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  1. Make sure you're getting RCL spam, check @Matt's blog (aka the main page here) as he'll always post latest and greatest sales, and just check cruise planner periodically. Also, don't be afraid to purchase something now, if the price drops you can cancel and rebook with a few clicks of the mouse. I usually do it with a victory drink in hand 😉
  2. Whatever is advertised online is the price you're "entitled" to (assuming similar cabin, etc) you would move from current promotion to new promotion. Your travel agent is either misinformed, lazy, or describing why you're not eligible correctly. Did you go on to RCL's website and do a mock booking? If not do that and see if it would truly be lower. Sometimes, these sales seem better in the advertisement than execution... IE: marketing makes it seem better than it is, and you could be sitting on a better deal. Good Luck and welcome to the forums.
  3. I enjoy the larger ships in the fleet. Although, I've only been on Voyager, Freedom, Quantum, and Oasis class ships. However, we did sail NCL Gem in 2011 at just under 94k gross tons and while no major complaints, we definitely like the larger ships. I would like to experience a smaller ship like the Radiance Class but for a shorter cruise.
  4. I personally do not make reservations for My Time so I'm not sure how he cruise planner should look afterwards, but we know people who do and they never had an issue. Therefore, you can rest assured your reservation is in the system. After boarding, just head over to the dining room and confirm your times. If for some reason the reservation isn't in the system, they will plug you in; the dining room times are flexible.
  5. If a railing side is available they are our favorite too.
  6. YES! We love heading AFT for a little peace and quiet, and plenty of chairs! When we want to be closer to the fun, usually the deck above pool (jogging track) has some available chairs.
  7. Another, yup to the list. I too as mentioned, do mock searches to get an idea of prices (but know that's in no way an indication of what my flight cost will be) but also to get an idea of what routes various airlines fly. I also consider convince when determining what is a fair price. JetBlue for example flies to MCO from SWF which usually comes with a higher cost but I could walk to SWF so if it's $100 more, so be it. I'll save more than that in parking at EWR or similar, plus gas, toss, etc.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Sailed Anthem 3 times, great ship, you'll love it!
  9. I've been to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico a few times and never needed bug spray. In Puerto Rico we have walked around and did the forts, the Bacardi tour, a mall, and stayed once pre-cruise. In St. Thomas it's usually a beach day at either Magens Bay or Sapphire and ALWAYS end the day at Paradise Point. For a point of reference, during the summer months, the NY mosquito's love my sweet Irish blood.
  10. I would drink an entire bottle of DayQuil, take lots of decongestant meds, speak slowly and keep answers short, and hold back every cough and sneeze possible. #gettingonthatship
  11. We are fans of chops, good steak house menu and excellent service. Jamie's was also very tasty, we did that on Oasis back in 2012. Let them know it's your honeymoon and keep spreading the word. Most staff will make a big deal about it. In regards to "your arrival" you can buy various stateroom decorations on Royal's website. Honestly, it's expensive. Might be more fun to sneak decorations onboard, ask your new bride to run and get drinks and decorate real quick from dollar store stuff. My wife did this for my (sigh it's been a while) 30th bday and I loved it. She probably spent $10 bucks to my $100+ when I paid for Royal decorations on an anniversary. Congratulations and welcome to the forum. Stick around!
  12. Ugh, yeah I did the check list, utility bills, passport, social security card... Mine is up next month, wife and I will go together, get the enhanced and be done with it :).
  13. NY didn't start issuing them as default untill recently (last October I think) Luckily mine is up for renewal in March, so needed to renew anyway. Wife isn't but she's going to just request an Enhanced license when I do. We will both still cruise and travel internationally with passports, but for $30 more, might as well.
  14. Not sure if I'll get blasted for this, but a good starting point might be The Points Guy latest podcast (Talking Points) where they discuss the major chains and the reward programs they offer, including the credit card perks. Battle of the hotels: https://thepointsguy.com/news/battle-of-the-hotels-points-and-miles-experts-help-you-decide-where-to-invest-your-loyalty/
  15. Actually, this is a difficult question for me. Solo, sure, all day long. With my wife, we really enjoy the balcony, we relax and enjoy each other, so it gets a bit more difficult to say 2 insides vs 1 balcony. So, think I'd rather have that one, extended, relaxing experience with my wife with our own slice of the ocean and if we can swing it (assuming we can cause it is about $1000 difference or so) take a few long weekend land trips.
  16. So, my MEI agent repriced the cruise with two different port fees no issue. The agent never heard of this ... BUT, my port fees didn't change resulting in even less than online. I wonder if my port fees from that cruise were so high, that it brought the sale price higher than my price. Assuming port fees stay during a reprice. Oh, and I didn't ask, I just received an email saying changes were made! 🙂
  17. I noticed this for our 7 day Oasis cruise in September. Assuming I read the "rules" correctly, you have to eat at Chops night one or two, which works well for us since we do chops on formal night (which will be night two). For my sailing it's $75 per person, seems like a no brainier since we were doing Chops night two anyway, now we get a second for $25!
  18. You can also ask fellow passengers to snap a photo, most are more than willing (I'm usually asked as I walk around with a DSLR). Last cruise with a group we asked a crew member on boarding day to snap a photo of us. Granted, it was two steps after boarding, so just a random wall.
  19. I live in Orange County, NY a little "upstate" about 90 minutes from Cape Liberty and the taxi service has always been subpar around here, soooooo glad to finally have decent Uber/Lyft service. One night, leaving a bar with my wife as the Uber pulls up I notice that obvious taxi yellow color. Didn't think it was for us until I matched the car and plate to what Uber was providing. Yep, the guy was moonlighting in his taxi as an Uber driver. Cannot beat them, join them he said... Smart man.
  20. Not exactly the same thing but, I once repriced a cruise which resulted in the loss of onboard credit which I already spent in the cruise planner. Royal gave me a time period (one or two weeks) to pay the difference and sent emails almost daily as a reminder. I assume your situation would be similar, but hopefully someone has a direct answer for you.
  21. YES! I remember once staying in a suite, we needed ice, I called the Suite Concierge for the request. He responded: "right away sir, I'll have your Stateroom Attendant deliver it." I thanked him, hung up, and said to my wife ... "I feel like a jerk, I could have asked the Stateroom Attendant." 😄😂
  22. I cannot even tell you what I tip each cruise. I tip what I feel is appropriate. Don't think I've ever tipped more than $50. We are, very low key people, we don't ask for much and keep a tidy room. I'll admit, seeing the big tips people leave for a Genie freaks me out, because we would barely use the person, even less if we are cruising with friends not in a suite.
  23. A travel agent / friend I used in the past (I am now using MEI not because of other agent, just wanted someone dedicated, so trying them out) tried to re-price and stated per Royal Caribbean, the re-price wasn't lucrative because I am bound by the port fees when booking, which brings the price higher. I've been meaning to run this by my MEI agent. Thought I saw the price a few dollars less this weekend with cheaper port fees... However, I had an ADD moment and never went back to it LOL.
  24. I did notice the new login screen this AM. I too however didn't notice anything 'slower than usual' the last few days. That's across different web browsers (Chrome & Chromium) on different laptops (MacBook & Lenovo) using different operating systems (macOS & Arch Linux) on different networks (work SHHH & home). Oh, and my Pixel 2 XL & Verizon's network.
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