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  1. So finally the RC UK site has the free all inclusive drinks package as part of their deal, this is where i finally find out the best deal available. Now when i started this thread back in march the costs were as follows UK Oceanview Balcony : £2,356.78 + free Wifi US Oceanview Balcony : £2036.50 + $50 obc ( RC ) + $50 obc ( MEI Travel ) THIS WAS BOOKED 🙂 The cost of drinks package to purchase is round about £700 for my wife and myself, so total for cruise with purchased drinks pack will be between £2700 - £2800 for the cruise. Various sales BOGO etc on both UK and USA sites have to date been more expensive, thank you to Sharla from MEI Travel for constantly checking USA site sales and letting me know my original booking was still the best. On checking RC UK site today much to my DELIGHT the total cost for same cruise, same balcony stateroom, free drinks package and prepaid gratuities is............................£3,743.82 Throw in the $100 OBC i received and i'm roughly £1000 better off having booked when sailings first became available. The balcony stateroom room on same deck ( forward ) is £1789pp now compared to just over £1100 pp when booked. And the best part is because booking was made through Blog Sponsor MEI TRAVEL they will still check price when deals appear 🙂
  2. Its a shame they didnt join this site prior to cruising because then they would have got all the info they needed. Cant believe anyone would go on a cruise that visits at least one foreign country and not think passports where needed, doesnt matter what your told you're leaving the country you need a passport to get back in be it by cruiseship or airline.
  3. Probably more chance of incidents involving alcohol on land at all inclusive hotels or walking down any main street in any city on a Saturday night. Every passenger on a cruiseship is there to enjoy themselves so chances of incident are a lot less than on land where people will argue with anyone about the most trivial things.
  4. If you go to top and read from start you will see i simply posted the latest news report, i made no comment or judgement. My later posts related to the fact that even though the facts where in front of them important parts were omitted by others thus basically saying RC dont care about peoples safety. So whats going to happen? A lawsuit against RC because they let people climb on fence or let people with mental issues board without having psychiatric tests done to ensure they dont jump overboard? Because thats the crazy world we live in! Its always someone elses fault! Now in your own words to me and others on various threads " if your not happy dont read "
  5. Same applies to me with the vacuum cleaner, i switch it on and move it about but god knows if it actually works properly 🤣 i just get told its not done right 🤣
  6. Yeah it is and is Disney work properly lol
  7. You only posted half of the report from the link i attached, the part where it states RC is one of a number of cruiselines which dont have this system in place yet. The part you omitted for reasons unknown clearly states the reasoning behind RC decision not to have this system in place until it actually works.
  8. Cant blame RC or any other cruiseline for peoples own stupidity. The railings are there to stop you falling over not to be used as a diving board or climbing frame!
  9. https://www.newsweek.com/royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-overboard-symphony-seas-1454481?amp=1 News report from 3hrs ago
  10. All this talk of paper straws brought this story from last week to mind https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-49234054 What clown thought this was a good idea 🤣
  11. You missed out the angostura bitter, i got them made on FOTS last year...ok i had to talk them through the process of making it but they got there
  12. Just a suggestion but if answering a question in another language would it not be best to answer in English and then write the same in other language, this way it assists everyone 🙂
  13. Make it part of the trip, uk to jfk, straight down to PR for a couple of nights before cruise then back to NYC after cruise for 4 nights for some shopping etc
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