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  1. Read about this event yesterday, Jim Walker is all over it already with his blog posts bringing up deaths at these events from 10 years ago and that RC are accountable...the mans a clown!!!!
  2. Yet up here in Scotland where its still a legal requirement to wear masks you walk about Nicolas backyard (Edinburgh & Glasgow) and the amount of people not wearing masks even in shops or on public transport is shocking! Yet nothing is said or done about this!!
  3. Hard as it may be to believe its not necessarily a racist thing, would take far to long to explain on here as it dates back to the 60s in the UK and is way off topic for thread, while it would be great having this chat over a cold beer sailing round the Caribbean im more than willing to explain in DM if you wish.
  4. All that and your not even the largest country in North America! Must be really bad for the bigger country over there lol And imagine how that small European Country called Russia must feel, i mean they only have twice the land area of the largest country in North America. We wont talk about diversity in Europe as you must be using windows 1948 as a search engine
  5. Thats ok imagine how we feel trying to work out how 1 country (USA) can have over 50 different rules depending what state you are in ( for me its usually a drunken state when on holiday lol) For easiness England, Scotland and Wales make up Great Britain, when you throw in Northern Ireland then it becomes United Kingdom.
  6. Check government websites of countries being visited to make sure you are aware of the latest up to date regulations or restrictions that may be in place. Also Numerous European countries have measures in place where you must show proof of vaccine along with Photo ID to gain entry to cafes, bars or other tourist attractions. Most if not all European Countries have been open to visitors for months now, this includes visitors from US. Not sure if any isolation would be required on returning to US
  7. Read on another site that speciality restaurants on Explorer are closed this week, probably due to lack of crew
  8. Not sure what your plans are but remember that for entry into the US from UK test must be no more than 24hrs old and for cruise 48 hrs.
  9. An Asian and an Irishman on a video call... sounds like the start of a Billy Connolly Joke lol I mean Proper Queens English how difficult is it Yall know what i mean
  10. I was going to look into this for trip to NYC and PR but in the end i just binned cruise. Needed 5 tests each and the though of sourcing them, getting them done, waiting for results was bad enough but then reading on here about some receiving out of date tests or travelling to cruiseport while searching for somewhere to take test made me rethink my options. Still going on a cruise just 1 that doesnt involve so many tests just to get onboard
  11. cancel your booking under CWC and rebook something else that is more to your liking. Just make sure to check the web for full details of ship ( photos, reviews etc) before booking
  12. ??? Is this an RC policy only? I have saw photos of crew members from a cruiseline mixing with crew members from other cruiselines onshore! Crew members in bars, cafes and restaurants with no masks or social distancing. Crew members out and about exploring ports of call. Crew members meeting up with family and friends who now stay abroad but are close enough to visit ports when ships dock. Crew are not under lock and key! As mentioned on another thread they DO NOT need to book excursions to go ashore! Oh and lets not forget the corridor parties
  13. Just read ( so cant confirm as true ) that Nots was denied entry to Mexico today.
  14. Hopefully its that and they havent signed Miley Cyrus up for a season!
  15. We ( the common people ) have been told by those in charge numerous times that covid is here to stay! If it is then we just need to get on with life now! Im not saying remove masks or social distancing as we still have a responsibility to look after ourselves and others but we cant go on locking things down everytime someone sneezes!
  16. Newest one just discovered is variant IHU, comes from france
  17. Located in Old San Juan this place gives out free salsa and chips. They tasted amazing and not just because they were FOC lol
  18. All of the reports i have read show that the vast majority of cases onboard ships are crew members who are all fully vaccinated. Now rules have been set in place for passengers by cruiselines across the globe! Social distancing, only excursions booked through ship etc. Yet crew members can party in their corridors! Then can get off ship without supervision and wander about ports of call. If an RC ship was to dock alongside a MSC ship in a port its almost certain there will be family or friends working on both ships so they meet up, go to a cafe or bar have a coffee or beer and a catch up! A ship in Europe (aidanova) was banned from leaving a port on NYE, after much deliberation they decided to cancel the cruise as most of the crew had to be taken off to isolate in hotels. Reports showed guests enjoying the sun having a beer while crew were offloaded first! I fully understand you can not keep crew locked up for 24 hours a day, i wouldnt expect that however when ships are being banned from ports due to the amount of crew testing positive something has to change, passengers can do all that is asked of them yet still have their cruise cut short due to crew making up most of the % of positive cases.
  19. Just to highlight what i meant with correct information how i read your post is as follows! Was customer service poor? No Was there Trash in hallways? No Was there a lack of testing? No Etc et etc You have made a negative statement with a positive answer....
  20. Nope you're presuming that! People should never presume things thats were mistakes or incidents occur!!! I only asked a question because what you wrote was misleading. Its always good to have the full and correct information before making judgement.
  21. I may be missing something but on No7 you say when WE were getting tested YET on No 8 you say you were never tested, which is it?
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