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  1. There was a report in the UK press today stating all UK adults could be vaccinated by mid July, let's hope this is the case.
  2. We're due out of Southampton in May, we've already accepted that it's highly unlikely to happen, gutted doesn't even come close
  3. They won't cancel thru May yet, we've not made our final payment yet
  4. We're hoping that too, as we're supposed to be sailing in May 21, can't see that happening. Being greedy we're hoping they might extend the double points at the same time, or is that too much to hope for?
  5. Agree with the more cruises to Aruba Bonaire CuraƧao, and perhaps longer cruises from New Orleans would be on my wish list.
  6. I'm sure the crew will be happy with tips in any currency, assuming they're notes they're easily changed to USD.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55280671 Oxford-AstraZeneca approval given in the UK, roll-out starts next Monday, targeting 2 million a week (which I think is somewhat optimistic)
  8. Hopefully they'll extend both the move by date from the End of Jan and the Cruise by date from the end of Apr. Can't see our May cruise going ahead. Does the fact we've used our FCC impact us as we'd be moving the cruise to May 2022?
  9. There was both a Starbucks and a specialty coffee shop on Anthem, we used the specialty one it was excellent and part of the drinks package, the Starbucks was chargeable.
  10. We're regretting not buying the ship models, now trying to source them online, struggling for some of the older ships. My better half cannot resist the silver by the inch (no idea), me I do like a watch sale
  11. Let's hope they are, otherwise I'm fearing for my May sailing from Southampton
  12. As you stated none of the UK press who gleefully reported the case have followed up with the update of the negative retests, guess the headline sorry was a false alarm doesn't sell papers, but as per usual all the anti cruise brigade have jumped on the story
  13. Assuming we get a European cruising season this year perhaps they could send them our way. If they are running ships at 50% capacity there might be an opportunity to add some additional sailings/capacity for the European summer? Or is that just wishful thinking?
  14. Looks like someone hit the wrong font size, not convinced
  15. Not sure I like the size of the name on the side, it's huge.
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