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  1. Deposit requirements vary based on length of cruise and number of guests per stateroom. Generally, deposit guidelines for double occupancy staterooms are $200 per stateroom for 1 to 5 night cruises, $500 per stateroom for 6 to 9 night cruises and $900 per stateroom for 10 night or longer cruises. Straight from the source-https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/deposit-requirements Notice it says per stateroom above but also double occupancy. A family of 4 pays a $1000 deposit on a 7 night cruise.
  2. Agreed. If they aren't going to sail I'd rather not deal with FCC
  3. I don't know what that area is but it looks awesome! I'd be ok with it on the other ships too. I agree with @twangster that the flowriders, while awesome, take up a lot of space and are not used all day and night so I like the idea of one.
  4. Yep, I have been on the phone many hours for many clients. This is part of what we do.
  5. It's possible that there are glitches and cruises get canceled. However they are fairly easy to reinstate. I have not had a cruise canceled for a client because of a mishap in FCC, but I have seen it that an entire ship gets canceled or some other type of glitch. Royal Caribbean is pretty good about fixing it quickly.
  6. This can be done- you have to get a letter from the existing agency that you'd like to transfer the booking to another agency. If that agency charges a cancellation fee that's up to you if you want to pay it. You don't have to have a "valid reason"- any reason is fine. If you want to reach out to one of us we can help, but it's going to depend on the other agency, and if they will indeed release it.
  7. Hi! I'll answer all of your questions on behalf of all MEI agents- any one of us is happy to help! Yes, we check for better deals. We have an alert system that notifies us of any price changes to your cruise and we will apply that if it's better. Plus, as @Matt said we frequently talk to one another. I try to get back to you within an hour, but on busy days or if it's overnight (or a complicated question) it might take a little longer. Pretty knowledgeable with ports of call and embarkation ports- everything is customizable but I know of great hotels for each budget in the major
  8. Hi Patt, There are a lot of advantages! We will always offer the same price Royal Caribbean does, with a few exceptions. The benefit to booking with us is that you have an advocate in your corner to help you plan your trip. This means: - You have someone to continue to look for and apply discounts should any be released (which is very often with RCCL), so that you do not have to spend time doing the same, or potentially missing a better offer. - You have someone to help you navigate the Cruise Planner program. - You have someone to help you make your dining reservations i
  9. If you have a refundable option you can take a refund now. If on your confirmation it says NRD then it's a non-refundable deposit, and you'll have to wait for Royal Caribbean to cancel.
  10. Was it booked with a non-refundable deposit? If so then probably not.
  11. Right- Jones Act is merchandising and PVSA is people. Like Soylent Green.
  12. I believe they are still waiting to see if there will be a temporary moratorium on the Jones Act/PVSA. I really do hope they will allow a more lenient L&S because Alaska 2022 is getting full.
  13. Also a billion times better for the environment. Plastic bottles are terrible.
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