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  1. We are cruising in May and while i know the potential risks i am not overly concerned at this time. I agree with many of the other comments posted on here about the media blowing this way out of proportion. I am in the medical field and have worked for the CDC and have been monitoring this closely.
  2. Radisson by the port, great shuttle service to the pier and they will pick you up after the cruise to retrieve your car parked at their hotel. We have stayed there multiple times.
  3. you may be correct about that, i have never stayed at either but you still may be able to use Disney transport, just be picked up at another location nearby, Boarwalk or maybe Beach Club or Yatch club resort.
  4. We used Disney Magical Transport from Beach club resort to Port Canaveral then back to Disney to get our car. Their transport on bus was awesome and they take care of your luggage from the resort to the port seamlessly. The bus was very comfortable and since it was a Disney bus took us straight to the terminal entrance. A great experience all around.
  5. Nothing to blast, the Points Guy site is awesome and has lots of useful and unbiased informations involving all things travel and rewards points related.
  6. I have read on RCCL website that once in international waters and the casino opens that 18 year olds can enjoy the casino if they want. Not sure about nightclub admittance.
  7. No alcohol package for our group just the beverage package for all of us. Just read that you can order a water or soda from one bar and another one at another location on way back to cabin for later. thanks for info.
  8. I've read online that as long as you have multiple sail cards with you that will allow more than one drink. I cannot find definite confirmation of time lapse required between drink orders.
  9. Has anyone on here sailed in this cabin recently? I have booked this cabin in May 2020 and was wondering if anyone can confirm if the hot tub/ jacuzzi on the balcony is operational.
  10. I will be getting the refreshment package on our next cruise for our party. Does anyone know if there is a minimum amount of time that has to pass before i can say order another soda or bottled water?
  11. Yes would love to know that too. Have booked this cabin specifically for the hot tub . Would be a bummer if it dint work. Its the only 2 Bedroom Grand suite on this ship of 6 that has a hot tub.
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