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  1. We're on that same xmas cruise. Why are you thinking Odyssey is a go while Anthem in not? Because of departure port? One plus I'm thinking for Anthem is that the ship will already have crew (but NJ may be a negative with cases).
  2. We are booked for 4 different dates: 2021: August, Dec 2022: March 2023: March But we also have a couple double bookings to leave our options open (so we actually have 6 bookings) Don't think 2021 will happen for same reasons listed by Lovetocruise2002
  3. That's good as definitely best to book right away as you say, if you know you'll be going (and US cruises should be back by then) . And who knows how costing of flights will be once travel resumes. For us, we have a few unknowns so probably won't book yet.
  4. Yes exactly. Very good point! To get a decent march break price for the flight, you need to book on opening day. Last time on Symphony we even booked there and back separately for this reason and did well for holiday flights. But of course, that's not happening this year (i.e. we "should" be booking flights for 2021 in about 3 weeks). Another factor...
  5. Well if you are nuts, then we join the club....lol I actually posted similar question not too long ago. We are double booked for the next two March breaks as so much is up in the air. Before covid we already had Oasis booked (great price using L&S, we love Oasis class, have yet to be on that ship). But we (or I) really want to sail Anthem and that is the one that we lost when covid all started. Plus DH like the advantage of the port being drivable (although still a good 10 hrs). Obviously the bookings are refundable so we will decide by final payment. It just lets us keep our op
  6. It's in my December Anthem booking (the guided tour only...vs last year we also had the option of a self tour)
  7. Also doubtful for us Canadians. We have August which I know won't happen but just don't want to pull the trigger and cancel until we have to. Then we have Dec 2021...DH is more hopeful than me on this one. I'm mentally preparing myself for us having to cancel. It's out of NJ so probably not one of the first ships to start up...And then there is the whole border issue...and even more of a bottleneck is the fact that vaccines are not yet available for our younger one, who is turning 12 this year. I'm even questioning if we'll make March 2022.
  8. Miami is my favorite port too from what we've tried (but we haven't sailed out of Port Canaveral). It's not as close as FLL, but it's still pretty close to the airport. The last two times we stayed downtown and it had many restaurants in walking distance plus the metro mover to take you other places. The sail away is really nice from Miami...lovely views. And for us, flying to Miami is cheaper than MCO, which I assume is because of Disney World in Orlando inflating prices at holiday time (tends to be cheaper than FLL too).
  9. No idea...but if I were to guess, then I'd say late 2021 with a vaccine as a requirement. But it not only depends on Royal, but on the ports as well and how the world is doing.
  10. We're supposed to be walking on Harmony tomorrow (boo!) and have Oasis booked next March. Have only been on Symphony and Allure in this class of ship, so can't comment on the ships themselves. I am a theatre fan though, so I admit that the fact that Oasis has Cats is a bit of a disappointment...BUT that is the only negative thing on my mind. Ship looks amazing, especially after the amp and have heard the other shows are amazing (plus it had laser tag added). The only negative that you hear about Harmony is you hear people complain about no pool in the solarium. Oasis class is amazing so can
  11. We have Freedom booked in August. Was so looking forward to trying the amped ship and Bermuda. I say "was" as it's doubtful we'll be going with all the factors. We booked it when released and it's had interesting pricing. It started out a bit $$. But I think over all, we had 11 price drops, and by the end our Spacious Balcony is the price we booked at for an interior (for 4). Then all of a sudden one day, boom, prices went ridiculous. I put it down to Royal wanting to stop new bookings due to uncertainly and likelihood of the ship actually sailing. Next summer's 5 night Bermuda is
  12. Thanks for the info. We ended up keeping adults in one and kids in another. It just avoids a trip to guest services for duplicate keys if done the other way around. But we had it booked like that once as we had no option when booking online. From promotion point of view, the end result would be the same right?
  13. Thanks for the responses. We went with 2 connecting interiors...mostly so we don't have to worry about the sharing the sofa bed (and 2 bathrooms is a bonus too)
  14. Ok guilty. Have gone ahead and made 2 bookings for same date. At least it keeps our options open. And...I'm excited I get to price watch again.
  15. Hey, that's not fair if DH has the drink package and i don't lol
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