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  1. Well, I wore my casino outfit and didn't have as much luck. Decided to gamble on my birthday and wore green underwear, hit a major jackpot on Dragon Link. So, I figure green underwear might be a good luck charm.
  2. I'm on Symphony for the first time in Jan. I trust your judgement......for the most part ...........so I am looking forward to your blog, even if it is just food, a small Hiro review and the suite. I say pack red, green and purple panties for the casino gods, according to your CFP/CPA you needs all the cash monies for retirement and the suite life.
  3. I saw this and thought it was homemade by the person
  4. They did on Freedom, I got off on Friday,
  5. I got the new kind. I actually love the newer ones. To me they look nicer than just the clear kind.
  6. Okay so a final wrap up. I still love Freedom, she is my favorite big, little ship. I would sail her as a 4 night or higher in a heartbeat.......I will stay away from the 3-nighters. With the exception of the one casino host, I believe she has some of the best crew around. I was disappointed in the new slot machines, but I have no control over that. On deck two and three we had stayed in the new rooms put in after the amp and I loved them. They had USB ports, routers, extra storage and nicer bathrooms. The last room, and my brother's new room on the first leg, were of the older kind and left quite a bit to be desired. I am on the fence about sailing in May again, it was too hot for me. I like 80s and those 90s felt close to 100s to me. Doing a B2B2B on a smaller class of ship leaves a lot to be desired on the food front. Traditional dining has hotter food but 8:30 is way too late and 5:30 too early. MTD seems to suffer in food quality. I went to the loyalty ambassador on day two of my first cruise and requested my 210+ block that I should have received the first day of my Jan Allure sailing. By the time I got home on Friday, my block was delivered. I will open it soon and see if it is the new one or old one. As I stated my mother refused to use her casino voucher for an actual cruise. They can only be combined if earned on the same sailing, so now it just has a money off value. Which she is of course refusing to use. She wasted my time and money, so she won't be cruising for a while. Thank you for following along. My next adventure will be Alaska on Quantum in September.......with two vintages (my mom's bff and her bff) and not my mother........and possibly my bff and his mother if they pay their cruise off next month.
  7. Playmakers is the only bar that serves food to be allowed on the UDP. I think because the others are actually just snacks/tapas. Whereas at playmakers they serve actual meals.
  8. They are treated as separate entities. The snacks at Vintages, Giovanni's wine bar, bamboo room on Mariner, etc. Are exempt from the UDP.
  9. Also the sweet piggies poop in the water. I did it a very long time ago at a resort in Cabo. Never. Again.
  10. Re: I looked up incognito because I didn't want them recommending anything like that for me.
  11. Of course there was more shenanigans. On our flight were two very Gen Z girls, could have just been 18/19 maybe. They boarded with a cat. The cat was in the carrier, but they also had one of those ugly Sprayground backpacks. They were in the row in front of us. As soon as they sat down, they took the cat out and put their feet on the back of the seat in front of them. A flight attendant was nearby asking if people need help. It had been announced that it was a full flight, and some people's carry-ons would have to be checked. She told the girl since her cat carrier was at her feet, she would have to put that backpack in the bin. They got really rude and was like "I know this F'ing B isn't talking to me!!!" She was like excuse me and they were like " we have flown before; we know what to do." She calmly was like I am looking out for your safety; you can't have multiple bags at your feet, nor can you have your feet on the seats like that for takeoff and landing. Her friend was like go away old B and bother someone else. I felt bad for the flight attendant, they started laughing and calling her names. She walked away to help someone else, and they got loud. Started doing Tiktoks or snaps, then playing really loud trifling music. So, she came over and said they needed to use earbuds. They started complaining about her only bothering them, she replied they were the only ones needing her assistance. She told them to be nice and turn their attitudes around or she would remove them. They shut up, and the friend put the backpack under her seat, since all she had was a fanny pack. They mumbled about her but other than keeping the cat out for the whole flight, they were quiet. We ended up an hour late and the flight, while direct for my brother and I, had 47 connecting flights attached to it. The flight attendants asked if we would allow those with less than 25min to connect to get off first. Most people had no problem with this........except those girls who were loudly complaining........despite the flight being their last stop. Once we let those people off, they stood in the aisle, waiting for their turn. Mind you I was in row 32 of a 39-row plane. Because of so many connecting flights our luggage was waiting as soon as we made it to baggage claim. A few minutes after getting our bags we saw them walk up. She loudly facetiming her friend, complaining that because the plane was late her "money pig" couldn't pick her up and she would have to Uber at his expense. I will admit I googled that term. We got Lyft maybe 5min later and was home before 5pm.
  12. I'm signing up next month for my Alaska sailing in September. We chose a late flight to do some sightseeing.
  13. The sheer number of people who ignored the washy washy lady was insane. I saw one person besides my brother and I wash their hands at ELF. I don't understand the aversion to cleanliness. But anyhow the flight was delayed and the tiny screaming humans continue to be a lot. I hate to hear them crying, not because I hate children but because I feel bad for them. It's also weird how the parents put in earbuds and ignore them. Lots of turbulence. I slept for a little over an hour. Now we are about 45min away from landing.
  14. The disembarkation continues. The cost for a Lyft was going to be $27 with a modest wait. The Miami airport shuttle was $10 and leaving.......so we thought. Guess who jumped in front of us for the last two seats, the two guys who had cut in front of us. Small world. No biggie it was another shuttle in 10min, less than the 14min fir the Lyft. Also be advised that it's taxes on the shuttle. So our $20 cost became $22. Here's where I call tomfoolery. My brother heard her say it went to hotels and brightline, I did not, but he swears I did. The lady selling it had promised everyone that their destination was the first stop . The shuttle was late and then we had to stop at 2 hotels and brightline before the airport. People were pissed because things constantly rotated and nobody sat properly. The brightline couple made it to the station at 9:38 for a 9:45 train. Hopefully they made it. The two hotel couples were next. I say all of that to say despite getting into the shuttle a little after 9, it was 10am when we got to the airport. I have precheck so I was through and done in 5min after checking my bag. It took my brother 23min. Not bad for how congested Miami airport is. I have counted 8 people from this cruise on the same flight. Unfortunately its two families with crying tiny humans.
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