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  1. For the record ... Royal Caribbean is by far, using the BEST protocols for their ships, regarding testing and wearing masks. I have been sailing three (3) different cruiselines since July and I find that they are the BEST at getting their guests to wear masks! Thank you, Royal Caribbean!!!
  2. WRONG!!! But your detailed response is funny as hell! Thank you for the entertainment!!!
  3. Not that I have to explain myself to you, but I will. I am a gambler and I received over 30+ FREE cruises for this year through next year. When I CANCEL a FREE cruise I get what I paid for taxes & port fees. I don't get any lost time for organizing or carefully planning and fitting in various cruises and cruiselines, for back-to-backs, etc... In addition, this year through next, there are DOUBLE points for cruising. Why is this important? With the 12 remaing RC cruises, I should be Pinnacle by March 2022 (if Puerto Rico becomes sailable) otherwise April 2022. Why is Pinnacle important?! I will have priviledges & better fare rates, allowing children to sail for free and sharing great rates with the family who joins me, etc... If you aren't a heavy gambler, you may not see the benefits to why I don't just CANCEL my free cruises, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I am almost there. Oh shoot! Did I just sound "snooty" again?! P.S. Obviously I am not sarcastic at all.
  4. LoL !!! Okay ... Maybe you should think just a wee bit deeper about Maritime Law and how it might affect how or if a staff member does anything at all. You may also want to know your Captain and his stance on things. Captain is the law on his ships!!!
  5. I completely agree!!! I go where I believe I am safe. Unfortunately, not all people like to abide by the rules. Hence, I have to take matters into my own hands. I have since been staying in my cabin, enjoying my views, getting lots of work done on-line, and having room service. I go with the flow and adjust to my environment. Must be why I am a survivor, huh?!
  6. The ship has rules for masks and I was simply trying to eat in a very peaceful area of the ship during a time when other venues were packed with people. If people cannot follow the rules for their children 2+ to be masked, then why is that MY problem?! If you cannot control people you bring on a ship, maybe the ship isn't the place for them?! or, MAYBE you should keep your child in the areas where masks are NOT required, if you don't like the required masking areas?! I dunno, just a crazy thought ...
  7. I wasn't at all trying to reprimand a child, simply asked the father, for him to have a mask put on, as they entered the area where I was eating and needed my mask off to accomplish that task. The man was pushing the stoller all over the spa, while he waited for the other members of his party who were in the spa. He could either put the mask on the child, to allow me to eat safely, or continue to push the child around the spa where the child should be masked, but no one there cared if he was. I would have even left, if he refused to put a mask on his child. But, instead, he backed up and was then confronted by staff in the spa, handing him a mask. This caused him to blow up at me, while I stood at the spa Vitality counter, still waiting for my smoothie. He was at least 20+ feet away from me, screaming the entire time until the members of his group finally joined him and they left. I would have left, as soon as my smoothie was done, if he insisted to remain in my space with an unmasked child. He had a choice and I had a choice. Life is full of choices & we have free will for how we respond. It didn't need to go into rage, over a mask request.
  8. You are RIGHT!!! LoL. I order groceries on-line and drive & park to pick up. They load into the car! I hope this service NEVER ends!!!
  9. It is very political. Remember, we are on the ship, so Maritime Law is in place. Enough said.
  10. I do stay away from children/people. I was at the spa, trying to eat AWAY from people in peace. They came into the eating area which requires a mask, unless you are eating. Now, I do stay in my cabin and have food delivered to me. As a concerned mask wearer, I guess I should be the one not allowed to cruise, huh?! There are rules in place and I follow them. I would NOT have booked over 30+ cruises if I knew that I had to be tested before each cruise. It is a very scarey and frustrating feeling to know that a simple test result can send you home, in the midst of your travels! (Did you see the YouTube video of the 57 year old woman who tested positive & wasn't sick, but they had to forcibly take her off the ship?). I would leave on my own two feet, but she may help you realize the crazy situation we are in right now with these weekly tests. (?) Maybe, or maybe not. Life is all about choices. I chose to cruise, as long as I can and I will try to be as safe as I possibly can, even if that means staying in my cabin! (I have a beautiful & peaceful view.). Peace...
  11. Well, I grew up in the ghetto of Chicago, so having that title kinda makes me chuckle. I came a long way baby, to get where I got to today! Love it!!!
  12. Hmmmmmmm ... You do realize that I didn't approach either of these people, right?!
  13. Or, have you considered that some people have to be tested WEEKLY for Covid and one positive test can costs them thousands of dollars and an immediate & abrupt end to their travels?! (I have 30+ cruises to keep doing, until I can't.) It isn't about getting sick, for me. It is about that nasty virus lingering around somewhere and inhaling it, causing a positive test result. Granted, it is not a common problem & I should feel priviledged. But, it is what I am dealing with, so I am doing everything that I can do, for me, to try to ensure negative test results.
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