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  1. I've yet to receive any emails from C&A, I get all the "sales" emails from Royal having opted in but nothing from C&A, is there another box I should of ticked?
  2. We are looking at the rapid antigen option and assume!! it will be accepted by Royal as it states it's FDA approved. We're due to sail on the 9th July, feeling miffed that Royal has "for operational reasons" changed Bonaire for Grand Cayman, not a fair swap in our eyes. While I'm moaning about Royal it really frustrates me they they don't offer any UK partners for proctored testing, guess we don't generate enough revenue for them to bother. If they did we wouldn't be stressing about sourcing a local test.
  3. What's the easiest way to send them, assume I scan in 1 page at a time, just got off Anthem and have all the Cruise Compasses, we had to ask for them the first couple of days, I even had to "borrow" a staff copy on day 1 as none were being issued.
  4. Might be an option, we're looking to use them in Miami prior to joining Explorer Fast Test Now - Schedule Your Appointment
  5. Boots do an instore rapid antigen (they carry out the test, you just provide the nose!!), we used these last week on Anthem.
  6. Anthem of the Seas was 3600 on it's most recent cruise out of Southampton, the Windjammer felt really busy at breakfast. Apparently they're expecting 4000 next week
  7. It looked more like this, (previously posted by @Fay)
  8. At the terminal I'd use Euros, as others have said tipping in Europe appreciated but not always expected. Personally I'd tip a couple of Euros, but I'm from the UK and we don't have the same tipping culture as they have in the US.
  9. Just had a Lloyds test, have to say my certificate looks nothing like that
  10. Just seen the latest offering from Princess, for $75 pppn you get drinks, wi-fi, gratuities, photos and a couple of specialility restaurants, makes over $80 for drinks alone look expensive. https://www.cruisehive.com/princess-cruises-details-new-premium-all-inclusive-package/71802
  11. Fay, I believe the CLIA number is only available on tests originating from the US, our Boots tests had a UKAS number which is the UK accreditation
  12. We took pictures of the PDF from the NHS app, Royal accepted these.
  13. We've used Boots before for a trip to Barbados and are using them again next week, £30 and results inside 20 minutes. Others are looking at using Lloyds pharmacy
  14. I took pictures of the PDF that the app lets you download, this was accepted, we also added the booster jab details without issue.
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