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  1. Most important thing is to check routes that you can travel without restrictions. A stop off even for just 50 mins in a country thats not on the green list of the country you are visiting could result in issues on arrival or when heading home.
  2. Right now no EU or UK citizens can enter the US ( there are a exceptions but cruising isnt one of them) Would be ok for US travelers if whatever quarantine regulations are in place at time of travel are acceptable to those who wish to cruise.
  3. Virgin Cruises appear to be for those looking for a party style Cruise.
  4. You could take the train from Venice to Bologna then from there to Porto Corsini, travel time is about 4hrs but would work out less $$$$ for the trip.
  5. How easy / difficult will it be for non US citizens to get tests done 2 days prior to cruise if flying into NYC on wed then down to PR on the Friday for Sunday Cruise! Presuming tests would need to be done on the Friday in PR.
  6. The best and easiest way for anyone to find out the regulations for countries they are visiting is to read that countries government website.
  7. No!! Most if not all European counties have the traffic light system in place, your R Rate increases then you are moving down the colours! A country has been placed on green list, 2 weeks later its amber again due to increase in cases, this is nothing against US its just how it is countries looking after there own, What US does is to most people of little concern only those like myself that has cruise booked check to see whats happening across the pond
  8. Bloody hell by the time you read all that quarantine would be finished ?
  9. when they cancelled they probably had discussed things and had a few ideas of what they would do with FCC, i would just stick to those plans!
  10. The amount of cruises any person has been on or their level of membership should not even come into the equation! When it comes to drinks package, excursions or anything else on the cruise planner everyone is and should be in the same boat..
  11. Those that are coughing and sweating to the left those that are not to the right ?
  12. I read this report and the figures you quote are for the delta variant. The oxford vaccine was down in the low 60 % mark if i remember correctly. This is why they are saying booster is needed, simple fact vaccine was for covid type 1 ( chinese ) we are now on type 4 ( delta) the report i read mentioned the worry about future variants and how ithings could get a lot worse!
  13. https://www.salute.gov.it/portale/nuovocoronavirus/dettaglioContenutiNuovoCoronavirus.jsp?lingua=english&id=5412&area=nuovoCoronavirus&menu=vuoto Italian government website has nothing that i can see about 36hr transit. Just says from the UK you have to isolate.
  14. Could be wrong ( probably am lol ) but the Wording for above is Transitting IN a private vehicle, to me this would relate to people such as HGV drivers.
  15. You got rid of Harry and Meghan! in my opinion that should give you preferential treatment over all other countries lol
  16. https://metro.co.uk/2021/08/21/virgin-voyages-scarlet-lady-cruise-ship-review-decks-and-docks-and-rocknroll-15128510/
  17. I read a report on the scarlet lady sailing by some journalist onboard! Sounded good until they reported you had to pay to open the sex toy box in your cabin( no joke )
  18. Even though its just a US territory PR comes under CDC control so same rules apply there with regards travel. I'm booked for March out of PR so havent a clue whats going to happen! Have looked at other cruises but not the same cruising the Baltic in March when its cold and wet compared to the Caribbean
  19. Cant fly to US from UK for leisure purposes and no word when it will be allowed. Last reports had biden office saying it may be possible to open up for EU visitors but not UK....i guess he has issues with his English cousins lol
  20. Same here in UK. It wouldn't surprise me US borders were still closed for my cruise in March.
  21. Not sure if this has been asked previously. there have been incidents where people have tested positive for Covid while onboard and have been medivaced off the ship. RC have implemented measures including private transfer by charter jet to get them home, now my question is what if its a person from North America sailing in Europe or a European sailing in the Caribbean! Are these measures still in place?
  22. Cant be the UK! My daughter works in a Hospital for the NHS and they are tested every week without fail.
  23. Under 18s can be vaccinated in the UK. 16 and 17 yr olds can be vaccinated if they wish and vaccine has just been approved for 12yrs and above.
  24. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-08-greece-fully-vaccinated-covid-death.html Obviously governments are concerned about the delta variant and the possibility of new strains in the future which is why boosters have been mentioned by various governments.
  25. Latest rules for Italy For anyone travilling to Italy ?? ALL UK citizens must self isolate for 5 days on arrival even if vaccinated. US travelers if vaccinated are ok as long as every other box is ticked even which airline you fly!
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