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  1. They are fun once. After that it's the same thing every time.
  2. I always make payments directly to Royal, so I'm not sure about your TA on that one. For a couple of mine they fixed it after a few weeks. For another one they just zeroed out the balance so the client got like $500 off. I can't remember the them all. We have an excellent escalations team with Royal, so if something goes wrong we have the right people to fix things.
  3. I think it was- I still don't get it but you know, Royal math and all.
  4. This has happened to a few clients- there's no rhyme or reason to it that I can figure out. Fortunately we have been able to figure it out every time but it's so weird that it happens- the Cruise Planner money and the Cruise Fare money are completely separate accounts.
  5. He can be next door to you and accrue his own C&A points. Doesn't matter that he is not 21 as long as he is directly across from you or next door to you.
  6. It's always repriced at prevailing rate, so that's the same as rebooking in terms of price. I don't disagree with you for your sentiment, but that's not how Royal sees it. The promos are meant to drive up new bookings.
  7. You can reprice for the OBC, but it would be at prevailing rate, aka way more than the $150.
  8. Not at all! I am taking a step back- I was planning on leaving entirely but have since changed my mind somewhat. I'm still here, I just haven't had a chance to tell some folks I am sticking around.
  9. Minors (anyone under 21) can be next door (connecting or not) or directly across the hall from the adults in their party. You must call in to do this arrangement, cannot be booked online. But yes when onboard you can get extra keys made.
  10. You go through deodorant that quickly?! If you run out of deodorant/toothpaste I'm sure you can shop in a port. You can use the shampoo on the ship if necessary. Other than that I say to bring clothes spanning a lot of temps, cooler at night/morning, etc.
  11. Absolutely nothing in my TA system has changed. It's possible your TA doesn't use the same system and they have a different booking engine. But Royal's official system has not changed.
  12. Book now and reprice after you get more status. I don't think it will be lower, so book now just in case. I have seen no discounts even for Pinnacle guests on many many sailings.
  13. This is not true. It's possible whatever TA you use has a new system, but Royal Caribbean does not.
  14. Welcome to cruising! I am sure you will find many people like you on the ships. Like others have said you are welcome to go to the LGBT+ meets (and/or singles meets if you want to meet people). From a booking perspective- you need to make sure that you are booked under the name/gender that is on your legal identification. If you have already changed your name and gender on passport/ID then no need to worry, but just make sure it matches the documents, even if that means you look different from your photos. If you need to bring refrigerated medication then you can fill out a form to get a medical fridge in your room. Have a great cruise!
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