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  1. Government advice is not to travel to Haiti so you will probably not be able to get insurance. Best option would be to get a years multi trip insurance for worldwide and including cruise. Obviously while on Haiti you wouldn’t be insured.
  2. Not disagreeing with that! Fantastic footballer who is one of the greatest of all time! but the question is should anyone with any serious convictions that has possible jail time be a role model and have things named after them? Basically its saying "its ok to break the law you will still be treated like a god"!
  3. Never understand why they went for someone convicted and originally sentenced to jail time in Spain for tax avoidance as an "icon"
  4. Im uk as well and its happening over here also! Not sure if you use fast food but look at reciepts for " Service Charge" as long as they mention service charge be it on menu or website then its legal We are now being charged for people doing the job the are employed to do!
  5. Got to disagree with this as places in the US put the expected tip % onto reciepts without even knowing how customers feel about the service or the food/drink they have received. And if you tip lower due to poor service etc then they are not happy about it! Attiude of some is Level of service or quality of food doesn't matter just give me the 20% thats written on reciept!
  6. If you search for luggage storage in San Juan a few places come up that you can leave luggage for a few hours.
  7. I had issues with my points this is the email address i used to get it sorted out! Which is was very quickly. [email protected]
  8. You're lucky thats all you thought because floater means something completely different in UK
  9. Hopefully it doesn't snow! Not a joke we have had snow in June before so it's definitely cruise where you need to pack shorts, tshirts and thermals lol
  10. Mine says "Congratulations paid in full" and i have only paid the deposit.
  11. Thanks ..this is what i wanted Far better than paid for positive or negative reviews on google.
  12. When i searched google a few weeks back i looked at the Samsung Smarttags however the reviews were not great.
  13. Yes it is but do you believe every review for items on the Internet? Which is why i asked for recommendations
  14. Obviously not everyone uses Apple, is there anything similar for Android that anyone could recommend?
  15. Covent Garden is a nice location, very central within walking distance to most sights. Depending your budget you have The Savoy and directly opposite the less expensive Strand Palace. There are other hotels in the area also. Very safe area even to walk about at night ( which is something you should actually do )
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