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  1. This is true! Cocaine is a big problem in Scotland Even small fishing towns have BIG drug problems due to people having money to waste!
  2. less than 800,000 cctv cameras in london as of 2020. Also i watched a news report last week where Donald said that the telephone was invented by America 😂😂 pretty sure Alexander Graham bell was Scottish Also watched the film U571 where it was made out that America got the Egnima code machine in WW2, So Just because we read or watch something doesnt mean its true. Who wants to watch a show where everything is good? Glorify the bad get people talking ( a bit like the documentary here last week about cruise industry being responsible for covid! And yes the Miami Herald was involved in the show ) There are far worse places than london to get robbed! Paris, Barcelona, Detroit, New York, Rio, my kitchen when i leave my wallet lying about... Ps being scottish i cannot believe im actually defending a place i dont actually like! but i believe people should not make judgement on something unless they have true facts or sampled it themselves.
  3. You are correct with what you say, the article does state that a cruise may in fact be safer than going on a vacation to a city such as London....HOWEVER it says in a Covid environment at no point does it mention crime rate. My question would be have you ever been to London or are you just going by reports in newspapers. London is no different to any other major city in the world! It has its good and bad areas, good and bad citizens, US cities will have far worse crime rates, shootings, killings and thats just the police!
  4. Can you let me know next time you book a river cruise so i can book the same one 🙂
  5. Is the last part allowed as you dont say its against ship Rules? 😉
  6. If social distancing involves my Wife on one ship and me on another, then yeah no problem 🙂 Fact is social distancing is for the foreseeable future part of the new normal be it in shops, bars or cruiseships, we just got to get used to it
  7. This is the reason i got arrested in a south Carolina Nightclub, i was carried out by 6 policemen while pleading it was a genuine mistake, as i looked for upside down pineapples to back up my case 😂😂
  8. Also parents responsibility to teach them right from wrong, have respect not only for others but also themselves and to understand how they behave reflects on you as a parent. I would hate to have children growing up now, this generation are set examples on how to behave by idiots on reality tv and the Internet
  9. At 15 i would have made my daughter sunbathe in nothing less than a sleeping bag 🤣🤣🤣
  10. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/fabulous/4431089/glasgow-swimsuit-fail-vagina-upside-down-viral/ Even more embarrassing if you write a complaint to swimsuit manufacturer
  11. Bit embarrassing if after a few to many 🍷🍷🍷🍷 someone gets the bottoms and the mask mixed up 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Page 1 .right at bottom...these are the views of the author not the eu....basically it means nothing, saved me reading 48 pages of long winded rubbish that means nothing
  13. Should have been on FOTS today for my wifes 50th birthday Since we couldn't go on the cruise decided to take part of the cruise to us 🙂 🍷🍷🍷 My wifes favourite wine from our previous cruise, Not the easiest of wines to find during a pandemic 😂
  14. Only thing i would like to see is passengers 😁😁😁😁
  15. It looks as though The UK is allowing people from Spain, France and Greece to enter soon without any quarantine restrictions. Other countries will have to wait until their R rate, death Rate etc drop to an acceptable level. Now this is all well and good but lets say Pedro from Barcelona has been in Germany (where cases have risen again dramatically) the week before travelling to the UK. As travel between eu countries does not require a visa or passport stamp there is no record of anyones movement in previous weeks so we have no idea where the people arriving from countries listed as OK have been
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