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  1. Twangster Thanks for this I've not seen it before, do they send this to you or is it a case of book marking it and looking on a regular basis. I note they are mostly US based cruises.do they have a pdf for each region? So much to learn........... Mike
  2. Was looking at the Crown and Anchor benefits and wondered has anyone ever benefited from the following "Crown & Anchor Exclusive Rates - Up to 25% off Close-In Sailings" According to the T&C we should receive a Crown and Anchor offer code, has anyone had one. To date I've not.
  3. Rhapsody will probably get it in Mid March, about a week after our cruise if past history is anything to go by, we were on Anthem last year, the week after our cruise it was added to the app. 😢
  4. Would be nice if you could board this at a UK port, give us Brits another no fly cruise
  5. Royal Caribbean taking every opportunity to squeeze every last penny from their customers, sad but not surprising ☹️
  6. 28th June 2020, Explorer of the Seas
  7. But takes forever for the barman to log your drinks on the system, you would imagine they simply have to swipe you card and enter the drinks you've just been served, after many years of cruising with Royal Caribbean I still can't get my head around how it takes so long 🙄
  8. Rhapsody 29th February 2020 out of Tampa, 3rd time we've tried to get to the Keys, previous 2 attempts it's been closed due to hurricane damage
  9. On our recent cruises it's been like that, the only announcements you got in the room were emergency ones (the muster practice etc.) Like you I end up sticking my head out the door.
  10. Sally, I've just seen a slight drop in the UK for a cruise on Explorer next June, drinks package dropped from £44 to £41, better than nothing but not a great deal, I'm assuming that includes gratuities
  11. We experienced it on Anthem earlier this year, missed having one main dining room, couldn't see have 4 offered any advantages, especially as the menu was the same in each
  12. Would be nice if this was available on all ships, now, seems to be taking forever to roll it out 🤔
  13. Have used Planet Cruise which is part of the same group (my confirmation e-mail came from IGLU), deals seemed competitive, I bundled in a flight and hotel, what did surprise me was the size of deposit they wanted, much larger than I was expecting.
  14. Should of guessed it was too good to be true, I didn't think to see how the price compares with the cruise we've already booked, as you say the price has gone up, what a con
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