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  1. This is the reason i shifted from March 21 to March 22. So many things to take into consideration not just whether ship sails! Quarantine rules may still be in place The timescale involved for getting covid tests and flying to San Juan. If its 50% capacity it may be only North Americans plus numerous other things In the end it was easier just to lift and shift and look at booking a last minute cruise for 2021 once restrictions are lifted.
  2. This applies for me as only my wife purchases Voom so she can keep in contact with kids back home in case of emergency and post the occasional thing on Unsocial media (cant call it social when everyone just sits on their phones ) When on vacation i only use the camera on my phone, im on vacation i dont need to be checking my phone every time it bleeps just to find out it was a Bogof offer from Dominos Pizza etc and i dont have any unsocial media sites ( i have a life instead ) lol
  3. Decided last week to lift and shift my plannned 2021 cruise until 2022 cancelled all cruise planner purchases first, ALL refunds in my bank today
  4. Must admit an extra day in Rome would appeal to me , only reason i would go to port day before is i know how bad other European countries are for just going on strike and causing chaos with trains, buses etc
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55040635 Cost of Oxford Vaccine will be about $5 at most with 90+ 3rd world or less developed countries only paying a maximum of $3 per dose. Putting people first before profits
  6. Mercure is a well know chain over this side of the pond. Various hotel websites say nearest hotel is 0.2m to cruiseport with numerous others within a mile or so ( of course its google so it could br wrong lol )
  7. If internet is required for track and trace on ship then cruiselines or local government should be responsible for providing the necessary requirements not the passenger.
  8. I said the samething months ago, also said they could stagger days from same port ie 1 ship sailing on a monday another on a tuesday etc from barcelona or Stockhom etc. With vaccine in Europe almost available things could change very quickly over here so they should have as i said way back a Plan B
  9. 6 of the 7 were same family so the % you quote means nothing as they were probably infected before boarding. The positives to look at is that when these 6 were found out only 1 other case was found in passengers. With regards crew no idea but if they had worn masks then may not have happened .
  10. Not when its 1 family who have travelled together to get to barbados from US, probably shared hotel room beforehand and cabins on ship along with everything else they have done together in between ( as in NOT wearing masks while sharing rooms etc )
  11. My first thoughts also! Doesnt matter if its on a cruiseship or on land risk involved is the same! Just ask the family of 6 involved in the cruiseship covid case!
  12. On Friday, a letter signed by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA) called on the CDC to reinstate its no-sail order for cruise ships and reverse efforts to restart the industry's US operations. The letter cites the outbreak aboard SeaDream 1.
  13. Article posted clearly states that it is a passenger who tested postive and that there are only 53 passengers and 66 crew onboard.
  14. Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine could cost Britain £588million and wind up being seven times more expensive per dose than the one being developed by Oxford University. The jab, which the company this week claimed is 90 per cent effective and could be approved by regulators within weeks, is likely to cost at least £15 per dose and must be stored in specially designed ice packs that can cost approximately £5,000 each. A vaccine being produced by Oxford, however, may cost as little as £2.23 per dose after the university and manufacturer AstraZeneca agreed not to profit from it. Part o
  15. Not just the celebrations! All those protesting as well but we wont get into that lol Yeah same in UK, looks as though we have to ride out the storm of the 2nd wave and hope its available before a 3rd hits
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