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  1. Agree. We stayed on board on Symphony on Nassau day. The pool was quite empty (maybe 2 other families there). The main slide opened at 10am and the second 'toilet bowl' slide opened at 12pm. Great time to use the pool / hot tubs.
  2. Totally agree...and I didn't mean for this to be a negative thread...just positive and fun. And we're always looking for different ships so wanted to know how others ranked those that we have not been on...or thinking of trying such as Brilliance. For us, any cruise is amazing. Although I ranked Symphony first (and I'm guessing Harmony will be #2 once we sail her), every cruise is vacation and I love it. We even considered Majesty as an option for Dec (without kids). The price and # days were what we wanted and a Royal cruise is a Royal cruise...and they'd still have a show every night. great food, service, the cruise planner activities, beautiful views of the water, different port stops, etc etc....a cruise is what you make of it and each Royal ship brings their own thing.
  3. Yeah...we're doing a March cruise too and I'm going into it just knowing that it's not a warm holiday vacation. But can't wait to try the ship itself and see. And I know our kids will love Sea Plex and of course all the food and treats...lol as with any cruise. Will be interesting to see if you like it better in July. Have heard there are crowd issues too with the general flow or something. That may bother DH but lets see.
  4. @Lovetocruise2002 ..defintiely not surprised by your list. Was wondering where you would rate Anthem. @twangster ...love the long list. And nice to see Anthem third. Trying for first time in March (and also Navigator which is your 4th in August). Looking forward to hearing about Ovation. @L454S...looks like you like the smaller ships vs larger. @JLMoran ...guessing you live in NY? That would be amazing to be so close to a port. Adventure has been out of there too. PS - I've seen We Will Rock You a few times in Toronto and can't wait to see it again on Anthem...plus other shows. @AshleyDillo...totally agree. Grandeur was my first cruise and was just me and my dad. Voyager was with DH on our honeymoon. So cruise themselves are very special but I ranked them for the ship (and others with our kids so all very special in their own way). @Jaymac Radio...we're debating between Adventure and Brilliance and probably going with Adventure. But there are a few on here who have them back to back with A one rank up.
  5. For fun...list the ships you've been on and order them from best to last (and would love to hear reasons for each) Here's mine... Symphony Allure Independence Mariner Voyager Grandeur Have yet to be experience a bad cruise...and all Royal ships are beautiful. Loved loved loved Symphony for all the amenities, shows, neighborhoods, so much to explore, food options, etc. And of course, Allure is close behind as it's similar (just a few less features). Voyager and Grandeur were long ago so much more basic compared to today. Also loved Independence and Mariner but rated Independence one higher due to the great shows for being non-Oasis. Can't wait to try Navigator, Adventure and Anthem to see how they compare!
  6. Following along. We'll be on Anthem first time in March..but not in a nice stateroom like you 😉. Enjoy! Should be much better experience for you than on Mariner!
  7. So excited to see your blog as DH and I are trying Adventure (kid free) for first time in December. We're the same and do NOT get internet so we can disconnect from the world ...it our (well my) one rule when on any cruise. Sorry for your wife's scare first afternoon but glad she's ok and short lived. Yah on the balcony upgrade. Love Schooner bar...sounds like a great performer. Looking forward to hearing more! P.S. -agree on the escargot in butter sauce
  8. I'd do Mariner if you are already on Navigator. Mariner has Perfect Storm waterslides and both have Laser Tag. Hopefully Sky Pad will be back but no one knows and need to assume not as you noted. And least too you'll have different production shows and such. We went on Mariner last summer, have Navigator booked this upcoming summer and then Mariner again to mix it up.
  9. This is our delimma. We have never even been in a JS but I always look to see if it's worth it to upgrade. The difference from balcony to JS usually is $700-1000 for non-Oadis ships so seems like a lot. (Oasis is a lot more on our bookings). We're only platinum but after all our booked cruises we actually won't be too far away from Diamond so it's tempting to just pay the difference for the points alone. For OP I'm with the others . The difference is way too much to upgrade when you're already in a JS.
  10. Very neat. Thanks for sharing. Guessing they'll eventually roll out the view to other bookings.
  11. I did the calculation for a family of 4 including Disney transportation and 1-day park ticket (picking high cost...not sure about OP but when they are coming)...The cost for the day is $1100 CAD. 😱
  12. Lol...knew what you meant. The Oasis class are all similar with so much to do! We've been on Allure and now Symphony and have Harmony booked for future. I agree...a 9 or 10 night would be perfect. In reality I don't think I'd ever get DH to do a B2B on a full week cruise....He finds a 7 night enough for him...For our kids and myself...we definitely could have stayed longer (and my 9 year old was crying for days later saying that she wanted to go back on the ship).
  13. Agreed. I always envy those that do back to backs 😊
  14. Glad you enjoyed. Symphony is amazing! You'll have a great time!
  15. Do you think you could spend a day at Disney Springs? Or its just a couple hour event?
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