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  1. Have an amazing cruise! I know some of the eastern cruises have had a change of itinerary to keep them safe. So hopefully no impact to Western or Bahamas...and hope it doesn't become a hurricane. We arrived safe in Miami no problem. Then as getting in taxi a total downpour. Rest of the day was manageable with just being overcast and touch if spitting. Our kids even got some swimming in at the hotel. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Ha ha...heard that's typical in Florida in summer. Not sure how the tropical storm that is coming will affect us. Hopefully all ok in Bahamas for our cruise but we'll see. Either way we'll be on a cruise.
  3. This is exactly how I feel too. We love sea days and as you say, there will be less activities going on the ship, even if we don't get off the ship on the second CoCO Cay day. Plus, I really enjoy when the ship is moving and just watching the waves go by. So won't be the same. Not complaining too much as it's still a cruise, and we have others booked, but if this was our only one, then we may have cancelled and booked another one in its place.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. It does look really nice and the room size will be good for 4 of us. Do enjoy just watching the wake, but sounds like it's still very enjoyable.
  5. Awesome review as always. Even though I'm a bigger ship person, you've sold me on Majesty (mind you, Brilliance is on my bucket list someday). Is that Schooner Bar bigger and more spread out compared with other ships? Looks really nice (with wonderful views). Enjoy the rest of your cruise and safe travels home.
  6. Do you feel these aft rooms are worth it if the ship is barely moving? We have the corner aft booked on Mariner next summer. When we booked it, all spacious balcony rooms were same price, but now deck 10 rooms in that category are a couple hundred more. Wondering if it's worth it considering our cruise is one that got the 2 CoCo Cay stops and thus will barely be able to enjoy watching the wake from our balcony (i.e. no sea days). Then again, the corner rooms are larger than normal so that's a bonus ontop of the large balcony.
  7. That makes me feel much better. I shouldn't even bother checking the forecast. Thanks so much...will report back. Really looking forward to it.
  8. Thanks. Good to know. Hopefully it's not a washout . Thanks for the wishes. My kids are looking forward to one last fun week before returning (and sad camp is over). All the best for your school prep and the start of a new year. Can't believe the summer went so quick.
  9. Heading to Miami for our cruise and it's showing 90% probability of rain. We'll be at our hotel in Brickell around lunch hour so have the afternoon to kill. I know there is Bayside but it's outdoor area. Any suggestions in the rain?
  10. You must be following us. We'll be getting off when you're getting on. 😊
  11. Yeah...just odd that it's the same cruise. But must be due to 2 ships at CoCo Cay on the day with the higher price.
  12. Don't remember if it was listed....or if I learned of where to go from here. 😁
  13. Mariner on Aug 31, 2020, which is last week in the summer for us.
  14. Here's an interesting one....I just checked cruise planner for my Mariner cruise that added the additional CoCo Cay stop in place of the sea day. On Day 2 (first CoCo Cay stop), the waterpark is $105 CAD. Ouch. On Day 4 (second CoCo Cay stop), the waterpark is $118 CAD. Double ouch. From those days, on day 2 we are the only ship, and day 4 we share with Navigator. So is this a way for Royal to force people to purchase on day 2 and then lessen crowds on day 4 when there is already another ship? Wonder what Navigator's price is on that day?
  15. We reserved as soon as we boarded (in comedy club next to studio B). They didn't have a ton of openings but we got in for a sea day later in the week....but also got in a few other times by stand by. Enjoy. It's lots of fun. P.S. - Make sure you have closed shoes.
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