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  1. My first cruise was Grandeur...but DH and I had our honeymoon on Voyager too (and first cruise together). At the time, it was the largest ship in the world...lol.
  2. This makes me even bummed that we have missed Anthem, Harmony and most likely Freedom due to Covid (i.e. still have yet to try these ships and they've all be mentioned above as someone's favorite).
  3. Symphony So much to do, and it really has the "wow" factor. Shows were incredible, and I just love exploring and seeing all the art work, decor and such. We stick to included venues (but did love El Loco Fresh), but has great additional dining choices for those that want to try. So many options and things to do. Having said that, I have loved every Royal cruise so far as each brings something unique....and then there is that Royal familiarity.
  4. Have to agree..I even just hoping us Canadians can travel to the USA for personal travel.
  5. Thank you so much for the hope. We're ok if we have to wear masks...would just love to get on the ship next year (would be there right now if it runs).
  6. Same....We have an August cruise which I am pretty certain it won't go. Our next is xmas cruise and that to me is iffy (but haven't given up hope). We're also Canadian, DH and I are at the bottom of the list for the vaccine so sometime in the fall?, plus we have kids so the vaccine needs to be approved. And for us Canadians, when will the border open? Plus the ports need to be open for visitors. Covid has shut down the world so think it'll be awhile before things start up again. And sadly, cruise ships will be at the bottom of the list to return as they have a bad wrap and are complicated
  7. Thanks sk8erguy1978. Will definitely show this to our kids as an option and see if it interests them.
  8. Thank you! Yeah, I checked and the description is very confusing. It states 16 must be accompanied by a parent so thanks for explaining that is just for the waiver and check in. She may not want to ride alone anyways but good to know we have options.
  9. This is just amazing! I love how you surprised your family and the ship was right there behind them. Wow! And then them seeing the room for the first time. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, would have to decide between All Day Pass for the Coaster vs Single Ride + Aqua Park. It would probably be for just our kids. I would love to ride it , but I have health issues with my eyes and am to avoid things that jolt too much or go too fast (although I have since gone on rides at Disney, and even the Abyss...but probably shouldn't have). Too bad as I definitely would love the view and sounds like some great shots. Thanks for letting me know about the age restriction. Would they let a 12 year old ride with a 16 year old or it has to be an adult? Not sure DH would want
  11. Sorry of course....adding exact dates. Thanks. Freedom - Aug 28, 2021 Anthem - Dec 24, 2021
  12. Thanks for explaining. Sounds fun, and good to know there is a brake.
  13. I love to plan for cruise stuff and since not much else is going on, am looking ahead at our March 2022 cruise. We have a stop at Haiti Labadee. Last time I was there, it was just beach, so it's changed a lot. Is the Dragon Coaster worth it? Is it fun for teens and worth more than one ride? There is an option for an all day pass, or a single ride with 1 hr at the Aqua Park, or just a single ride. Also, does it go quick or it's tame? Not sure if it will be lame to them if they are used to amusement park rollercoasters. (Seems fun to me though with great views) PS - Sorry, meant to
  14. I would give them a call and escalate. For the last couple cancellations (cancelled by us), both the cruise planner items and cruise deposit was refunded within a week. They did mention it could be 45 days so was impressed with the time.
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