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  1. I wonder if these are the default prices without any RC math for a discount. I looked at my Jan 2021 cruise, the DBP prices are $89 for a 4 day Mariner itinerary. The cruise fair was barely $400 per person in interior. Meaning the cost of the cruise per day is only slight more than a drink package.....that is bananas. I am sure the prices will go down when everything gets back up and running
  2. Why should a staircase never be trusted? They are always up to something. What do you call a number that never stays in one place? A roamin' numeral Why aren't Koalas actual bears? They don't meet the koalifications.
  3. Why did the baker get a second job? She needed to raise more dough. What did the grape do when it got stepped on? It let out a little wine Why did the pony go to the doctor? He was a little horse. Also my favorite of all time Why do white girls travel in odd numbers? Because they CAN"T even....
  4. What did the Fisherman say to the Magician? Pick a cod, any cod. Why couldn't the sesame seed leave the casino? He was on a roll.
  5. I would say sail away. Like after dealing with Muster drills and all the minutiae of embarkment day
  6. For a class action lawsuit to exist there has to be a loss or harm. NOBODY has had a loss or harm by RCCI. You were made whole in a manner that was better than stipulated in your contract. RCCI is dealing with millions of cancellations that don't just involve cruisers. They are dealing with employee contracts, vendors and other third parties. They are taking hits to their liquidity with cancellations. I am truly amazed at Americans..and people in general, behavior during this pandemic. From people still partying and having no regard for others safety. To people who feel entitled to special treatment. Nobody has any patience. @Cruise Happy I only reply because I am shocked at how much blame is being placed by people who play the "greedy corporation game. With interest rates so low and the cost it takes to keep empty ships, RCCI is not making bank. YOU and only you decided to book a refundable/nonrefundable fare to cruise, knowing that if you cancel you would be penalized. RCCI did the best they could by allowing for no penalty changes and FCC, refunds if they cancelled. You are assuming a lot about me..... I have been on 1 RCCI cruise, I own no stock with them but I have been doing accounts receivable for various law firms and large corporations for over 17 years. I am a realist, corporations do what they do because we allow them to do it. You're complaining about greed but you also want your profit sharing and 401k to do good. There is bad PR but COVID-19 is to blame for that. RCCI did not break any laws because they did not put in writing any promises they have not kept. Again nothing against you venting your frustration but RCCI is not wrong, greedy, amoral, deceptive etc. This is not everyday, this is not normally how things work. Over 1000 people died yesterday. Corporations are not moving swiftly, banks don't work as fast. Most of us have nothing but time.....
  7. The after peak of this virus will be rough on cruise lines. Only those with a real love for cruises will be aboard. I hate to say it but more and more I feel like there will be a stigma attached to cruising. It seems like Australia pretty much blames cruising for their COVID-19 cases. All those infected Princess cruise ships that aren't/weren't allowing to dock. The massive amounts of ignorance and fear has put a black cloud on the industry. I don't think those over 70 will be able to cruise anytime this year and that sucks. I, too, now fear it will be a quarantine for a certain amount of days after cruising situation. We may get some summer cruising and a bit of fall as well. However since there is no vaccine imminent, we might get very limited cruising in the winter months because it would technically be cold and flu season. The possibility that more than half of loyal cruisers won't be allowed to cruise and new cruisers scared, may lead to some interesting travel options. I think RCCI will be able to bounce back, CCL and the others not so much.
  8. I thought the Cruise with Confidence program only offered a 100% FCC for nonrefundable deposits, as long as you cancel 48 hours or more before your cruise? It doesn't say anything about a refund with refundable deposits or a refund period.
  9. @MikaelaJ That's seems to be human error though, it was not a written policy. I never and I do mean never count on anything business related that is not in writing. Life never has been and will never be fair. Think of all the people who scored $18 drink packages. They as a company did not change their minds. They had the Cruise with Confidence policy and that was what was in effect when YOU decided to cancel. After COVID was declared a pandemic they changed their policy to better benefit the current disaster we are suffering through. Those who had previously cancelled tried to get RCCI to honor the new one.....some reps said yes, some said no. RCCI probably allowed a few people to get the refund before really think about the repercussions. It is very unfortunate but "I only cancelled 1,2,3 days and on and on" can be argued and before long everyone wants a full refund when that was not the policy. I am in no way trying to be mean or belittle your experience. I wish to God you could have received your funds back, as I know people are in dire need of all the money they can get. I just hate to see people so stressed and putting more expectations on themselves when nothing can be done. My brother's best friend was feeling the same way you are as they had ten+ thousand invested in a cruise. Like you the cancelled on CCL before the cruise was actually cancelled. They expected $6260 in a refund and the rest in FCC. Literally hours later CCL cancelled the first batch of cruises and he called trying to get it honored and the first rep told him no, then another said wait. Weeks later still no refund but then a form came offering a full refund proactive to those who cancelled after March 6th. Now CCL has cancelled Alaskan, European and a cruises that leave from San Fransisco. Maybe RCCI might do the same.
  10. I am sure the system is a complete and utter mess. Millions of people flooding the systems with request and cancellations that were not imminent. Plus the people who were trying to take advantage by upgrading, on top of the people who are trying to book. Refunds could take as little as 10 business days or as long as 90. With so much changing and evolving information, I am sure that emails went to people prematurely. However, each one of us signed a cruise contract and are legally bound by the stipulations therein. Just because you received an email, I received one and my next cruise with RCCI was in Oct, doesn't entitle you to that offering. I saw nothing from RCCI that said they were going to honor past cancellations. All of the letters were posted and it says nothing of that nature. If you are talking about a small group of people on a particular sailing, that RCCI gave a few people their money back and higher FCC, then stop honoring. That was a flustercuck. It was not the offer of CCL. which has in writing it would honor anyone who cancelled after March 6th with the same choices as those who cruises were cancelled. More so RCCI has always been a little bit inconsistent in their policies. One rep might not allow this to happen, you get another that does. I am not a RCCI fanatic, just a realist and while from your moral standpoint RCCI is screwing people over. They are sound from a business point, in fact they are a million points ahead because the contract you signed when you put down a deposit, entitles you to far less....regardless of the circumstances.
  11. @MikaelaJ I am unsure if there is a class action lawsuit. RCCI did not say in any way they would honor refunds on cancellations prior to cancelled cruises due to the COVID-19 pandemic. RCCI had to send out millions of forms and I am sure plenty of people received those forms who had already cancelled. Receiving that form does not entitle you to a refund or more FCC, regardless of whether or not you filled it out. You don't have an argument against RCC unless in writing it states that proactive cancellations would be honored.
  12. At least on RCCI there is "Washy, Washy"......... at a lot of places you have kids who sneeze on everything, scratch their butt, touch everything after touching something filthy...the list goes on. These are tiny humans that don't always have the mental capacity to know better. Real size humans know better and often don't do better...the same kind that are charging for parties and throwing bon fires during a shelter in place pandemic. I definitely think that with a lot more knowledge and insight we will become less prone to hyperbole. If is is true that we become more immune after having COVID-19, then is will become something like Noro or the Flu. Like we take the proper precaution but don't have to automatically be put on a 2 week quarantine upon returning from a cruise or vacation. At least that is my hope, because mama needs her cruises.
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