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  1. Thanks, Today is day 10 so if nothing today will try calling tomorrow on my lunch, last time I cancelled it was back in 3 days.
  2. Awesome that’s the one we picked so Thanks for the info
  3. Anyone do the tour before? Our cruise for July had 12 excursions listed on Thursday for our port visit but is now down to 9 showing available. So wife told me to jump on it.
  4. We are behind you on July 18 so can’t wait to see what you think of it as this will be wife and daughters first cruise
  5. When we cancelled our water package when the sale started the refund happened in 2 days but still nothing on the Refreshment packages, so looking for an idea of length it takes them? I figure they are overwhelmed with the sale ?
  6. Yes we did get an email, but all the other purchases said reserved on the site so we got a tad anxious since there were so many issues
  7. Purchased the Classic Soda and Voom for my daughter on Friday, but the main page doesn’t have the Blue Reserved over it like all the other items, but when we go into it, this is what we are seeing and the purchase page shows we have it, so should we be worried or just a glitch? Thanks in advance
  8. I thought it was just me in my ipad, Friday I started getting tons of ads and can’t figure out how to stop them, very annoying
  9. was really hoping arcade card would drop for my daughter to get, but it didnt change at all for my trip, but photos did which we havent even thought about..
  10. Today for us the only option is Voom and Surf assuming just Voom sold out?
  11. My cruise for July 18 went up by 405.00 so no savings for us.glad to see others are getting some deals though
  12. Liberty of the Seas July 18,2023 water bottles 12 pack down to 9.99 50% off Refreshment package 19.99 40% off Soda and Voom package 18.99 a day Classic Soda 7.99 a day also just noticed they took away some of the decoration packages that were previously listed…
  13. If it was the Ecstasy ship that was actually back in 1998 and the photo is circulating around again
  14. Thank you for all the help, I’m really loving this forum with the wealth of knowledge that everyone is will to share with a new cruiser, my wife and daughter have told me that I have to take care of everything lol
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