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  1. A lot of big multi national companies have their call centres or IT departments located in Asia as it costs less is wages etc
  2. Here is 1 option, you would have to get from airport to railway in bologna
  3. The only thing that is required is the ESTA which is for entry to US. As long as you have that then you are OK.
  4. Travel to Puerto Rico Passengers arriving on international flights must present a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within one day prior to departure to the United States (including Puerto Rico as a territory). Foreign citizens must also present proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Unvaccinated passengers arriving on international flights will only be allowed in entry to Puerto Rico if they are US citizens or permanent lawful residents. Anyone visiting Puerto Rico should familiarise themselves with the local public health measures currently in place.
  5. When i was 15 i was in a glider that almost crashed into a building, it took me another 15 yrs after that to get back up in the air and i hated it!!! Being honest i had to be half cut before boarding and only did short flights of about 2 hrs max to Paris. However i had to bite the bullet and do long haul and take family to Orlando for a vacation. Hated Orlando but best thing i did was a long haul flight! Wish i had done it sooner because being in the air for a longer period of time about 8hrs helped me more than just being up 2. Also the more you do it, the more you become accustomed to it, now i can't wait to fly off somewhere new.
  6. Is their a question to your post or is it just your observation your getting off your chest?
  7. If you google op name you will find a dated twitter account where i would say its an account set up to be used for paid reviews or links. Companies pay people for positive reviews on their own pages jusr as they also pay for negative reviews for their competitors.
  8. Tattoos !!! There are a number of countries where having tattoos can cause issues.
  9. It really must have been a bad cruise as the post is all underlined. Hopefully OP returns so they can fill in the blanks as to why it was so bad!
  10. No all is good im mixed race 1/4 RC Irish Gypsy, 1/8 English, The rest Scottish ...in saying that i did donate 2 pints of blood just to make sure the english pint was gone lol
  11. Mmmmm brown sauce The only thing related to the houses of Parliament that gets my vote And so much tastier than tomato sauce or Ketchup
  12. I was going to ask if the chip butty was in a roll, bap or a softie ( same thing different name ) but thought it would confuse the situation more lol Yes ....Boris Johnson !!!! Everyone calls him the same thing....useless
  13. I actually had 1 tonight lol
  14. great when you go on vacation though, all those people trying to force sell things soon get fed up and go away when your just standing there saying...fits at? Fit? Fit you onaboot?
  15. Its ok its complicated lol Great Britain ( GB )comprises the countries of Scotland, England and Wales. United Kingdom ( UK ) comprises the Countries in GB and Northern Ireland ( NI) The British Isles consists of Countries in the UK and Ireland. At Athletic sporting events such as the European or World Championships a GB and NI team is entered however at the Olympics the team is from GB only, NI joins with southern Ireland to compete as a one Ireland team. As mentioned previously international team sports are kept to individual nations! The exception is Rugby Union which has the Barbarians who play tour matches.
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