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  1. Following along. Congrats on your 10 year and Vow renewal! Sounds like a wonderful cruise with everyone coming and how fun with the scavenger hunt! Have a wonderful cruise! Excited to follow along.
  2. Wow...beautiful photos! (as always) Thanks for the pictures of the indoor pool. Our kids will love that. They hate being anxious to jump in the pool and then I say "one sec...you need sunscreen" ....and so then 10 minutes later they can go in. And the solarium looks really nice! Is this one of the better ones in the fleet? 7 weeks today we are on our way to Anthem. Really excited!
  3. On our recent Adventure cruise, DH couldn't decide between two meals so they brought him both. Also, not 2 separate entrees, but he always asks for 2 lobster tails.
  4. We were also on Adventure and was wondering the same if Freedom is set up the same as Adventure as in the photo shown above by @F1guynz ? Is this a picture of Freedom? This is what it looked like on Adventure and I didn't understand how the grandfather could put the baby on the rail and not know the window was there...and how the child was leaning over enough? But thought maybe that is not the set up on Freedom and it was simply the window opening.
  5. That's too bad. But looks like you got a bunch of great photos taken and the photo book done up really nicely.
  6. Love your photobook! After every family cruise, I create one. It's a post-cruise project and makes for great memories. We have them on a ledge displayed in our main family room. I always do them on my own, but didn't know that Royal has such a thing. The quality looks really nice and I love the cruise-related backgrounds. Curious, can you mix in the ships photos and your own photos? Or are you restricted to just the ship photos? Thanks for sharing.
  7. I know that they are adding some staterooms so interested in how those will look, but don't know about changes to existing rooms.
  8. Haven't been on Oasis but on Symphony there was a scavenger hunt that was fun.
  9. Thank you for confirming your recent sailing. Hope you had a wonderful cruise!
  10. Oh ok. Got it. Star class gets first pick if seats so I at depends where they pick for our show. Thanks.
  11. Following with great interest. You always write amazing reviews and we'll be on Anthem in less than 60 days. Can't wait.
  12. Thank you. So Star class has reserved seats at the front. Will still go early but sounds like front row is a no go for us.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Correct...we have reserved the 6:30pm show. My ideal spot is front row centre....or close to the front row, which is why I'm thinking of lining up so early and trying to juggle DS not wanting to miss MDR (he's not a show person, but I think he might be "ok" with WWRY vs say, Hairspray or Mamma Mia). And I should say that they probably could skip dessert in MDR and then just have something with DD and I afterwards if that speeds things up. Thanks...Fingers crossed all the reserved seating is in the balcony...or further back in orchestra for The Key. @Curt From Canada our cruise is March 2020...so would be great if you could report back! Yours is coming up soon. So exciting! Good point...the MDR is usually the opposite side of the theater. Will have them keep that in mind for their cut off time. Correct...thinking just DS and DH sticking to MDR as it's DS that really loves the MDR and will be upset for already missing a night. vs the theatre is priority for DD and I.Sounds like you are the same with seating. 🙂 Thanks for the tip about ear plugs. I am always telling my kids to turn the volume down on the tv....so sensitive to noise (or I just have really good ears...lol).
  14. Maybe a sale is coming? Sometimes they raise the price just before a sale.
  15. Did a quick check First night Welcome show was at 7pm-7:40pm. There was also a late night comedy at 10:15pm and karaoke and game show same time Night 2 had production show at at 8:15pm and 10pm Night 3 was Ice show at 9pm and Love & Marriage show later at night 10:15pm Nights 4 & 5 had Headliner on night also at 7pm and 9pm. Quest at 10:15pm Night 6 had Farewell show at 7:15pm, Battle of the Sexes at 9pm, late night comedy at 10:15.
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