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  1. The main reason i get the drinks package is for peace of mind.... 6 drinks may seem a lot but if as said previously you have a speciality coffee at breakfast then head off onshore grabbing your bottles of water then you are down to only 5 drinks! Once back onboard you will be grabbing a nice glass of wine or a cold beer on the pool deck while you relax after a day sightseeing, before heading off for your evening meal which of course will be accompanied by a glass of red ( or 2 ) That means throughout the rest of the evening watching the shows, listening to music or hitting the club until the early hours you only need 3 drinks to break even. And in the morning when you switch on the TV and check your account theres no large bill waiting to be paid...thats the best part 🙂
  2. If i had any form of social media then i would, however i will drop them an email asking or sent out a carrier pigeon lol
  3. mmmmm now there's an idea stick her in another cabin by herself 😂 Thanks 🙂 looks as though it's a call to RC
  4. At present Jetblue flights only covers up to the 10th of June 2020, now most other airlines move forward 1 day at a time, however from my understanding Jetblue releases flights in batch's maybe 3 months at a time. So my question is does anyone have any idea when the next release that covers flights in July 2020 will be? Also do any airlines ( Jetblue, Delta & United ) have Black Friday/ Cyber monday sales? TYI Ray
  5. If i wanted to purchase the drinks package with voom for my wife does that mean i must purchase it as well or can i just purchase drinks package by itself? If i can do this, can i do it on planner or would i have to call RC to get this done? TYI Ray
  6. Orient beach is maybe not a good idea as it may give a whole new meaning to " with this ring i thee wed" 😉
  7. Same here 🙂 I have saved page as a favourite which means an icon appears on homescreen just like an app page.
  8. There was a show on UK TV recently about the worlds most expensive cruiseship, the Seven Seas Explorer from Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The Top suite was massive and had it's OWN bar in it! You wanted a drink you called staff to come pour you one! also had a piano and yes if you wanted music you called someone to come play it. the show was called " secrets of the worlds most expensive cruiseship"
  9. we used Uber in San Juan last year, Uber from hotel to airport was half the price of taxi from airport to hotel
  10. There is a UK show called " cruising with jane McDonald " It takes in most cruiselines, all sizes of ships and covers e every part of the world. You can find them on youtube
  11. We do get the sales here in the UK however prices are increased to cover what you get on the discount or freebies. Having compared both UK & US prices on my sailing for over a year, the only answer i could give if asked, as to when is the best time to book would be as soon as they come out. Thats what i did and its the cheapest it has been, in fact the price now is about £1000 more
  12. Must admit that when im on vacation my phone is only used as a camera. If my wife visits spa etc without me i just tell her a few places i may be and she finds me. However the info on here is good for those like my wife who like to keep in contact with those back home or post things on Unsociable Media ( you can tell by that comment i dont have it lol ) Is there a timescale for rolling the feature out onto all other ships?
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