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  1. do not disagree that this post was about Puerto Rico and the Southern Caribbean so, was simply pointing out that Puerto Rico and the Southern Caribbean are no different to anywhere else in the world with regards to cleanliness and safety..in fact San Juan is probably a lot cleaner and safer that some of the big cities across the world so.....
  2. this could apply to ANY country in the world, and to be honest the only time i have ever felt unsafe was in NYC 2 yrs ago.
  3. Wish i could get my wife to do this 🙂 every time we fly over the pond we MUST stop off in NYC for shopping 😞 so for me it's flights from UK to NYC then down to PR then back to NYC after cruise for a few days shopping 😭😭.
  4. Cruised out of San Juan last year on Freedom and it was great. Stayed for 2 nights prior to cruise and i must say San Juan is one of the nicest friendliest places i have visited. The cruise itself was fantastic and in all honesty the Puerto Rican's helped make it fantastic by creating a party atmosphere wherever they went. Each port of call they filed off ship behind band and national flags Next cruise is also out of San Juan to ABC Islands and i cant wait 🙂
  5. Another sale on the UK website..up to £1000 off 🙂 So i check dates of my Booking as £1000 off is not to be missed 🙂 Original cost on UK site with free wifi was £2,356.78 , cost today in sale with up to £1000 off is £2,337.64 with no wifi 😂 So to date US site is still the cheapest 🙂
  6. Your taking things way way out of context and in your own words putting words in my mouth i didnt say...at no point do i ever say " you said the captain said Asia" In fact i have always made the point that the captain said in your own words " specific Market" You yourself have stated that its your thoughts thats its Asia and that the captain didnt actually say it.... Now ALL i said was in reply to your post, that being its a rumour but as you have stated a rumour the captain didnt even start it, it was you yourself. Nothing wrong with what i said if you actually read it properly
  7. Lets not forget that at NO time did RC the captain mention Asia, that was done by yourself. You may be correct in your guess work but right now only those in charge know and even then they could change their mind.
  8. https://www.barbados.atlantissubmarines.com/our-tours-in-barbados : great tour https://www.viator.com/tours/St-Johns/Shore-Excursion-Massages-at-Valley-Church-Beach/d22047-11720P2 : great place to relax and even better massage https://www.bernardstours.com/ : In St Maartan, fun sightseeing tour
  9. Knowing you can just go get a drink without having to think about how much you've spent that day on alcohol, coffee, alcohol, bottle water, more alcohol, maybe a soft drink, definitely more alcohol, is in my opinion a good idea 🙂
  10. The Med, The Baltic , Asia as you mentioned, Nudist cruises, under 30 cruises, cruises with no kids....The Captain could have meant anything with the term Specific Market..
  11. You use your RC seapass card which to get off and back on ship
  12. No different to anywhere else in the world, you just have to be more alert and streetwise.
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