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  1. I received the email as well. I agree, it means at least September to me, but that's my pessimistic side speaking. I was very optimistic about September but not so much anymore. It's already a shifted cruise, hopefully we can shift again. The Grand Suite is just under 2k more for September 2022. 25% extra leaves me ~$700 short the difference.
  2. If it did happen yesterday, it would be nice that they update: Maybe they don't consider it an update to the CWC but it would get people to look closer and be a bit more transparent. Also, a little history of the changes would be nice.
  3. Yep. Besides being handed the form at the airport (not sure if they are still doing that) there is no way for anyone to know you're visiting or you left and came back. "Must complete the form" but it's basically on the honor system, as is quarantining... And, still allows travel to & through NY state, as you mentioned.
  4. NY has several travel restrictions and a form you're supposed to fill out. I believe (have not traveled outside of NY other than NJ) you're handed the form at the airport. Outside of that, I believe it's all voluntary with essential workers being exempt. https://forward.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory
  5. Technically, the glass is always full 50% air 50% water LOL :). That was my attitude last March for last September. I kept saying it wasn't going to happen or we wouldn't want to sail early on. My pessimistic attitude allowed me to make a rational decision before locking in thousands of dollars interest free to Royal Caribbean. Now that we are cancelled until May, I was optimistic about September 2021, but I'm shifting back to my pessimistic attitude. I even started looking at what's available for 2022. Although, if they do sail in 2021, even if it's the winter, we might try and score a "
  6. Ugh! We sort of* did a L&S September 2020 to September 2021 back in June 2020. Now it's finally ~252 days away. Fingers crossed it sails. * We had two cruises booked that we wanted to "merge" to September 2021, September 2020 & December 2020. December was supposed to be a cruise with friends but no one was signing up (probably because of flying, hotels, etc). We also knew we wanted to upgrade September 2021 to a Jr. Suite (September 2020 was an OV Balcony - ended up going GS, but I digress). So, we cancelled September 2020 and received a FCC. December (since it was a Jr. Suite alr
  7. I'm okay with most of the rules. What happened with the false positive scares me a bit. Just like that your vacation is ruined and you're restricted to cabin. I understand why, I support why, it would still suck.
  8. Welcome @CruiseFamily to the forums! I agree with @WAAAYTOOO there will be some changes due to social distancing, I'm sure. Don't shoot the messenger, but spring break isn't looking too good, unfortunately. We are in a Grand Suite so only Sky perks, but having access to the suite pool deck on Oasis & splurging on Cabana at CocoCay is important to us. Similar to why Star Class is important to you. With the possibility of Social Distancing guidelines, having private areas will be worth every penny to us.
  9. Like others, I purchased a few things: Drink Package, Massage for wife, & splurge on a Cabana (cannot believe I'm spending the same I spent on a car in HS for a few hours in a Cabana LOL). I figured, take advantage of lower prices, if my cruise sails (September on Oasis) I bet they will raise prices.
  10. The views are awesome and that bushwacker drink is STRONG too!
  11. This is a close 2nd or 3rd and one I was referring to when I mentioned having 3. We sailed her 3 times and each time has personal significance to me. 2016: "Wedding cruise" didn't use the ship service but we cruised to Bermuda and married on the island. 2018: Cruise with family/friends & in Bermuda we scattered some ashes of a friend. It was going to be him and maybe his sister joining us. Having his sister still come along & bring some ashes was awesome. 2019: A bunch of friends invited themselves along and it ended up being an awesome cruise with tons of memories.
  12. I've been looking forward to checking them out!
  13. This is difficult, I have 3, but if I must choose 1: Oasis. We sailed her January of 2010 and at the time she was one of a kind. I loved everything about her. We sailed her again in 2012. Since 2012 I've been trying to sail her again but vacation life took us to other ships (not even an Oasis Class!). We were supposed to sail her September of 2020 but that failed. Hopefully this September. I still remember obsessing over every announcement they made leading up to our 2010 cruise.
  14. Others are way more knowledgeable about FCC and refunds, but, I'm willing to say RCL will refund your original payment method. So, cash would have the option to receive cash back, FCC unfortunately might be another FCC. Someone will chime in if I am wrong or confirm if I am correct. I am willing to bet my $20 dollar xmas stocking stuffer lottery scratch off winner that March is a no go. Sucks. I just asked the wife about ideas for a local summer beach trip. Might even consider a FL thing (we are NYers) in March or so, just to get out of here. Guess we will wait to see where the world is.
  15. My wife and I were team leaders for one of our first cruises. We still attend and participate, but not doing the team leader thing again. LOL
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