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  1. In my previous career the base pay wasn't all that great, but there was a lot of overtime which we never counted as main salary so it was extra income, plus I had a few weeks of vacation time (think 3 but forget). However, our vacations were restricted to January and Summers as both wife and I were pursuing degrees late in life, so we cruised most January's and took summer vacations to NJ or MD beaches. Fast forward, we both finished degrees (Software Developer & RN) and have more disposable income, our vacation time is decent too, wife gets 4 weeks off and I get 3 weeks and 4 days. We try and do at least one cruise a year and some other week long vacation, in addition to weekend trips here and there. This year, I visited friends in FL and NC and had two guy weekends in LV, in addition to a 5-day cruise and land trip to London. Next year we have two 7-day cruises booked and a weekend LV trip, nothing else yet. We are also 41 & 38 with no children, a low mortgage payment and average bills. Our only debt besides the mortgage are student loans (which I cannot wait to just tackle them) and they are not that horrible thanks to tuition reimbursement and family assistance. I'll admit, outside of an emergency fund, our savings accounts aren't anything to brag about... BUT, we make sure to invest for retirement first. We also have a separate "fun" account where each check we put a few dollars ... it adds up quick.
  2. Exactly what I was going to say ... I don't notice 'cloudy and scummy' and it always seems clean to me, which I assume to be great filtration systems... Humans are leaky (not just on purpose) and disgusting. People forget to put footwear back on while outside of the pool entering bathrooms, standing at bar lines, and other areas where no shoes is allowed. That's in addition to some who might not shower before entering the pool in the AM or after a day sweating on an island.
  3. We stayed at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach resort in 2010 & the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach in 2012 (which Google is reporting closed) for 2 nights each, pre-cruise. We also stayed at the W for a few nights (no cruise just visiting FLL) in 2018 and loved it. Obviously a hotel that's closed and one I stayed in 2010 aren't the best to recommend, it's the location I'm recommending. Sure, it's a bit more, but if you can swing it, really gets you into vacation mode!
  4. I'm one of the lucky few that never gets sick, even in the roughest of seas. I always assumed crew members had lead stomachs, guess not LOL. On the topic, how does sick time work on a ship? I'd assume you're encouraged to tough it out, but what if you're that bad?
  5. On rough seas customer service will have them on the desk for guests to grab, so I'd say yes. I've also bought those meds on Amazon for cheap.
  6. This is the point of my tip (pun?) ... Save singles and fives in an envelope at home, or go to the bank and ask. Having a stack of singles and fives makes tipping easier. Also, if you're running low, the casino cashier has limited lines (no winners? LOL) and more than happy to break a bill.
  7. We have passport wallets which hold a little cash and some cards. We keep everything secure and together in either my backpack or pocket. Everything gets put away properly before walking away from being checked in. As @Matt mentioned, once safe is available it gets locked away. On boarding day I have my passport wallet, usually holding my wife's passport wallet (no place for her to keep it), a wallet full of cards that might be needed (backup credit cards, debit cards, insurance cards, etc), and my everyday wallet (which is probably empty due to its contents being in the passport wallet but bring it just in case I want to use it) and never had an issue. As others have said, just be diligent and careful of your surroundings. If you're concerned get a tile for it so you can hopefully find it if lost.
  8. Congratulations! My attitude has always been, I'm going, we can discuss my punishment when I return. Sailed Adventure in a Grand Suite back in 2013 and loved it!
  9. This person claimed to be law enforcement (think retired), the way he spoke I believed him. That's probably why he had not issues speaking up, and drilling the guy a bit, it's what he did for a living!
  10. Nothing. You cannot safeguard against a momentary lack of judgment. On my last cruise, standing in the elevator an elderly gentleman (grandpa) used the stroller to stop the door from closing. Another gentleman inside the elevator spoke up - "it's not worth it, that was stupid" and a bit more. The man half acknowledged the error, mainly of making light of the situation (it was awkward all around) saying "yeah my daughter would kill me if anything happened to her..." The confronting gentleman repeated himself and spoke of this story. At the time it was awkward how much the confronting man was sort of drilling him. However, thinking back, sometimes you need to drill things into people's heads. It was a momentary lack of judgment that could have been a disaster if the safety mechanism failed. I bet he never does anything like that again - or any of us in the elevator for that matter - also makes me wonder, maybe we all need to speak up more when seeing stuff like this. Maybe someone (if a witness was present, no idea) speaking up could have saved her life.
  11. Glad to hear/read that the work hasn't discouraged you from being a guest in the future.
  12. Cozumel - we enjoyed the Mayan Ruins but it's an all day tour.
  13. Neal deGrasse Tyson explains the Bermuda Triangle.
  14. Early 2000's a friend was trying to get me to sign up with him for jobs. I never did, he never did, wish I did. Back then I had nothing to lose and could have used the opportunities presented. Oh well 🙂
  15. Great video. Does Royal Caribbean encourage internal transfers and such? Is it up to you as an employee to seek out other opportunities for your career goals?
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