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  1. How do you feel about the new rules that have been displayed on Quantum? Tracelets Limited time in the pools Limited tables for dining Temperature checks Limited seating in the theatre Muster 2.0 1 metre social distancing Too strict, or fair?
  2. Has all the new rules on Quantum Of The Seas turned you against cruising, or are still looking forward to your first cruise back?
  3. Hopefully in 2021, we will all be back on a cruise ship at some point. Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Seasons Greetings everyone! I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! Hopefully this time next year, we can be back at sea for the Holidays.
  5. What are your thoughts on cruising during the Christmas Holidays? From a crew members point of view, it is by far the busiest time of the year. The ships are near enough full capacity every week, and there are a lot more activities to do onboard compared to the rest of the year. I personally really enjoy being onboard for New Years Eve. Do you think the ships are too busy, or does this contribute to the overall atmosphere?
  6. Someone asked me, if crew will have to wear masks in our shared cabins. I'm going to assume, no. In my opinion, living in a shared cabin is the same as living in the same house as your family. We tend to live with someone we already work with everyday.
  7. As a crew member, I am always intrigued by hearing your opinions on wearing a mask on your next cruise vacation. I honestly thought the majority of people would be fine with this new rule now. Personally, I have no issues wearing a mask and have enjoyed ways to make them fashionable. Will you wear a mask, now that we know for sure, we will most definitely be required to wear one on your next cruise vacation?
  8. Seasons Greetings everyone, Use this thread to post all of your holiday pictures, if you have ever been on a cruise during the Christmas period. My photo was taken onboard Independence Of The Seas 2018. Chris Wong www.youtube.com/ChristopherWongVLOGS
  9. I love how all the crew members wear a badge, which has a picture of themselves smiling on it! This way, we can still greet you guys whilst wearing a mask.
  10. So far, I have been very impressed with all the pictures I've seen from Day 1.
  11. So it looks like Windjammer is still there, but crew will be serving food now.
  12. Good luck to all my fellow crew members who are currently on Quantum Of The Seas. Lets prove to the world that cruising can be done in a healthy and safe way! Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I get asked to rejoin a cruise ship, and head back to work. I'm amazed at how much love for the cruising there still is, and it's people like you that will keep this industry alive!
  13. I have this vlog already filmed. Just haven't found the time to edit and post yet.
  14. I've been making a lot of tour videos this week. Here is the first one! FULL Royal Promenade Tour on Oasis Of The Seas!
  15. So I made an updated version of my crew cabin tour video. Hope you guys like this!
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