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  1. Was in San Juan last year enjoyed it that much going back in 5 months time and i cant speak Spanish in fact being Scottish it takes me all my time to talk English lol
  2. I just hope you don't let this spoil your vacation. First time you walk into your friends upgraded suite and you think this should have been ours! Also hope those that received upgrade knowing how upset you are at missing out, don't let it spoil their vacation by feeling that you are annoyed and jealous etc that they got a bonus instead of you , you are all there to celebrate a birthday not worry about cabins
  3. Everyone's dress sense is different, i would never wear knee length socks with sandals or tuck a dress shirt into shorts, if i see someone dressed this way im not going to judge call them a slob or let it ruin my meal, each to their own we are all on vacation and i couldnt care what anyone wears
  4. you are on vacation so dress in what you are comortable in and what YOU want to wear, dont worry about what others think, you are on vacation so just enjoy it without worrying about the fashion police.
  5. Apparently some lawyer in the US has said that its carnivals own fault and they should be held accountable, as both captain and pilot used to do this type of thing when they were children playing in the bathtub with rubber boats.
  6. If you are talking about hotels then yes, however booking a cruise in US or UK is the same, decide your dates, pick your cabin then once you have cabin price tick the box to add on prepaid gratuities to the total. Unfortunately some cities in the UK are now following other countries and are adding on city tax
  7. Wrong...in UK we have same system as in US, a separate line asking if we wish to prepay gratuities. If we tick yes then the daily amount is then added to the bill.
  8. Get your cellphone unlocked so you can purchase a sim card in dublin. If you buy the data PAYG pack it will be a lot less and you can use it anywhere in Europe at no extra cost. So when you are walking about the streets of dublin or Reykjavik your cellphone can be on as normal just using the data on the pack you buy
  9. https://floatingfestivals.co.uk/jane-mcdonald/festival-details/ For anyone interested 🙂 This can only be booked on the above link, No sailings for this week are listed on RC site
  10. Must admit i have never been to Ireland so i cannot comment on whats best. All i know is coming from good Irish catholic gypsy stock, is that my Ancestors left Ireland when the local Waitrose ran out of Potatoes and none of us ever went back 🤣
  11. When i sailed on Freedom last Nov was onboard by 11am 🙂 drink in hand by 11: 05 lol
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