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  1. I enable WiFi calling often onboard, and have made plenty of calls to shore via Wifi. Just so you know sometimes VOOM is better than other times. But it works most of the time just fine for this.
  2. No idea- it just says "soon". Part of me wonders if it will just be a while because they are trying to figure out redeployments and stuff, but I just don't know.
  3. Oh dip, that happened to my client, and Royal Caribbean said it was my fault, etc. I am so glad I saw this because now I am even more positive I did nothing wrong!
  4. We did an aft cabin in Alaska. You’ll love it! But if you change your mind I’ll move you ;)
  5. Can you change your staterooms? Same category but just change the rooms. That shouldn't affect the price at all.
  6. They are juggling so many things right now I'd give it a day or two.
  7. Same itinerary, and same number of nights for Lift and Shift. I am not sure how it works on the consumer site but on the travel agent side of things we can input the reservation number and it gives us an option of which ships and dates would be eligible for L&S. I'm sure you could do something similar if you booked on your own.
  8. Another option would be to Lift and Shift to February 2022. You can do that before November 30.
  9. Ok they announced it at 4:00 today, they must have seen my prediction and wanted to beat me to it!
  10. Royal Caribbean almost always announces at the end of the day. I would expect it between 4:30 or 5:00 today or tomorrow, but for sure December will be cancelled. They have to do so much before they can allow guests onboard.
  11. I do know that Emily likes champagne!
  12. We have two Emilys but I'm sure that can be arranged. Neesa's agent loves champagne and Sauvignon blanc though.
  13. She just said that was even better- I asked her!
  14. She likes champagne. Or Sauvignon blanc.
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