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  1. Get your cellphone unlocked so you can purchase a sim card in dublin. If you buy the data PAYG pack it will be a lot less and you can use it anywhere in Europe at no extra cost. So when you are walking about the streets of dublin or Reykjavik your cellphone can be on as normal just using the data on the pack you buy
  2. https://floatingfestivals.co.uk/jane-mcdonald/festival-details/ For anyone interested 🙂 This can only be booked on the above link, No sailings for this week are listed on RC site
  3. Must admit i have never been to Ireland so i cannot comment on whats best. All i know is coming from good Irish catholic gypsy stock, is that my Ancestors left Ireland when the local Waitrose ran out of Potatoes and none of us ever went back 🤣
  4. When i sailed on Freedom last Nov was onboard by 11am 🙂 drink in hand by 11: 05 lol
  5. If booking cruise through UK site either use Top cash back to get £££ paid back into your bank account or tell TA the amount you can get back in cash so they lower their price by the amount you would receive True scotsman.....its all about the £££ and tighter than 2 coats of paint lol
  6. Im a smoker and on FOTS last year there were times i had to leave the casino for fresh air! My clothes and what hair i have left smelt of smoke. You cannot smoke in bars or restaurants, even in casinos on land so why not stop it on cruiseships? In my opinion it would make it more enjoyable
  7. Is it April 1st already? If RC ban smoking on ships then this would apply to crew as well, so i very much doubt it would be a complete ban. They may ban it from the casino which is in doors, which in my opinion as a smoker they should do.
  8. Welcome to the Boards 🙂 As a fellow brit the only advice i can give is to remember that a Visa or Esta doesn't mean you just walk through customs, you could be unlucky and be picked out for any reason resulting in a missed flight
  9. https://wgntv.com/2019/10/28/northwest-indiana-grandfather-charged-in-puerto-rico-cruise-ship-death/ Link says everything needed to say
  10. Totally agree, however having watched my booking both in UK and US the best deal was when it first appeared, since then every RC deal no matter what they offer has been more expensive.
  11. Thats 60% off once they have added 120% 🤣 cruise i booked way back is £800 more than it was before.
  12. Aliens???? I always thought it was the Loch Ness Monster sinking the ships while on a Caribbean vacation
  13. Decorations on freedom went up just after Thanksgiving last year, so i would imagine this was the same across all RC Ships
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