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  1. I've honestly given up arguing with people about it. I'll say my point, to a point, but a lot of those who claim how you're doomed to be in a sardine can with thousands of people and guaranteed to get norovirus either let the media fear them, or aren't big cruise fans anyway. I personally figure my chances of getting sick on a cruise ship or on land is about the same. Either I come in contact with some virus or I don't. Either my body puts up a good fight or it doesn't. I don't judge you and don't care if you judge me. :)
  2. This is one of my favorite things to do. Late at night, a stack of cookies, a few (okay 4+) slices of pizza and my last drink of the night. So peaceful.
  3. Hoping cruising is "normal" by September, just catching up with the Oasis of the Seas. We have not sailed her since 2012. Boy do we miss her & are excited to see all the changes.
  4. This was inventory on March 20th. Tomorrow at lunch I'll be making a supply run. Who needs toilet paper.
  5. Friday while everyone was buying everything at the local supermarket... I went to the liquor store and beer store! #iamadrinkpackagekindofguy
  6. I'll be the honest, realist, voice and say I'll probably do nothing different. Soon things will settle down and it'll no longer be covered by media. People will forget all about the extra precautions they once took. On a cruise I wash my hands often but don't put much thought into getting sick. I'll do the same on my upcoming sailing in September.
  7. Not until September 20th and December 6th so yes. However, I'd still sail if it was yesterday.
  8. I missed out in 2009 and will not miss out here. I might not buy 100 shares for the OBC offer, but will be considering a few shares to add to my portfolio. To your last point, maybe that's the reason for the line of credit, as my guess, to keep projects moving and customers happy (refunds, etc which will hit bottom lines and publicized come next earnings report).
  9. I'm not a financial person but total revenue as of 12/31/2019 is just shy of 11 billion and profit is just shy of 5 billion. They'll weather the storm. Of course having access to a larger line of credit will help keep big projects plugging along while they take the financial impact. In no way do I see them docking any ship. The process to take a boat out of a local marina is a pain (getting it wrapped and all that) imagine a cruise ship!
  10. No. An extra grand and an extra week of vacation time and I'd be gone tomorrow... Scratch that, today!
  11. I used a smaller point and shoot camera with a wrist strap. This was in 2012 but doubt anything has changed.
  12. +1. Couldn't agree more, buy because you believe in the company. Buy as many shares as you can afford, don't think 100 shares is the minimum... 1 is the minimum!
  13. Ah. Never noticed prior. In 2018 I had to purchase a gift for my wife via Royal Gifts. One Friend last year purchased us champagne and another friend purchased his wife decorations, I'm going to ask them if it was available. Maybe I just pay too little attention to areas outside of the beverage packages 😂
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