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  1. I found this article extremely interesting, especially the 44% by end of 2021. Seems low and still extremely tough for cruise lines financially. I wonder how accurate the research is?
  2. Well the Leafs won’t lose to Boston first round, but you’re right....the won’t make it past first round. GO CANUCKS!!! PS never thought I’d be having a hockey discussion on this board lol
  3. I am not surprised by this but you won’t hear this part of the story reported in the news. most people who test positive go into isolation and end of story but where the money is (professional sports etc how many times have we seen ‘positive’ cases reported only to have retests show the person is actually negative. Same with the MSC ship earlier this year that had 6 crew test ‘positive’ only to have retests come back negative. A positive test is often false. (And yes I know negative tests could be wrong as well)
  4. Just curious if anyone has heard any rumours or rumblings on which ships will be the first back in service? When the NSO was replaced by the CSO I was originally excited as my next booked cruise is February on Symphony. I figured things would be running by then and with stops in both Labadee and Coco Cay odds were pretty good the sailing could happen. My excitement is dwindling as it now appears test cruises aren’t happening till January........
  5. I watched a YouTube video of this cruise last weekend and also noticed that crew were not wearing masks
  6. As one of the conditions of the conditional sail order is no cruises longer than 7 days I would assume that back to back cruises would not be allowed during the initial return to cruise phase.
  7. What the vaccine will hopefully do is eliminate the public health emergency which will hopefully remove restrictions that have been put in place.
  8. I wonder if having a negative test result from the cruise lines mandatory rapid test could be used to waive the 14 day quarantine when re entering Canada. We are booked in February, I can easily work from home if required to quarantine but not so easy for my wife.
  9. 91 days since I got off Allure Supposed to be embarking Celebrity Eclipse on Sunday 166 days till Norwegian Bliss
  10. Does anyone have any insight into wether it would be feasible for the cruise lines to run their ships at less than full capacity? I've heard a lot about how Royal posted 5 billion in profits in 2019. If this is accurate it would seem to this peon that there would be room in the budget to have ships running at less than capacity and still making money. It would seem to me that this would be the only option to having cruises resume before a vaccination is in place as social distancing (I hate this term, it makes no sense. Its physical distancing!) is pretty much impossible on a cruise ship
  11. Preach on! I am a loyal disciple of your new cruise ship church! Take my money and I'll see you on Sunday. (or whatever day is deemed worship day)
  12. I already posed this question to my employer as they know I am an avid cruiser. the response I received is that whatever guidelines are in place by the government and health officials are what they will follow. So if no 14 day quarantine imposed by health officials my employer would not impose one on me for cruising.
  13. WOW! While the headline is great news for us cruise lovers, the article itself is scathing of the cruise industry......including blaming cruising for the virus entering US cities. SMH
  14. Sorry......you would be second, right behind me
  15. I unfortunately believe cruising will be that last part of economy that reopens because of all the negativity it generates from preconceived notions of "floating petri dishes". I am sure the Canada/US border will open back up before the cruising industry restarts.
  16. Great idea! I'd love to see the aqua theatre stay. It would be great if they could incorporate the glass and views that the Radiance class has. I know my wife would love to see the thermal spa expanded. No Royal ship has disappointed yet and I'm sure Icon won't either!
  17. You can't go wrong with either choice. I would personally chose Harmony with the only tie breaker being the Broadway show of Grease over Cats. I saw Cats on Oasis and hated every minute of it lol. I also love the Oasis class ships but an alternative for you to consider could be the Odyssey. I have not been on a Quantum class ship yet but it looks amazing!
  18. The financial crash of 2008/2009 didn't sink (pun intended) the cruise industry and I don't think this will either. I think you will see incredible cabin price sales while the cruise lines pick your pockets while you are on board. The strategy helped them recover in 2009 and it will work again. It is hard to imagine with the dark clouds hanging over us (and the cruise industry) right now but when the clouds clear humans have proven to have short memories as @Ampurp85 mentions above. The sales will be irresistible and the ships will fill again.
  19. There is the teen club. There is also 2 flowriders, ziplining, rock climbing, several pools and hot tubs, sports court......
  20. Thanks. This is a good clarification of the report and also shows how information, while not incorrect, can be very misleading. Its all about how it is reported.
  21. We always go for Deck 8 forward so we have easy access to walk through Central Park on our way to dinner.
  22. I'm not American but isn't this the whole idea for the stimulus checks?
  23. Even without the upgrades Allure is still an amazing ship! Was just on her in January and she is still in really good shape and has an awesome entertainment lineup. If you want the latest and greatest change your booking but if you choose to stick with Allure you will still have an amazing cruise!!
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