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  1. Hard to ignore when almost every thread gets hijacked about it
  2. At least in prison you can escape the constant posts about CDC and Covid!
  3. Everyday is like the film groundhog day lol Bet Matt cannot wait to archive every thread relating to CDC, Vaccines or anything else Covid Related
  4. Thank God its not only the UK government that has said this type of thing!!! As per link on other thread regarding international UK travel restarting in May ( this date is if everything works out as they hope it does ) yet at same time as they hope to start international travel i will only be able to have 3 households in my garden at 1 time....
  5. Yeah like ignoring Regulations laid down by Governing Bodies across the world that is enabling them to start cruising again
  6. It would be even better if it was giving CDC a Glesga Kiss
  7. Cruise118 had deals for Oct 2nd that were about £400 pp less than RC website ...
  8. In new reports the CDC mention that after 1st dose it reduces the risk by 80% and that after 2nd dose the risk involved is reduced by 90% ..so in other words there is still a 10% risk of transmitting virus to someone else. The risk involved to children is apparently a lot less however children are not immune for virus and as reported in Feb this year the figure for child mortality in US due to covid is round about 250... So as a parent or grandparent whats more important your childs saftey or your comfort? Theres no debate to this and anyone who tries to justify putting their
  9. Guess only RC can answer that
  10. We are going to let you do test cruises.....we just dont know when!!!!
  11. Msc already has NHS discount in place for cruises, 50% off or something like that
  12. Wouldnt be a long argument...people ask and complain about the fact as to why RC are implementing the wearing of masks even when vaccine has been given...answer because its not 100% safe and they have to protect those that cruise....simple .....The End
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