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  1. Hey everyone. I am doing my first transatlanic cruise, and am trying to figure out the best way to book a flight home to Seattle from Tel Aviv. Obviously, I am trying to get the best prices but also want to get the best flight time home and have a little luxery too. Since this will be a very long flight, And if anyone has done this before. What are the best airlines to use for the "luxery" ride? I am trying to figure out the best options, prem, business, etc for the longest part of the flight. For a possible 10 hour flight, I would love a flight that has seats that either recline way back or transition to a bed style. For any shortler connecting flights, main cabin is fine. Best apps, airlines? Any tips greatly help. Flight home would be May 16, 2023. Thanks for any suggestions here.
  2. Thank you so much. do you know about the dress code during lunch and reservations for Izumi and Playmakers?
  3. Yes. I saw it for the 12th, and was like, OK. I can try it for 3 nights.
  4. Hi, First time getting the UDP on Navigator (first time on Nav too). I have tried going through all of the posts to get answers to my questions, but man, are there alot of UDP posts (and now I am adding to it.) Here goes. How many times can you go to a speciality restaurant per day? Just 1 lunch, 1 dinner? So, hubby likes seafood, I do not. So, if we booked Hooked for lunch, can we also do Jamies or Playmakers so I can eat something too? I know I need to wait until I board to reserve all of my times (except for the courtesy one when I booked the UDP). Do I have to make reservations for Playmakers and Izumi? For lunches (Chop's, Jamie's, Hooked, Izumi, ect) what is the dress code? I know dinners are dressy, but what about lunch? Shorts ok? I have heard and read many different things about how you can order. Can you order more than i app, entree and dessert? Or just limited on entree to 1 and as many as you want for app and dessert? For per diem like Izumi and Playmakers, can you ask them to close a tab if you are at your limit and then open a new one, or do you have to leave and come back (circling back to my other quesiton of how many times can you go per day) Thanks for any and all answers, just don't want to get on board and not understand the guidelines.
  5. Thanks so much. I usually just eat the in MDR, but since the UPD showed up on our 3 night portion of our B2B, I figured we should give it a try.
  6. Is the allowance ($20) per person or per stateroom? I think I heard that if you plan on spending more than the allowance ($20), you can close your tab and open another one so that you never have to actually pay out of pocket. Have you heard about that? Also, can you order more than one entree, app and desert in the specialty restuarants like you can in the MDR?
  7. This will be my first time on Navigator as well. Doing a B2B. The largest ship we have been on is Freedom, so we are excited to see how this is.
  8. We have not been to Perfect Day before. I see there is an excursion for swimming pigs. My husband has always wanted to do this if we ever when to the Bahamas. Has anyone done this excursion, and is it really worth it? I have seen some comments on social media about how dirty it is. Lots of poop in the water and the pigs are not friendly. Just curious if I should make this happen for him or just enjoy some beach time.
  9. Welcome all. Can't wait to meet you on the ship. Just got of Serenade last week and can't wait for the sun and sand during the long winters in the PNW.
  10. Yes, they have servers in addition to the staff behind the bar.
  11. I just came off of Explorer. There is technically a 15 minute wait between drinks, but most bartenders do not follow this as long as you are not being obnoxious (and certainly get to know your bartenders, they treat you like royalty). However, about 5 days in on our 9 nights, the lead bartender came back and advised that my hubby, me and a couple we met on the ship, could not order shots and drinks, at the same time ( we were making great use of our drink package). We could only get shots on ice (in hopes we would drink slower). So, the staff at our bar would take our drink orders (after we finished our current drink, and just delay sliding our cards (if under the 15 minute window). Not to say every bartender will do that (if they forget to charge, they get in trouble since they are audited every day, and so are some customers, like us. LOL!!). Have fun, and enjoy your cruise.
  12. Hey all you divers or snorkelers. I am looking for a dry bag or box to keep my things in while at port when we snorkeling( on our own). I want to be able to take the bag or box with us in the water (who knows if there would be a secure place to lock it up at on the beach). What have you all used that worked like it should?? Thanks.
  13. Hey. Going to the ABC's for the first time in January 2020. My husband and I are certified divers and wanted to get reviews for the Aruba Scuba tour. It is a 2 tank dive, but it does not say if it is a boat dive or not. If you have done this, can you tell me, if it is a boat dive (which I am thinking it is), Do you jump off the back of the boat, feet first, or is it one where you sit on the side and fall in backwards. Also, was it worth it or should I consider setting up something private with a local dive shop? Thanks.
  14. When booking my upcoming cruise, I received a dining credit. It does not say it is for any specific restaurant. So, does that mean it will be loaded on my Sea Pass card, like OBC, and then deducted when I make purchases at places like Ben and Jerry's or Johnny Rockets?
  15. Like your aunt, I sailed with Holland to Alaska. It was only my second cruise, and it was nothing like my experience on the Freedom. My husband and I have told many people that we will now only cruise with Royal, and always give very negative reviews about out time on Holland. It left a very bad taste in my mouth, and now charging for a second entree? This is just horrible service to add the existing services offered.
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