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  1. Can I just say......look how lucky you are to be able to B2B2B2B on an oasis class ship. I can only do about 3 good cruises a year and no way I can do 7n B2B. My first cruise is Oct 31st on Allure, that's a lot longer of a wait. But also I think about how you believe RCG should have better answers to why ports are changed and it is possible they don't have any answers. As you stated it is only one of the itineraries, maybe something unexplained happened or will be happening that doesn't allow for Symphony to be at those ports during that time. Odyssey is still a smaller ship, granted not
  2. Hmmm if I had to venture a guess it is possible that there were other ships in these ports during that time. Hence, why some itineraries before and after make those stops. My understanding is for the time being there should only be one ship at a time in each port. Royal has had to change a lot of the itineraries around to comply with port restrictions. Some of these ports are nowhere near the vaccination thresholds and might not want the amount of pax an oasis class ship carries. But this is just my speculation and my thought is that RCG might not have all the complete answers as everything i
  3. @CruiseRoyalDad Not to go off topic but I agree about the health aspect as well. My only issue is the outcome of enforcing whatever criteria. Just be respectful to the people servicing you. It is not their fault what a company mandates. If RCG requires a different set of rules for vax/unvax, don't get mad at crew members for enforcing it.
  4. @CruiseRoyalDad I am all for letting people live their best lives. My only issue is people who won't respect laws or criteria put in place. If a restaurant requires mask until sitting, or a grocery store or plane....comply or don't patronize. I didn't post about singling people out, this is about enforcing the rules.
  5. @CrimsonCruiserI also live in Chicago and have seen the nastiness when workers try to enforce the rules. My mother works for Jewel foods and a customer beat one of the employees with a cucumber because they were enforcing the federal law. The honor system is crap, Chicago is only 41% vaxxed but people come in to my restaurant with no mask all the time, claiming to be. We aren't supposed to ask to see their card so..... I hope people on a cruise are bit more refined than that.
  6. @TeresaMc That's how my 2 bedroom GS happened. Originally was going to do 2 jr.suites, saw the suite was a few hundred more. Three of the five people in the room have never been on a cruise, one has never been on a plane, and my brother has only done river cruises. A suite is a heck of a way to introduce someone to cruising.
  7. I think op will be fine. I too wish there was a way, other my current system, to compare cruise offerings. Since I mostly travel solo, a suite is almost always a moot point for me. I cannot always justify $3000+ when it is just me, not that it is unaffordable. It is just I could always spend the money elsewhere, plus I won't be in the room that much and its just me. Now maybe that's because I haven't stayed in a suite on RCG. Update: I also want to add I am staying in a Jr. Suite on Mariner, hardly any perks, and will earn 6 C&A point per every night. 30 in total for the who
  8. @OgilthorpeI read that as sliders between bacon and Grand Marnier the drink
  9. I was/am pretty bougie when it comes to flights. When I fly international it is always business class or higher, premium economy at least on certain connecting flights, if that is all they have. Certain domestic flights IMHO are definitely not worth the first class flight price i.e anything under 2 1/2 hrs. Being from Chicago my usual port is Canaveral and that flight is just barely over 2 hours. Usually a flight from ORD-MCO is 3 to 4x higher than main cabin or comfort plus, so I cannot justify the cost, when it can be used for bevs and food. $1200-1400 could be used for a lot of different th
  10. Also a huge percentage of Quantum pax have no qualms about mask. Many cruisers from the US do not want those protocols.
  11. As a mostly solo traveler, I have gone from suites to balcony's and insides. It really depends on the offerings. Non-Oasis class ships don't really have enough perks to justify the price imho. I am not much of a drinker and I can get the Key for a better deal. I got my first RCG GT on Allure in Oct, incredible deal booked right before Covid; we started with 3 and added 2 more people and they each paid the third persons fare. The suites have been sold out for a while but similar sailings priced show a GS at almost double what I paid for less people. I have a S2S in Jan with an interior on
  12. I think the reason why NY/NJ ports are not sailing yet is the length/type of cruises. In FL and Texas, they can restart with 4-7 night cruises, very easily. Most cruises from the east coast are 7+ days. It is almost not possible to do 3-4 night cruises, with Canada's borders closed and the time it takes to reach the Bahamas.
  13. Although reduced capacity wasn't expressly written, based on Covid protocols, it was assumed. Given that Fain doesn't expect to meet the 95% vacc threshold, I think 50-75% is probably true, at least until the CSO expires. So I would guess at least until mid Nov. IMHO I doubt any ships will be close to capacity until 2022. There is/will be a small amount of fear in cruising, not to mention that inflation has everything way more expensive. I sail on Allure Oct 31st, I don't expect the ship to be at no more than 80-85% capacity.
  14. As it stands there is a CWC program going on, thats get you FCC. However, some people have been able to get a refund under the basis of not wanting to vaccinate their children. Maybe call and see what your options are. But this was when RCG said that the would mandate vaccinations, so ymmv.
  15. Welcome to the board. Your question is vague but RCG is cruising from Europe, and Italy will allow Americans to visit. So soft yes, some itineraries have been cancelled and others may change.
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