
  8. At the top tier event on Radiance on the LA to Vancouver cruise the captian mentioned he had requested to be moved to a larger class ship with Royal. I don't think this incedent is going to help his cause to move to a larger ship lol
  9. Doable? yes Recomended? Absolutely not. Too many variables with the border as well as traffic. Sea-tac airpot is located south of Seattle so you would have to go right through Seattle as well.
  10. As long as you have your set sail pass I wouldn't be too concerned. The porters will have tags when you drop your bags off.
  11. The volume is usually quite loud in the theatres and there isn’t a lot of ambient noise in audience so hopefully you will be able to enjoy the shows there. The ice shows and aqua shows are more about visual than audio appeal and I feel those would still be entertaining to watch.
  12. If you enter your passport and vax info beforehand in the app filling out the other info takes less than 60 seconds. For what it’s worth I have yet to be asked about the app at land crossings although signage tells you repeatedly to have it filled out as you approach the Canadian crossing. I don’t know if this is because perhaps the info is somehow linked to my passport or if the land crossings have been of the day trip variety I have had to had it scanned every time before boarding flights to (and a cruise) Canada.
  13. Its a little early in the build for that lol. I'm sure Icon will have all new features even if it is similar in structure to Oasis class.
  14. I saw some pics on Instagram that were supposedly Icon under construction and it looks like she has the same structure as Oasis with the open center
  15. So so true. Why would the price per day fluctuate so much?
  16. As a Canadian 70 (or 21 C to literally the entire world other than the US) is shorts and t-shirt weather.
  17. People are still buying the passes so don't expect prices to go down. Its the same reason why we are seing the trend of new ship builds dedicating more and more space to suite space because there are people willing to spend 5 times the amount of a regular cabin for the same vacation with a few extra perks.
  18. Do any fellow Canadians on here know if it is possible to do a closed loop Alaska sailing from Vancouver with just a birth certificate instead of a passport like Americans can on closed loop sailings from American port? My stepson doesn’t have a passport due to needing his fathers signature and his father being a jackass so we were thinking we could maybe do a closed loop from Vancouver.
  19. The main production show is Tango Bueno Aires or something like that. It is a dancing/singing show. There is also a Whitney Houston tribute artist.
  20. Holy cow! You get the drink package over an above your drink package?! Your poor liver lol.
  21. The 4 Royal ships that go to Alaska (Quantum, Ovation, Radiance, and Serenade) do not have waterslides. All 4 have fully enclosed solarium pools that can be used while in Alaska.
  22. Unfortunately she was not ready for the cruise. Had a great time but it felt they literally pulled her out of moth balls and loaded the crew the day before we boarded. Room smelled musty and when I went to open the balcony door the handle came off in my hand lol. A lot of supplies were not on board and extremely limited selections in the windjammer (which was not open for dinner). The cruise compass had old protocols listed on it (masks must be worn indoors at all times except vaccinated only areas ) although this was not actually the protocol on board. There was no welcome aboard show the first night which felt weird. That being said the crew worked extremely hard and she is looking a lot better today than she was on day 1 and she should be ready to sail Alaska. We went in eyes wide open knowing this was her first sailing in 2 years so we were not disappointed and had a fantastic time but just giving an opinion.
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