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  1. Hi Jim, I am sorry that happened to you- that should never happen at all! I would definitely ask for a new representative with the cruise line (or if it has been less than 30 days since you booked then you can transfer it to a travel agent).
  2. We can't do flights on their own, it must be handled through the cruise line. I'm not sure why your agent can't do that, @Pattycruise, but you can also call Air2Sea yourself and get flights that way.
  3. That TBZ5 amount is the 25% extra. It comes off the cruise fare, the rest is made as a payment. Why? Who knows. But that's what it means.
  4. Right- they refund the taxes/ gratuities/ travel protection to everyone, and then give 125% of the cruise fare (or 100% if canceled under Cruise with Confidence). If your cruise fare is $1000, then taxes/ gratuities are $200 you will get a refund of $200 and then an FCC of $1250. The FCC may vary per person depending on if it's a BOGO or KSF sale too. Then that FCC can't be used toward the taxes/ gratuities/ travel protection, only toward the cruise fare. If you have extra FCC, consider using that for an upgraded room.
  5. ShoreExcursionsGroup is part of our consortia, which means that they have been vetted by Signature Travel Network. And I would trust them, they have the ship return guarantee, etc. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll get you information. I have not heard of the others, but seems like others here have so that's good. Just make sure whoever you book through has the return guarantee.
  6. Worth it in terms of what? Resale? Likely no. But if you like them and want to wear them, then sure, go for it!
  7. We can purchase a policy for him through Allianz or another 3rd party. That's what I would say to do. In terms of the vax part we don't know yet what the protocols will be, but I don't see them going away anytime soon.
  8. That room is a forward cabin- way up at the front! Seems neat, just not aft.
  9. I think you meant to say "drink some wine"
  10. I dreamed last night that Royal Caribbean started selling FCCs- like a gift card, but it was restrictive like a normal FCC (can't be used for taxes, gratuities, etc, and must be by Dec 2022). All of my clients thought this was the world's best idea and I kept trying to talk everyone out of it! And then, of course, none of the FCCs worked. I can't escape it all even in my sleep
  11. They can be removed, yes. Just call or have your TA call.
  12. That's not on you, as I have been saying for the last year and a half they are SO SLOW on the phone. This is why it sometimes takes me days to get things done, when I'm on the phone with them for 2 hours for one thing it really eats up my day (and another reason why I'm working at 7:30 on a Friday night). I hope you get your room, but you can ask for it to be waitlisted. Good luck!
  13. This- I'm sorry your cruise was canceled but you may be past the deadline for rebooking. Call them right away.
  14. Some ships have a deck 13. Quantum Class, for example. Edit- I see this was already answered so carry on.
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