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  1. Looking forward to your review. Great itinerary. We'll be in Adventure in December.
  2. I'm not a big drinker and DH can be moderate drinker but we treated ourselves on our next cruise. One thing I'm looking forward to is trying new drinks. I won't finish them all and I'm sure there will be things I don't like,but it's a chance to try a new wine at dinner or something different, which I wouldn't order otherwise.
  3. Great first day. Wonderful you ended up with great table mates (minus one) as that can make or break your evening dinners. Royal seems to always have the same/similar menu items but it's funny how on some ships, they designate a "Class Items" section (e.g. the salmon is on that section and so you can order it every night) and some they just lump everything together (and guess there are no daily items). What is a RED show?
  4. We have odd pricing on our Mariner cruise. Spacious balcony is less than Standard balcony....and both more than Balcony guarantee. i.e. why go for a guarantee when the best option in the category is the cheapest? Then these are also less than an ocean view. My guess is they are trying to sell out a specific category of rooms?
  5. Love the pool deck and one above on Navigator after the amplification. But if SkyPad is a requirement, then it's on Mariner. Can't go wrong with either.
  6. Tomorrow is the day. Am really excited for you both. So sorry about your foot acting up....an having to cancel iFly and take it easy in other ways. What bad timing. But I'm sure you'll still have an amazing time and you're finding ways to work around it. I like your "painkiller" above. Have a great cruise!
  7. But either way, you have to pay for transportation to the port... whether you stay in Orlando/near the airport and transfer in the morning, or if you stay at a hotel near the port. So isn't the difference just the difference of the hotel?
  8. Ditto for what others said. Someone else may have saved $300 with this past sale but you paid $500 less than them for same stateroom. You're ahead even though you didn't get a price drop. We often book early and watch prices rise. Rarely get a price drop. We only got for this current 30% off since (1) we switched to non-refundable, (2) we got Kids Sale Free for one of our two kids. Before that, I've been watching the price go up to almost $500 more than we booked it at. My other cruises have no hope as similarly, they have risen a lot in price. SO it may seem like we have better sales in the US but if prices rise, its a way of playing with numbers.
  9. Great pre-review and so nice you're travelling with your mom. My first cruise was with my dad and I won't forget it. We were on Navigator in August. Great ship...and I love what they've done with the amplification. Enjoy!
  10. Good question. I think it's great how Royal is making a lot of their ships more family friendly and adding slides and stuff to be more competitive with Disney , NCl and Carnival. Maybe they want to keep some of the smaller ships more as an adult ship to be of interest for those that don't need all the amenities? I think it's a good thing how they have variety in the fleet so there is something for everyone.
  11. Is concierge lounge based on c&a status? Or by room booked?
  12. @PG Cruiser love the summary of the Royal production shows.
  13. Thanks for clarifying. Yeah...definitely will think about if we keep the 2 day pass....or switch to a cabana for one of the days for similar price or just purchase the cheaper waterpark ticket for single day.
  14. Isn't Oasis Lagoon pool the huge one for everyone (i.e. outside of the water park)? If so, that's the pool that they've seen on videos and can't wait to try.
  15. Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. We went with both waterpark days...BUT...not sure if we'll keep it as such. (I just responded as well to above). This is a good suggestion if we just do one day (plus pricing has changed and day 2 is now cheaper than day 1). I can see us enjoying the ship as well with most offshore as we like "sea" days and not getting off on one of the days. Only risk of that is we could end up not having a day at CoCo Cay at all if we leave it to second day if there are weather issues (talking from experience from this past August when we were on Navigator and we missed CoCO Cay due to Hurricane Dorian - but we didn't know until the night before that we weren't stopping)
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