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  1. Thanks. I do check regularly but maybe I still missed it. Have an awesome time.
  2. Following along as we'll be on Odyssey end of December. Great that you are finally getting on her, and how nice to be going with family members. Question...at what point were you able to book iFly and North Star? I don't see it in our cruise planner yet and thought we had to wait until we board....but sounds like you've booked them beforehand. It's cruise day for you! Have an amazing time!
  3. Nothing really great for what we book. Good deals but didn't book.... photo packages, refreshment package, lunch specialty (wanted to book Hooked lunch but DD was totally not interested), CoCo Cay beach club an Thrill Park for March were half price (don't need either) Ok (but not great) that we booked - Maya Key Private Island (Roatan), All Access Tour (wanted to try this once and it was reasonable on Liberty), also booked a Roatan excursion for Dec 2024 but not sure if we will keep that one (but good price so booked for now) P.S. - Didn't actually do any re-pricing of bookings as our current ones were cheaper than Black Friday.
  4. Symphony Oasis Anthem Independence Allure (but will see if Wonder, Odyssey and Icon takes a spot above once we go on them)
  5. We stayed at Crowne Plaza at San Pedro. Nice hotel with good breakfast. One thing, and maybe it was just us, is that it was a very quiet, almost strangely deserted area. Not sure if it's just the time of year or day of the week that we went. It was a bit creepy. But we did find a good restaurant in the area for dinner, and it was neat to be able to walk to the port (took an uber morning of, but we walked day before to check it out).
  6. Exciting! We paid ours off a couple weeks ago. This is also our first time trying Air2Sea. We booked WestJet and it's one of the airlines that doesn't let you book seats until you pay for the flight (via Air2Sea) as it needs the tickets issues. So finally able to do that. Luckily we were fine and able to get decent seats together.
  7. Fellow Canadian here but next year's cruise will be the first time we will be visiting Halifax. We're debating on whether to book a tour that goes to Peggy's Cove, or there is a Historic Walking Tour or an Architecture Walking Tour that could be interesting. I've also heard for Halifax there is no need to book a tour as there is a nice nice waterfront and museum right at the port (would be interested in the Titanic exhibit). Any thoughts or suggestions?
  8. It was great following along. Seems like a great cruise with amazing itinerary. Sorry you weren't thrilled with Liberty itself, but at least this was a port intensive cruise (and a cruise is still a cruise). Safe travels home.
  9. I think it must depend on the airline. We are trying Air2Sea for the first time in December. The airline is WestJet but we are not able to book our seats until we pay off the flight. It's a chance we are taking, but like the fact that we don't have to pay the flight off when booking.
  10. We're on this cruise. Me, DH, DS18 and DD14. First time on Odyssey and first time cruising at December holiday time. Can't wait!
  11. I'm always amazed at seeing these suite type rooms. I think the rooms that we stay in are the size of the closet you showed Enjoy!
  12. Ah ok, I thought you were closer to Pearson. I know though...AC is both very pricey and as you say, a Pearson is a disaster, and totally understand wanting to fly US to US. Safe travels.
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