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  1. I was the worlds WORST flyer, at the age of 15 i was in a glider that almost crashed! Took me 15 yrs to fly again, Uk to spain just 3 or so hours but i hated every second of it. Best thing i did was book a trip to Orlando as the long haul flight helped me overcome a lot of my fears. Now ive been all over the world seeing places i could never have imagined seeing
  2. Would RC or any other private company be allowed to purchase vaccine before it is issued to those in need and at risk? I know a company in the UK tried it and got rejected, actually they got slaughtered in the press for even thinking it. With regards PH most crew are young and healthy so they wont be top of the list for vaccine, and crews not just for RC come from many countries and every cruiseline will be in the same boat so to speak, Also there are over 7000 islands making up the Philippines so getting what vaccine they receive out to these places will take time. And lets not for
  3. I agree but didnt mention it due to the fact any time requiring vaccines, wearing masks or social distancing are mentioned it starts the old " im not getting a vaccine or wearing a mask" debate or my other favourite " i may as well stay at home if i have to do that" As i said previously what will be will be and we either follow the rules and get on with things best we can or we stay at home
  4. According to reports in the UK the new strain found in New York is the one to watch. So US reports are saying UK strain is the worst and UK reports are saying its the New York one!!! So each is accusing the other of having the worst strain, guess this is one title no one wants to win lol The only fact that matters is the fact there are now vacccines out there and most sensible people are getting them. Are they going to be 100% successful? Not a chance!! I mean the flu jab isnt 100% , we just need to try and focus on each day without thinking to far into the future because every
  5. There are still a lot of issues to resolve so way i see it, it will happen when it happens. yes the sooner the better but no one wants short cuts to be taken when peoples safety is the priorty
  6. Thanks Sharla I did think that but wasnt sure if i had missed something...guess its just all hearsay and our wild imaginations running wild until RC and CDC come out with whats actually happening and whats required
  7. 100% correct....this is why the US is red and those entering the UK from the US must self isolate in a designated hotel room without leaving for 10 days at a cost over roughly £1200... Oooops my mistake US isnt red!! Its not on the banned list Anyone coming in from there doesnt have to do as was mentioned.. Now if your coming from Portugal which is EU or UAE which is Asia then yeah you are seen as higher risk than someone from Florida or new york etc so US citizens are NOT seen as higher risk. Ps river cruises have already started in germany as has been reported a w
  8. This clearly relates to employees of companies only not customers... Its like a restaurant or a nightclub..yes you can make a reservation but when you turn up they can refuse entry if you're not dressed properly or appear intoxicated. So what this means in relation to vaccine is that companies ( we will say RC ) employees dont have to agree to get the vaccine, however given the fact most are on rolling contracts those that refuse probably won't get contract renewed. With regards customers whatever rules RC apply we have to adhere to, if we are not happy with them then we just
  9. If your are able to wear contact lenses then this option 100% On vacation i wear them everyday, only issue i have is if i forget my reading glasses when i have contacts in, makes it impossible to read the cocktail list so i just start at the top and work my way down
  10. Every other post is doom and gloom!!! Everyday is like groundhog day with the same virus talk being said over and over again. Im not wearing a mask onboard! Thats fine but you wont be sailing!! Its not a vacation!If thats how you feel stay at home!!! Cant make me do this or that! Well if you want to cruise they can!! Against my rights etc etc etc I can read and its on tv every hour i dont really want to log on here and its the same! Its boring to be honest! Way i see it we can all try and predict the future but no one really can, if we could would we really
  11. What would be too much??? To book a cruise knowing of all the restrictions and measures RC and governments of ports of call have implemented then have to listen to fellow guests who signed up agreeing to all of the measures constantly complain about it.
  12. KLM gave me vouchers instead of cash refund last year, i used vouchers to rebook flights for my rebooked cruise which was meang ti be in 4 weeks. Obviously cruise was cancelled and my concern was that because i used vouchers i would again be given this, but no!!!! To my shock KLM issued a full cash refund even though flight has not been cancelled. KLM got a lot of bad press last year its good to see they are now trying to make up for that.
  13. Nope because i havent booked for 2021!! Right now i cant even travel 20miles never mind 2000!! Now IF cruises start anytime in 2021 i will be straight onto websites looking for not the best deal but thd one that gives me the best chance of actually getting there with minimum hassle. With regards how i quote you! MAYBE just maybe if you didnt write as if your word was god and everyone should listen to you and you alone you may find people dont question you so much
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