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  1. Interesting, no freestyle machines? We're sailing in December and DH got the soda package. He'll be disappointed if no freestyle. Hope you're having a great cruise!
  2. Looking forward to hearing about your cruise. Dh and I are on Liberty in December for the first time. Have a wonderful time! P.S. Also from Toronto but Liberty will be in Fort Lauderdale when we go.
  3. Love love love your sense of humor and writing. Btw...we do the mixed luggage thing too, and even for an upcoming trip where we are only doing carry on (in case we have to end up checking something). Looking forward to hearing about your cruise. Have an amazing time!
  4. Following. Have both these ships booked in the future. Sounds like an amazing summer!
  5. You can book refundable when Canadian funds. Go through the mock booking and enter in the details for the passengers. A refundable check box shows on the same page where you add gratuities. Also as a note, I've had a few bookings where my stateroom was only offered as refundable. You can check if this is your scenarios by selecting the 'view cancellation policy' hyperlink with the pricing. The pop up window will show if it is "Non-Refundable Deposit" or "Refundable Deposit".
  6. Happy anniversary! What a special one! Glad you spoiled yourselves with that amazing stateroom, and must have been a great few days away to relax!
  7. Is there an "excursion" for Disney transportation . That was our plan a couple years ago (which didn't happen due to covid). We were going to just take the transportation and spend the day at Disney Springs and/or resort hopping. To pricey for paying for the parks but still was a way to get a Disney fix.
  8. Loving this double cruise report! We were on Anthem in March. Really enjoyed her....It's exciting reading through both your experiences! Is the cruise director still Joff Eaton? He's pretty good (although we only had him for 2/3 of our cruise as he disappeared near the end of our cruise due to the nasty C). Hope you're both having an amazing time!
  9. Wow...that Harry Potter exhibit looks amazing! Like you are really in the movies! So glad you made it safe and sound, negative tests, etc! Looking forward to following along with your Anthem cruise. I know it's not your favorite ship (DH feels the same about Anthem, but DD and I really enjoyed her)....but seems this one isn't about the ship. What an incredible vacation...and your cruise hasn't even started yet.
  10. Cool! We almost booked the week prior, but it will be our son's first year of university and not knowing where he'll be and his last exam, we booked this week instead. Never been on a New Year's cruise before.
  11. Another question about the coffee card. Can you use it in the MDR for a coffee after dinner? Or is it only at the coffee shops (e.g. Cafe Promenade, WIndjammer)?
  12. Just noticed my currently booked cruises aren't on the master list: Liberty - Dec 19, 2022 Oasis - Mar 12, 2023 Odyssey - Dec 31, 2023 Wonder - Mar 10, 2024 Thanks.
  13. Question....does that mean that the card is specific for the ship?
  14. That's funny. I don't really know who she is....except that she was a regular guest star on The Love Boat (which is the show that got me into cruising).
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