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  1. I used mine for dinner at Giovanni's Table. I have $2.82 remaining and that will just go toward onboard purchases.
  2. I have no opinion on the time of day really. But overall I think I like the idea of once per day.
  3. You can- however that doesn't mean the price will be lower. It is still at the prevailing rate any time you do a price change. Recently the prices have increased so much closer to sailing that switching to non-refundable deposit will not help you at all.
  4. This happens a lot. But you do not need the luggage tags; the porters will have extras handy.
  5. I just searched the cruise and there looks to be plenty of availability, so I would say it's a glitch or Royal was just looking at inventory.
  6. My Mac has always worked fine with the internet packages. I would take your computer down to the internet help desk.
  7. Make sure you bring cash to tip the porters!! It's always on my cruise packing list.
  8. If it's the same travel agency such as MEI then yes it can be seen by the first and second agent. If you're unhappy with your first agent you can asked to be reassigned, but that's only assuming that you're sticking with the agency itself.
  9. The food on Virgin is fantastic, and nothing is considered specialty, it's all included. I loved sailing on them. They aren't for everyone, that's for sure, but in some ways they really blow everyone else away.
  10. This happens from time to time; your travel agent should be able to get it sorted out. Sometimes when there's FCC involved it's even worse. Unfortunately "Royal Math" is still wonky, but it is getting better as time goes on.
  11. Yes, it's too late, you can only transfer a reservation 30 days after the deposit. (It used to be 60 days, now it's 30 days.)
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