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  1. So, after doing a search online, it seems cases in Florida are declining. I hope this could be a turning point for cruising.
  2. America to open its boarders again to the UK in November? Looking forward to hopefully seeing my fellow Brits onboard US ships again. This is great for cruising!
  3. The ship has masks for you as well. It's free.
  4. Shame we never got to say hello. I hope you had a good cruise. Haha, you're welcome.
  5. Thank you! Yes, I never get bored of the island, and I'm there every week. See you soon!
  6. NEW CRUISE VLOG I FINALLY GOT OFF THE SHIP! This was my first time getting off the ship since quarantine. Exploring CocoCay was incredible.
  7. NEW CRUISE VLOG Is it safe to cruise? My take on the current health and safety protocols for cruising.
  8. Ketchikan for sure has a whole bunch of restaurants near the port.
  9. NEW CRUISE VLOG In this weeks video, I was lucky enough to have dinner in the Main Dining Room onboard Odyssey Of The Seas. This is the first time in my career I ever had this opportunity.
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