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  1. ??? There is no indication that the parents were off drinking. Not sure where that came from??? Maybe they went to get more diapers, or a glass of water or bottle, or to the washroom. It's a perfectly normal thing to leave your child with a grandparent. Of course ok, if they could go back in time, they would not have stepped away, but they can't and did nothing wrong. It's unfortunate that the grandfather made one stupid misjudgenent, which took only a second to turn tragic. Line others, I hope royal doesn't settle , but I do wish the family peace somehow and able to cope.
  2. Or its a way for them to deflect their guilt. Horrible devastating situation. And no money in the world will bring that little girl back.
  3. I'm the wife....lol.... (can't tell from my name) True, that would work, but don't think DH would settle for the sofa bed. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. Yeah....thinking so our kids don't have to share a sofa bed. They'll make do, but just checking since the room itself is bigger. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the video. We have to one booked on the other corner for Mariner. Great to hear that there was no noise from the WIndjammer. Hearing music on the balcony is ok as long as you can't hear it from the room. Question...with the room size, do you think there is room for an additional cot? The view and large balcony looks great! Doesn't seem to be a ton of super structure.
  6. We all know that excitement. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I should clarify that we have all stayed in a single room before, but not as small as 150 sq ft, and not a basic interior. We've all stayed in a single promenade room on Oasis class, but these are 190 sq ft and have the bay window and seat. And we've also all stayed in a Boardwalk balcony at 182 sq ft and a spacious balcony at 210 sq ft, both of which have the balcony for extra space. And we managed fine. The nice thing with this Freedom room is they each get their own pullman. For your comment above, unfortunately not for this cruise. Two interior rooms, even non-connecting ones, costs an additional $1200. The single room alone is quite pricey for this cruise considering it's just a 5 day . If this was the only vacation we did in a year, then we would consider it, but we also cruise for March break and thus, need to watch our vacation budget.
  8. When we booked our Harmony cruise, early dining was listed as 5 pm. Since we tend to shower and change before dinner, that cuts into our afternoon fun even more so we selected MTD. Then recently I saw a Harmony compass and noticed that MTD doesn't even start until 6:30 pm. Well I can imagine how many want to eat right at 6:30pm so that would push times even later as can imagine it would be hard to grab that 6:30pm reservation. So, I switched us to early traditional. I've heard recently that Oasis has started doing the same. We like a relaxed dinner followed by the evening show, and with our kids, the 10pm shows aren't an option. 5pm is getting really early (although the compass also lists a range for early traditional times) but so we can have dinner without feeling rushed for a show, and stress each night of how long we'l have to wait (even with reservations), we opted for traditional. I think I've read that they have started using all 3 dining rooms for early traditional and guess that's why they have to push the start time of MTD out. Kind of limiting though for MTD unless you like to eat later.
  9. Awesome. thank you. Good tip....nothing wrong with the girls getting ready first (we take longer), and then the guys.
  10. Thank you so much for the feedback . Sounds like you managed fine and still had a blast. 😊 Yeah...even with a bigger room, it takes coordination and organization for sharing 4 to one bathroom (but I'm the queen of organization...ha ha). Lol...sounds fun with the extra visitors. Can always make things work right? Update...we went ahead and booked it. I'll keep an eye on the price of the other rooms, but tbh, I don't expect them to come down enough. I checked the same Bermuda itinerary, also end of August but for 2020 and it it 1K more. Will also see what the week of Dec 16th brings for the rest of the short Caribbean cruises that are released, but likely we'll keep Freedom and manage. Just realized that I told our kids about the booking but forgot to mention the room.
  11. We booked Mariner last December. A couple months ago Kids Sale Free came out and we could apply it for our daughter. Didn't have to cancel and rebook.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Good to know that you managed and that your main issue was your son returning late. For suitcases, it's probably a good thing for DH....as it will force me to pack less. May have to reduce those 3 suitcases to 2...lol. Can't predict our situation in 2 years, but to date, our kids don't use the kids/teen clubs and we hang out together as a family (either the four of us, or we split into two). And at night, DH and I started going out and the kids just watch tv in the room before bed. But yeah...when he is 16, he might want to do more on his own , and with other kids.
  13. Yeah. Think that's a mystery right now. We'll find out soon and see all options.
  14. Not sure as well if Independence will do short Caribbean? If so, that would be another option if the dates align. DH and I were on her last December, but our kids have never been on her.
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