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  1. You will be able to book all your nights when you bord, at any time you want as long as it is available.
  2. If you are sailing in Oct/early Nov, you might be lucky enough to get on a ship at slightly less than 100%. But ships have been at capacity for a while. This also means that the ship is as close to pre-pandemic as possible.
  3. Separate "higher end"toiletries that may or may not have you smelling like a salad.
  4. We are staying here in Nov the Sat night before our cruise, so I am glad to know my decision was a good one. Do they have a shuttle from the airport?
  5. It won't be exactly 12am but around that time based on the port you will be sailing out of.
  6. I don't know what you mean by rebook, as that will incur fees. You probably mean a reprice, which prices the room to the current sale. The 48hr guarantee not only reprices the room but gives you OBC from the difference.
  7. It depends on ship and itinerary. Some will be 5:15 and some 5:30, there is usually a 15min leeway so it not that big of a deal.
  8. The only time the ship will be decorated on sailings around a holiday will be for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For all other holidays the holiday must occur during the sailing.
  9. They usually carry the MDR classic menu, but I would venture a no. You are better off going to the MDR and eating what you want there before going to CK.
  10. If you want double points and the price hasn't changed, it might be better to switch your nephew to his cousin's room. If the price has changed you can always switch the no-show to your room and the nephew to the other. As long as one person stays on the original reservation, it is easy to switch names. Names and pax can be changed I believe up until 48hr before the cruise leaves.
  11. I have GTY room for my Harmony sailing on Nov 7th and was hoping to do the same. But I just checked-in for my Nov 13th, Odyssey sailing and can't see my setsail pass for an actual assigned room. I hope they fix it soon as I like to have things squared away asap.
  12. It was flavor, juiciness and cooking IMHO at Hooked that made it a better steak. Maybe because I have eating steak so many other places but other than the Beach club steak, I hate whatever marinade/seasons they use, every steak everywhere has been better than Chops. I do medium to a medium well, haven't done well done so don't know if that will change the flavor and such.
  13. We did Disney for two days before our Allure cruise in 2021, the cost of tickets alone was almost the same cost as a 2br GS.
  14. The UDP doesn't have a lot of upcharges, just more so restrictions. I don't eat lobster, but I have heard that most of it is good at specialty restaurants. Also, pretty much every restaurant has a steak and sort of upscale seafood option. Imho the steak at Chops is my least favorite, the one at Hooked is about 14x better.
  15. So, they actually hold most of the reservation times for people onboard. The people who pay outright for a dinner are subject to a small number of reservations for those times, which is probably why the most popular times are already gone. With a decent boarding time, you should have no problem getting the times you want........unless you have a huge party. Obviously if it is 6+ people there may be a small issue with getting larger tables.
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