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  1. You still get someone in the Philippines or India though! I have learnt if calling RC or BA avoid meal times in Asian countries as you get through quicker!
  2. +1 for this! Even at home i can be found sitting outside at 4am enjoying the peace and quiet.
  3. Fee isn't charged by RC so they cannot put it on your bill.
  4. The fee is used to pay the wages of those employed to check all visitors covid status. And its not as if they are the 1st country to charge tourists a fee to enter
  5. Mine took about 2 weeks to validate however as mentioned above you still need to show all relevant paperwork at port before boarding.
  6. Boots the chemist do supervised tests with results back within an hour for £30, these are accepted by RC. Website is easy to navigate you register with 1 site, pay then book your appointment.
  7. You can land far enough away from Terminal 5 that you need to jump on a bus to get you to terminal. ( i had this once ) Once in Terminal you follow purple signs for connecting flight, this takes you to a security check which can take a long time. I have been in Club Aspire lounge and in my opinion it wasnt worth it! Can't comment on other lounge but it does look better, sure its beside the weatherspoons pub near the A1 to A7 gates Also for smokers heathrow is a no smoking airport! They do not have a smoking area within airport. Anyone wanting a smoke must go outside.
  8. This type of thing happens all over the world! Go to mainland Europe someone may pickpocket you! Go to Asia or Africa and your gold chain may get ripped from your neck! Go to London you may get a knife stuck in your face while threatened and robbed! Go to US its same as above but more likely a gun than a knife! So doesn't matter where you go you should always be alert and take care
  9. Hop on hop off is probably the best way to get about
  10. Probably wont be answered as OG poster Probably won't return but i would love to know what website advertised refit at time of booking and exactly when booking was made, as it's been well spoken about on here and in news articles that RC refits didn't happen due to Covid.
  11. No masks required onboard or onshore on Baltic Cruises.
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