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  1. At least the shower capsules are bigger on the newer ships like Symphony. I don't mind them (and like that they are enclosed with a door) but totally get what OP is saying. I am a small person like OP and they just fit me.
  2. Amazing review. Thank you for taking us along. Can't wait for Anthem next year. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time (despite a long day for your return). Your kids seemed to have a blast meeting new friends (even if you didn't get to see them as much). The age of teenagers and pre-teens! And everything seemed great on your side. We won't have a genie (in our measly virtual balcony rooms...lol) but good tip about booking things early in case you want to go again. I'm the same too, and even with one, would have wanted to book those myself. Glad to hear though that the shows were so good. And your Chef's Table sounds great too with meeting new people and good wine, plus you really seemed to enjoy CK. Bet you can't wait for Harmony.
  3. Definitely me as I'm cruised obsessed (or Disney obsessed if planning that kind of holiday). But at least since our Mariner cruise last summer, DH caught the cruise bug too. It's almost funny as he'll come home from work and ask "What's new in the cruise world?" as he knows I'm on here and researching something.
  4. Definitely. I have 5 cruises booked between Aug and Mar 2021 and each price is different. Our Adventure seems to be the cheapest varying from $62-65 CAD depending if a "sale" that day (which I guess is $46-48 USD) and Anthem Mar 2020 is most expensive about $10 more. (Mar 2021 not released yet).
  5. Hope the rocking eases for you and you are not affected. We are on Adventure later this year. Wondering if you notice any drink cards (which won't come out until later in your cruise) or if any discounts on specialty dining, specifically Chef's Table Hope you're having a great cruise.
  6. Love the photo above with the 3 of you on the same outfit. Excited for you. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Congrats on your wedding anniversary and a 50th bday celebration! Wonderful reasons to celebrate. Looking forward to hearing about the ship and your holiday.
  8. Sorry..should say that I'm not sure if Boardwalk View has the window seat. The other two do.
  9. OMG...just noticed the picture of your son in his little tux and enjoying the dessert. So cute!
  10. The sites are often messed up. We have the opposite where when going through the booking process on our Harmony cruise, the category shows Boardwalk View Interior, but our room is actually a Central Park View Interior (and this is from Royal's actual site). The Central Park View, Boardwalk View and Promenade rooms all have that extra window seat which is nice, and is a little bigger than standard balcony or interior. But I've never tried Boardwalk View Interior so can't comment personally. (Did really enjoy Boardwalk balcony though)
  11. Love We Will Rock You so this is my plan. Have seen it 5 tines to date when it was in my city a few years ago. Glad to hear the ship's performance is so good.
  12. Independence is a great ship and perfect for your kids ..waterslides, laser tag, rock wall, ice rink, amazing shows, great size. As others have said, it depends on how important it is to travel with your family vs going on your own. Only you can answer that. But yes you are travelling at premium time . Even if you got ok price on cruise flights will be super expensive. On the flip side, a cruise would be a wonderful place to celebrate the holidays. We travel at our March break so kids don't miss school but not sure we'd do xmas as everything is raised in price But only you can decide your travel plans and budget.
  13. Thanks so much. That sounds like a perfect meal and not restricted.
  14. Chef's Table is still a good option if you don't eat chicken or beef BUT do eat fish and seafood, right? From the menu, it seems like they have a lot of fish items.
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