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  1. What will my job be on Icon Of The Seas? Just 100 days until I join the ship!
  2. I've done one contract with Holland America...
  3. NEW CRUISE VLOG! This is the latest update I have with my upcoming assignment on Icon Of The Seas.
  4. I really appreciate it when you say nice things about us seafarers.
  5. I'm glad you will make the inaugural cruise. I've never seen this much hype for a new ship before!
  6. 10 years ago, I made the decision to work on a cruise ship! I am so happy with what I have achieved over the last decade. I now look forward to what will be my biggest challenge yet, when I help launch Icon Of The Seas later this year! Back in 2013, I certainly had no intention of creating a YouTube channel, but I am super thankful I now have one of the best cruising communities in the world. I still believe I have so much more potential in myself to achieve another level of success. Time to step up my game and activate Super Saiyan mode! I am just getting started!
  7. Thank you, I'm certainly enjoying my vacation time.
  8. When am I joining Icon Of The Seas? A little update video from my hometown, since leaving Symphony Of The Seas.
  9. The crew areas certainly do look fantastic! I am definitely looking forward to seeing the new concept of our cabins, and how it will feel to live there. This is honestly the most excited I've been, in my entire career, to start a new contract!
  10. I have officially signed-off and completed my contract on Symphony Of The Seas! Now, I will enjoy my break before joining Icon later this year.
  11. Or if I ever get bored at work, I can play with the lego!
  12. Do you like my custom-made gifts I received from passengers?
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