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  1. Hi All, going on Ovation to the South Pacific in 71 days, however the cruise planner is only showing shore excursions available for Noumea, with none showing for Mystery Island and Port Vila. How soon should I start worrying about none being available? By contrast, my cruise on Ovation to NZ in 159 days is showing excursions available for all 4 port stops. Thanks in advance
  2. Wasn't one on Apple either
  3. Got email this morning with the Australian protocols - https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/the-healthy-sail-center?country=AUS 95% vaccination. 12 and over must be vaccinated although allowing medical exemptions. Pre cruise negative test "likely" although will be confirmed closer to sailing dates.
  4. They certainly were when I checked yesterday
  5. Judging by this video uploaded on YouTube in the past 24 hours it would appear that the technology has already been fitted to Freedom, and perhaps other ships also.
  6. Just got the email. Radiance canceled for 22/23 summer with nothing replacing it. The usual options of L&S to OV/Quantum this summer or the 23-24 sailings released tomorrow, 100% refund or move deposit to another booking.
  7. Considering the topic of the original post, I guess this is probably the best place for me to ask this as, living in Australia, I am entirely confused about and don't understand about the entire tipping culture. I'm beginning to plan for a trip to the US in a few years that will be centred around cruising. Here in Australia, tipping is something that never happens. To be totally honest, morally I feel that tipping should not be mandatory and is something that should be entirely at the passengers discretion, however I appreciate that it is so ingrained in the culture in the USA that, whether I agree with it or not, it's something that I would have to do. My questions would mainly be - Who should we give tips to? I understand porters, room attendants, bartenders, waiters etc. all rely on/require tips. How much/how big of a tip should we give them? How much should we budget for per night of a cruise? Regarding which staff get tips, who de we not tip? Room attendants get tipped for servicing your room, waiters and bartenders for serving your food/drinks, however presumably, we don't tip the Cruise Director because we enjoyed the entertainment or the captain because the ship didn't crash, so at which level/seniority of the crew do we stop tipping?
  8. 12/2 10 night? See you there. Unfortunately no reprice for me as all the studio cabins are gone so can't see what the price would be at the moment
  9. Good news. International borders opened to tourists on the 21/2. They never mentioned anything (that I've noticed) about lifting the cruising ban though.
  10. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2023_2024/21076950_Deployment_Opening_Schedule_2023_2024.pdf. It gets updated/changes quite regularly, best to go to https://loyaltoyoualways.com/deployment/ and follow the links from there.
  11. I saw a post on instagram today by the account @graceerikawilliams that the Aqua theatre cast are just about to join and the show will be called 'InTENse'.
  12. Likewise, also not letting me purchase excursions for my Feb 2023 Ovation cruise. I've also got OBC.
  13. Sadly with the current COVID outbreak in your part of the country, for those of us from outwith NSW, I don't see any hope of us being able to go on the new cruises without needing quarantine when we get home. And that's before we even consider the probability of the federal government allowing the ships in to begin with
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