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  1. Not sure if this helps or not but i have used on on the cruise planner, paid for base fare with same card but that was through MEI Travel
  2. Europe right now Europe wont be opening up anytime soon... 😞
  3. China reported 60 something new cases last week, which they reported as people entering china from outside. Until a vaccine is found this isnt going away and as twangster said will resurface, vouchers for cruises or flights would be better off dated for 2 yrs just in case
  4. The main issue i see is when is the peak? In the UK we hit 1000 deaths today 😞 and in a broadcast from the UK Government they stated today that they are hopeful they will be able to keep the death toll caused by Covid-19 to under 20,000.... ( yes you read that correctly) They estimate that the peak will hit in 2 or 3 weeks time. Now Cruise companies need to get moving again as quickly as possible, simply due to the financial costs every day they are sitting still, however as we have seen countries have peaked at various times as the virus spreads across the world, and to me here lies the problem, People travel from all over the world for vacations not just cruises, i could fly from UK to New York for a cruise and the person next to me who is stopping in NYC has the virus, if i catch it from them, then by the time it kicks in properly i'm half way around the Caribbean. 1 single passenger falling ill on a cruiseship due to Covid-19 may start this all over again...we have seen Ports not let ships dock and it is still happening ( SHIP OFF PANAMA )
  5. Is it? wouldn't think so the way some bloody idiots are behaving!!!! Going to the park, having BBQ'S etc etc etc THIS is why it will get worse! if people cannot follow simple guidelines then stricter measures are put in place.
  6. Booked for FOTS end of june, in all honesty seeing how its traveled west from china to italy then spain, the UK hasnt even got started yet! No matter what anyone thinks, This virus isnt going away anytime soon. And lockdown in countries will not only continue but get worse Do i believe i will be able to cruise? No chance!!!! Hopefully im wrong but i doubt i am
  7. Pretty sure most on here would rather watch videos of RC cruiseships as this is what the forum is meant to be about. And im sure people log on here to get AWAY from whats going on with the virus, yet are constantly reminded, what next ? A live blog on a B2B isolation? Lets get up our favourite cruise pics, funniest stories etc FUN STUFF not DOOM and GLOOM
  8. All lies !!!!!!!!!!! According to a guy at work who spends FARRRRRRRRRRRRR to much time on the dark web this is all a conspiracy going back as far as mankind evolved, it's all to do with JFK, Disney, Tom Hanks, Royal Family ( The list is endless ) and we will all find out the truth soon enough!! Am i concerned about Covid - 19? not really what will be will be! am i concerned about guy at work ? OH YEAH ....... The world has gone absolutely crazy and where and how it started should be left to the experts to work out and deal with! we should not listen to rumours or random shit on the internet that NO ONE can confirm or deny because doing so may just create more issues
  9. Hopefully as i am end of June and if it's not chances are i will lose a bit of money 😞
  10. Friend i know who works for Aida cruises is stuck onboard for next 30 days, crew are entertaining themselves by playing games and having parties
  11. This is probably why RC is doing this! It's almost certain that if an elderly person went on a cruise and contracted Covid -19 the family of those concerned would be taking legal action against RC for allowing them on the ship knowing there was a chance they could get it.
  12. They are people siting behind their laptops writing things which may be true but then again may not be!! i could say i left $200 per day as a tip just to look good and appear better than others, but in reality i may only have left $50 as a whole like you did. People Bullshit just to look good ignore them and do as you wish.....BTW im scottish and the only thing we tip is our glengarrys lol
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