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  1. Can't see them using "It goes on like tar and doesn't smell like a Pina Colada" as a marketing slogan
  2. Serenade of the Seas in 2014, Eastern Med and Adriatic, we were hooked
  3. http://crew-center.com/cruise-ship-security-discovers-69-pounds-cocaine-during-vessel-inspection Apparently it was found by Royal Caribbean security while the ship was at Port Everglades, any idea which ship it was??
  4. Anthem leaves Southampton on the 20th October heading to Cape Liberty, it's been recently reinstated on the website, wasn't there a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Assuming it's a recent photo I assume it's Symphony in Cadiz dry dock.
  6. Brilliant, website has been updated again, states PCR and fully vacinated is required for sailings from the UK, not from Athens or St Maarten, seriously underwhelmed https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/healthy-at-sea/uk-travel-requirements
  7. Not sure that it is, it's not a requirement from the other cruise lines sailing on UK only trips, not even Royal!! Apparently (according to a Celebrity rep on Facebook, always a reliable source) it was posted in error, the final requirements for cruising have not yet been agreed. Booking a cruise during a pandemic isn't good for the blood pressure
  8. Just seen this posted on the celebrity website, not sure why fully vaccinated passengers need a PCR test prior to cruising? https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/healthy-at-sea/uk-travel-requirements
  9. We're hoping they extend the same relaxations for the upcoming UK cruises, will make the world of difference to the cruise experience.
  10. We'll miss it, we like to have a read through it when we return to our cabin at the end of the day to see what tomorrow brings, it's not the same on a phone
  11. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/resources/booking-conditions These are the UK current UK booking conditions, not read them but which ones caused your concern?
  12. Can't see that you'll need one on Anthem this summer, it's only sailing around the UK and only available to UK residents.
  13. twangster, Royal Caribbean should employ you, feels like you know more about them than they do!!
  14. Could they have removed the early seating in the MDR due to reduced capcity?
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