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  1. Congratulations on being debt free! You can have a cash account but you'll have to settle before disembarking and that can be a pain. You can use the debit card as a credit card (assuming it is a debit Visa or MasterCard) but as mentioned by @Piggy it might put an unwanted hold. The credit card is the best option, but completely understand not wanting to use it.
  2. Not an iPhone user, however, iMessages should work over WiFi without data. Test it at home by either putting the phone in airplane mode (but turn on WiFi) or just shut off data independently.
  3. What kind of stateroom are you in? Maybe room service and private meal on balcony (if you're in balcony). Pre-order items as suggested by @Quilter620, we've done that a few times. Look through the restaurants menus and choose a nice specialty restaurant for a "date night" (we do that almost every cruise, especially if friends are with us to get away from them LOL). Find photographers and get lots of pictures all dressed up. Sleep in a bit, slow down a lot, and enjoy each other.
  4. Just a guess, but maybe the two rooms do not fall within a similar category and cannot be selected at the same time. I'd take @steverk's advice and contact a reputable travel agent who can work the magic for you at no additional cost.
  5. Ah, yeah that's a little different. I usually book about 12 to 18 months out.
  6. I find the refundable fare to be about the same price (or more) than if I just make the change and pay the fee (because I'm going on A CRUISE just maybe not that one LOL). I'd cancel and re-book when it got closer and plans became 100%, however, we all know fares go up so it's a horrible gamble.
  7. We have not been to Labadee since before this thread was created but: Zip line & Coaster. The Coaster gave me mini flashbacks of a time long ago, those old enough from New Jersey / New York area might remember ... The Alpine Slide at Action Park.
  8. These are a crutch when I travel! I like to divide up items that may leak or whatever. Also keep a few empty quart size ones. They come in handy as extras or to be a good samaritan at the airport for someone who isn't doing 3-1-1 correctly :).
  9. Requesting a fan! Did it for the first time last cruise, not sure if it was because we were in a Grand Suite, but the request was approved quickly. Helped for sleep noise and kept the room cool at night (I find it starts to get warm in the middle of the night).
  10. Call Security (or insist Guest Services does) that's their job to handle these situations. I personally wouldn't confront them directly (or recommend anyone else does either). The last thing you need is to get into a physical altercation and possibly be removed from the ship. We had friends in our cabin to finish last call drinks (so 2 or 3 AM) on our balcony on the last night of the cruise. We weren't being 21 years old obnoxious, but talking loud and taking photos with our new friends. Our neighbors didn't appreciate the volume and Security knocked on our door. They politely asked us to lower the volume. We apologized and that was the end of it.
  11. Sailed this past September and the app didn't have that feature. However, the app worked great otherwise for everything else! Enjoy, she's a great ship.
  12. Sailing Oasis in September out of NJ and the prices were amazing at the time especially given it's a revamped ship. This will be my third time on Oasis (2010 & 2012) and cannot wait to see all the changes. You and your kids will love it. I think everyone has given you excellent sightseeing ideas, especially @Pima1988 with the dirty water dogs...YUM! I live upstate NY a bit and would recommend the drive if you're into that kind of stuff, Hudson Valley isn't far from NYC and is full of hiking, history (West Point, George Washington House, FDR Library, etc), shopping, vineyards, and breweries are popping up ... But, with 3 days you might want to stay in NYC. I am also big on EWR. Check out the live blog from @twangster, some great photos of the recent Amplification:
  13. Yay! Have a great cruise (and safe first flight)!
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