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  1. Just sent an email to my MEI travel agent. This cruise would check a few boxes of the list. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  2. It was in the event in one of the inaugural Facebook groups. I saw it by chance last week when I finally marked my attendance as "maybe." I'm sure the alcohol will still taste the same .
  3. I'm happy with either and love both designs. An adults only space that's not the solarium is all I wanted for Christmas ! It always felt disconnected, stuffy, like people who wanted to get away from kiddos were being punished LOL... That's just me of course.
  4. It does mention in the description "adults only" so maybe just an oversight (fingers crossed for a few adult only pool zones). I'll submit the bug report immediately - LOL!
  5. Well, my wife's time off request wasn't officially approved, but she's not on the schedule LOL. I think her manager doesn't know how to work the new system. Always react mode with staffing. Anyway, relieved she's making it.
  6. They'll let us board together, so no biggie. In the app you need do each person separately, strange but makes sense in a way. Gives you the flexibility to check in yourself or everyone. I started a few minutes after midnight too. Needed to sledgehammer the app for it to recognize check-in was open.
  7. I got 11:30 and a second later only 12:00 was available for my wife. So, definitely got lucky myself but they went fast.
  8. I was personally looking forward to it. Now instead I'll be on the Icon inaugural sailing. Blah, not the same
  9. Sorry your wife cannot make it. My wife's time off hasn't been officially approved yet either, ER nurse. It's always a gamble for us booking something before she can put in the request. We'll know in a few weeks I guess.
  10. Finally booked flights. Prices are down about $600 from last week. Little bit of points, little bit of cash. I'm definitely disorganized this cruise, working on fixing that. And hey, lay flats on the return. Rare for Miami to Newark flight.
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