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  1. I think given all the negatives in this posting it might be a......idk fake. Why would the young girl expect the op to tell her to put mask up and not the crew member? Also why would this warrant her being held back by her "hot" boyfriend?
  2. @AshleyDilloCool I saw the fridge and stuff, but could care less. I just focused on the brand, free breakfast and location and was like easy peasy lemon squeezy for this solo gal.
  3. Is the Home2Home also a nice hotel? I have it booked as a pre and in-between hotel.
  4. Hahha I love all the glitter. I am toe glitter girl! Congrats on the upgrade. Star class on a new ship should be amaze balls. I am also a proud cat Moma who will miss her baby when I set sail in 40 days.
  5. Also the protocols for Oct 15-31 have been released.
  6. @RaDar Welcome For 1pm unless you have a suite don't get there before 12:30, a 30min leeway is okay. Getting there at 11am is sort of a dick move. 2. The RoyalUp is a 3rd party company, so I have heard anything from a week beforehand to the day before sailing. @MattHas a couple of great blogs about first time cruising, or check out some of the live blogs Small advice is don't try to do everything, enjoy some of the free dining before you go full on ultimate dining plan. Get the app and look for the cruise compasses on the blog for this ship. It will give you an idea of what can be planned.
  7. Congrats! A wedding is so stressful but you have a Genie so best life living!
  8. They changed the final payment date for cruises till the end of Dec.....but yours might have gotten caught in the fray.
  9. Truthfully I think target date is when restriction are 100% lifted. If you have to socially distance and wear mask, you can't do full capacity. Also lets be real, a lot of people who used to cruise either can't or won't, so capacity will be low for some time.
  10. Usually check-in coincides with final payment. As things are in flux who knows. However, I doubt check-in will be open before final payment as it makes the process moot: without that hard deadline, there isn't consistence. What's the point of allowing people to check-in for cruise that hasn't been paid for?
  11. I saw that, that poster has been posting negatively about suite class for awhile. I think this is a YMMV situation.
  12. That's less than Sept 12 selling, I read it 2400. Well about 2300 because of people turned away for lack of covid test.
  13. I read that some of the check-ins opened back up, so it may have just been a glitch. I have also saw on FB that people who had OBC for price drops are able to request refunds to their cards.
  14. @SpeedNoodles Maybe you can sell to someone who is cruising soon. I was hoping mines were at least going to be good until the 8th of Jan as I have 12 and really only need 10. This is based on the 2 test per person rule. I sail again on the 10th of Jan and my tests expires 3 days before the cut off. Thankfully here in Chicago, Covid test are pretty easy to schedule.
  15. It is a three month extension as my are dated to expire 10/3 and 10/5. They will be good until Jan 3 and 5th 2022 according to the file I received.
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