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  1. I do basically the same. Honestly as a WFH person still, there really isn't much to do to be more cautious. I am bringing my work laptop in case I get "stuck" somewhere having to quarantine.
  2. Nothing. Hopefully this doesn't come across wrong but if I change my behavior for a vacation then I'm questioning how serious I'm taking this virus. If I test positive, even a false positive, then so be it. IN FACT, if a true positive (I'm vaccinated) I need to question how serious I'm taking this virus. Edit: although, I did get COVID in January from my wife. She was exposed volunteering as an EMT.
  3. Not exactly apples to apples, since I'm talking Anthem from NJ to Bermuda so semi apples to oranges, but with iFly it was booked tight, lots on standby. I had the suite concierge book it. I'd say add that to day 1 stuff, run over and make a reservation ASAP. The NS wasn't that bad, however, I want to say I booked it ahead of time, but friends of mine booked onboard at their leisure, via the app. I assume paying the extra $50 is a cruise planner thing? If so it sounds amazing, and worth way more than that. Oh, Alaska, gotta go soon. Enjoy!
  4. Of course not! I was referring to other media sources that would
  5. I can see the headlines now ... "I was a COVID-19 positive volunteer on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and locked up like a prisoner."
  6. Not a fan of "never" but add me to the inside stateroom list. First cruise, 3-day themed on Carnival - 3 in an inside, BIG mistake. I am a balcony or better person and so is my wife, we like our personal slice of the sea. I'm sailing solo for the first time in September and still booked a balcony, although the price is comparable to an inside room LOL. BUT, I really wanted a balcony, somewhere to sit and stare, even as a solo traveler.
  7. After checking my email I now know two things. Odyssey of the Seas is going to be the star of my next family vacation. I have Amazon packages arriving today.
  8. Even with all the hoops sailing out of Barbados sounds like fun and something only a select few can say they did (one reason I picked Adventure over Labor Day). Although, now that it's been mentioned, it not happening is a strong possibility. I do like the advice of picking something guaranteed. I also like the wait and see advice. Tough spot. Edit: yikes! I didn't read all the quarantine stuff about Barbados. Yeah, if that doesn't change it'll go the way of Bermuda for sure. That wasn't the hoop I was talking about above.
  9. I almost snagged that bottle the other day even though I have plenty, just because! Cheers!
  10. Explorer of the Seas, September 2007, Cape Liberty to Bermuda. It was our second cruise, first being a 3-day themed cruise on Carnival Liberty. I was hooked after that first cruise and randomly picked Explorer because it was close, going to Bermuda for 2 days, and only 5 days (wasn't sure I'd want a 7-day trip - WRONG THERE lol).
  11. Ah, yeah January - March of 2020 they were actively sailing. You did what you felt was best, cannot put a price on it.
  12. Welcome aboard! Welcome to the Forums too! You didn't qualify under CWC for a FCC?
  13. Esp when it's Cape Liberty and I have to drive home in that lovely NJ traffic
  14. Add me to the Nassau list! I was looking forward to the flight simulator but believe they are no longer in business. Although, in a weird ironic twist, one reason for a last minute booking on Adventure was because it is sailing out of Nassau.
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