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  1. I only have 1 image from when I first got into photography with an old PowerShot S1 IS that came out with too much noise to share, BUT our second cruise, first ever Royal Caribbean, the United States Coast Guard evacuated someone from our ship while we were in route to Bermuda. Believe it or not, it still took a few years before I embraced Travel Insurance, I mean I have health coverage from work, I'm good, right? (<-- I know better now :)).
  2. I second, third, and forth this! It's boring but skim the policy ... at a bare minimum go over the bullets and click any indicators (foot note things) of "who/what/where/when/why" something is covered that you want/need to understand it fully. With that, I use travelguard.com for cruises, while my Sapphire Reserve does provide some protection, I don't always pay with that card and I get peace of mind from a full policy. I normally wait until after final payment before buying a policy, Travel Guard doesn't seem to have any benefit to buying before I am "all in" on the trip.
  3. I called Royal and they said your understanding of the policy is incorrect... Then continue the bluff with @WAAAYTOOO's suggestion.
  4. Yep, I've witnessed first hand. Friend orders drink, friend gets drink, friend asks bartender what someone else ordered as it looked good, bartender advised, friend requested, friend denied due to just being handed a drink, friend chugged drink at bar, friend then ordered other drink, bartender provided with a smile. That entire exchange was about 30 seconds. However, exceptions have been made if a bartender or cocktail server trusts you (and you take care of them) as @CruisinForABruisin implied. I've had the guy coming around with rum punches hand me one as the cocktail service was coming back with my drink. He almost insisted I take it :). Also on my last cruise in the music hall I took care of the cocktail servers and they took care of me, no questions asked just kept the drinks flowing.
  5. At least you were able to "save" the vacation and make the best of it, my wife would still be pissed. It's a good lesson and goes to show the no tolerance on a cruise ship. Although, it does make me wonder, what if he did confront you where you needed to protect yourself... hopefully that situation would have been different... Tough situation, while only a dress was ruined, what he did could have resulted in serious injury.
  6. I recall reading your story in another thread, thanks for sharing again. What about your safety too! Clearly a bunch of people trying to live up to an image. I want to say I wouldn't have chased him down and went to customer service / called security / something but I'm guilty of acting first and thinking later; I'm sure my wife would have grabbed me so I didn't go running after him. FWIW, the guy sounds like a punk who didn't expect you to confront him, why not toss the wine glasses when you had plenty of time to get out of the elevator... That's not only a cheap shot, but a cheap shot with a chance to get away. Also an idiot, I mean cruise ships are large, but not *that* large... You'd see him again.
  7. When looking at suites, we stumbled across the 2 Bedroom Grand Suite - wife's reaction - "YES, SEPARATE BEDROOMS" ... LOL
  8. The short answer is, sure, it's part of my daily life anyway. Here in NY it's rare to find a store (especially a big box like Home Depot or a supermarket) without markers on the floor indicating where to wait in line. Our grocery stores (and other types of stores too) have one way isles (not that everyone listens) and for the most part people try and keep clear of one another. That kind of stuff wouldn't be too bad at a reduced capacity sailing.
  9. The ships designs are so similar, Indy is a touch bigger which would lean me that direction (especially with the hot tubs that hang over edge a bit). Although, full disclosure, I've sailed Voyager class (Adventure and Explorer) but not Navigator, so I'd personally consider her just for the different ship factor... But, like Freedom Class slightly more.
  10. THIS is the reason if I fly in the near future (which is highly unlikely), especially with my wife, splurge to first class where it'll just be us in the two seats. If solo, still first and isle seat (I'm an isle guy so it works out anyway), it'll just be one person next to me & I can easily get up and walk away from a cough/sneeze/etc (sorry seat belt light)... might not increase my odds, but gives me some false sense of security. I think stopping shows wouldn't be a bad idea, at least for the first few months when sailing resumes. I agree, I am no closer to someone in the Windjammer than a grocery store (maybe in line, but if we are 6 feet apart), and on a sea day, I like to take my lunch to the pool. I agree. Especially with the rise of cases around the U.S. it's time (overdue honestly) but instead, as you stated, some airlines will go back to full bookings.
  11. Cannot speak for BOA but Chase has been a simple 2 minute phone call to request my negative balance be returned. It is frustrating, paying a bill that you know "any day now" the refund should post... but at 17% interest, whatcha going to do. Ugh!
  12. Guess I'll come out and say it ... I'm definitely the drinker!
  13. I periodically check Royal Caribbean's site and price compare against my spreadsheet with current price and possible upgrade options. In addition to that, I've used the Cruise Shipmate app, I'd sign up for price alerts for the cruise I want to monitor then uninstall the app (I hate clutter / apps sitting on phone I don't use), they send emails so no need to keep the app.
  14. Ask 10 people on this message board and 11 will give you the name of their MEI agent (Kathy here), there is a reason we all cherish their service, quick responses to simple email inquires is one of many. I'm not sure how FCC work with agents, whether they have control or you, however if there was a cruise / room that I wanted, I wouldn't wait for a FCC, I'd put down the cash and apply the FCC after. Not sure which agent(s) you're talking about on YouTube but Danny from Harr Travel does some awesome walk-through's / tours of ships, rooms, CocoCay, etc... However, I'm sticking with my MEI agent.
  15. Similar experience with United. When a land vacation was cancelled due to COVID-19 I received all cash portion of refund to my CC. Part of the trip was booked with miles, I received all my miles back, wife didn't get my miles. Most important, the credit portion was issued in both names, similar to Royal, but I had a choice to leave it like that or combine into one large credit, which I did.
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