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  1. Sex in public is wrong. I had to suffer through it twice on a plane and on every river cruise I have been on. On the plane it was in first and business class...those trying to get in the mile high club. During a cruise on the Danube this couple kept trying to invite people back to their room, I guess no one bit so they went at it in the Jacuzzi as soon as the sun set. During my UK, Nile and Mediterranean river cruises it was on the balconies. Why people, why?
  2. @JLMoran I would disagree only because research says herd immunity is not looking good. So there is no point in trying to sort of mitigate the spread. Those who are now getting it aren't dying or putting too much strain on hospitals. So the only thing is a vaccine. I cannot see any cruise line wanting to wait it out. What I can see is rapid testing and social distancing heavily enforced. The infection is spreading because of people being contrary and uncaring. Now that the toys are being taken away again and they are feeling the punishment, they might do better. Yes COVID plus the flu is going to be a b!+$% but I still believe the lines will be open come October.
  3. @Justwanttocruise I don't know where you are getting your info, but no ship is booked to 100% capacity....if they were they wouldn't be listed. But anyway I am 100% all about social distancing. My pet peeve is when people crowd on me, so this will be welcomed. I actually don't know why this would be an issue in the first place. No more sitting at dinner tables with that one weird couple or person who volunteers creepy or TMI stories. No more sitting in the theater or lounge next to that person who ate raw onions and is drinking an alcoholic beverage that makes everything worse...but they also want to talk about the weather or hometowns. I know it won't last but but it will be a welcome respite. I think with reduce capacity, it will be a little bit easier to enforce. Violators should get a warning, then be forced to lose their beverage or dining package. That will teach them to burst my tomato!
  4. Not wanting to sail in the foreseeable future is not the same as anti-cruise. People who are anti-cruise usually have never been on a ship and base their opinion of cruises off all negative press. Like my cousin who knows I hate crowds, but doesn't understand why I don't do concerts or festivals but will cruise. She has never been on one, she just assumed that 4000+ people on a boat must be overwhelming. The same for people who think the ships are dirty, the food is nasty, the entertainment is bad etc. Also lets be real, there will be changes but not by much. Do we really think RCCI is going to spend unnecessary money? They will be sailing through the same ports, any of the ones willing, and utilizing most of the same procedures. I think at most if they could get rapid COVID test it would really work in their favor.
  5. @SteveinSC I find people who are anti-cruise to be ignorant. I'm not talking about people who hate the water or fear boats. But the ones who complain of crowds and disease. I hate crowds but cruising works better than Disney.
  6. Two-way radios can be used but it comes down to I guess......a respect issue. Phones can be put on vibrate. Those radios pick up a lot of static and can be loud. Imagine the quiet solitude of staring at a work of art....only to be interrupted by someone talking on a radio. I was in Italy in 2017, there wasn't a lot of people talking on phones or devices. Even when you do a tour, you get headphones as not to disturb others. I guess I also don't understand the need when you will be together most of the time...or far away enough that the radios may not pick up properly.
  7. @SteveinSC Lol I don't think the truth is negative. I don't get how people can visit amusement parks, hotels, playgrounds etc or even fly. Yet have so much to say about cruises.
  8. @stevendom57 Ask a random person if they would cruise.....
  9. @twangster I have touched on this before. People taking things as absolute word and getting upset when things don't pan out. It is alright to speculate but a lot of people form theories off of almost no evidence. We can speculate that capacity would be limited......but there is no way to quantify how. A lot of people assume it will be limited among the ships. Maybe RCCI will stop bookings or try to entice people off. What if it is sailings instead of ships? Or specified ships? While bookings may be okay for 2021, who knows how close to capacity they are 2020. I doubt they will have to do anything because between cancellations, L&S, and consumer demand; bookings probably at even at 60%. The world outside a few cruise blogs, is not about that cruise life.
  10. I personally hate the mask, but I wear them. Those are the breaks, as with everything in life there has to be some compromise. We are still learning about the virus: it hasn't reduced its destruction, so if we want to get some semblance of normality, we need the mask. I find it amazing how people are so entitled, every business is a private one. So if they have a mask policy, your only right to not adhere to it, is to not frequent it. People who go places and don't wear the mask are in my opinion, aholes, because no one is forcing you to go into a grocery store, Target, Home Depot, etc. It is no different than the "no shoes, no shirt, no service" policy. I do recall hearing Dr, Fauci say he downplayed the mask for the exact reason. He knew people would hoard them and thus most medical professionals would do without. I think this is how people turned it into something political. I love how mask became the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. We have a lot less freedom than people realize...but that's something else I won't get into.
  11. @twangster No I didn't mean the CDC would allow things to go down like that. We all know they aren't about that life. More so I meant there may come a point where the CDC approves the guidelines and the cruise lines will be cruise at your own risk situation. I know some people might believe the CDC is on a power trip, but that is not the case. I am sure the lines will get approval soon, regardless of the cases still rising. I don't think the ban will be extended since they are voluntarily shut down tthrough September.
  12. I knew mask were going to be the sore spot, which is why even if I could cruise this year, I wouldn't feel comfortable. If people thought the CDC would have ease the restriction early, they would have only done so if mask were at 90% or higher. For every sane, kind and respectful person on a cruise there are three more who don't wash hands, save loungers that they never use, crowds on others and touches Windjammer food with their filthy hands. I know a lot of people want RCCI to be more transparent but I get where they are coming from. If they release even probable protocol, people will take it as the truth. They will then get mad if/when the CDC contradicts it. Just look at this post, people where upset until another user pointed out this was not but an opinion. However, I don't doubt that a quarantine is in the picture if we want cruising back soon.
  13. I'm pretty sure cruising will be back this year, it is getting to the point that people just want to roll the dice. I also can see RCCI surviving past all of this. I think the problem is people have unrealistic expectations. Cruises will start but is going to be "at your risk," or it will involve mandatory quarantine. There is also no way it won't require mask. Since a heavy aspect of cruising is socializing, we just need to get some criteria and restrictions down. The problem with all of this is everyone is turning any little thing into a political ploy. So I worry about RCCI waiting for a vaccine to cruise.
  14. @FManke and @twangster Other than a few blogs i stay away from the publicly traded kind. I lived in Cork for a year and every time I heard "fancy a shag" I thought of that bad haircut. Also at that time, all the people I knew had bad haircuts­čśé
  15. I am definitely a ghost, I like to be left alone.....but I have been rocking purple hair for about 4 years so i tend to stand out a bit.
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