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  1. What's the view on when we'll see more 2022 Itineraries released, currently I can only see sailings for the Caribbean. Keen to start planning what to use my FCC on and already have a couple of non RC cruises booked for 2021
  2. Looks like Norwegian could be aiming for the same start date, just cancelled all cruises to the end of July https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22974-norwegian-cancels-all-july-sailings.html
  3. So RC subsidiary SilverSea has announced a further pause in service until mid July, will RC announce the same at today's stock market update? https://www.cruisetradenews.com/silversea-extends-pause-in-operations-until-july/
  4. Very nicely put, no emotion, just an honest post
  5. Italy is likely to have a 14 day quarantine period on users from outside the 26 EU countries, so it's only partially opening up and those of us outside these countries will find it difficult to visit, me included, so I'm not expecting my end of June trip on Explorer will happen.😢
  6. So it's very obvious from yesterdays briefing by Michael Bayley that we're not going to start sailing in the next month, and certainly not from a European port, so please just get on and announce the next phase of cancellations. I appreciate they are trying to manage their cash flow (or hold onto our money depending on your viewpoint) but they are just increasing the frustration with their loyal customers. Long term no one will thank them for building up our hopes only to then cancel at the last minute.
  7. Michael, we loved it when we sailed from Tampa earlier this year, I posted a review on another site, in summary, smaller ship without all the bells and whistles of the mega ships, brilliant service, good food, very friendly, being smaller you're never too far from where you want to be. We had a junior suite on deck 8, nice spacious room, we ate Chops Grille and Giovanni's, great food and attentive service, will be sailing on similar sized ships again.
  8. Madness.perhaps RC need to pay more attention to the detail, we'd all rather wait an extra few days than have something rushed out which is wrong. Creates us stress and RC more work, more haste, less speed as we say in the UK🙄
  9. Holland America have also announced further cancellations, come on RC, no one really believes you'll be sailing on the 12th June, just put us out of our misery. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22905-holland-america-cancels-all-2020-alaska-europe-and-canada-sailings.html
  10. Couldn't see any reference to European sailings in the announcement, perhaps they're looking at different timescales, or perhaps they're just canceling the season?
  11. Seems a strange decision to send 3 ships to the UK, none of which are due to be home ported in the UK, and to send Anthem, which is due to be in Southampton to India, can't see many sailings happening this summer
  12. We sailed on Rhapsody out of Tampa this February/March and loved it, go for it if you are able, you won't regret it.
  13. Which ports are rumoured to be reopening, Hurtigruten's CEO recently stated they were hoping to recommence cruise operations to some Norwegian ports in June (they are still running essential service to some ports currently), or was it some of the more mainstream ports you had in mind?
  14. They couldn't resist the "floating Petri Dish" comment could they 😠
  15. The UK cruise line Marella (part of the TUI Group) has extended it's no sail to the end of June today, if RC do follow suit could they hurry up, I'm due to pay the outstanding balance of our summer cruise in the next few days.
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