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  1. Thanks. The drink package is the same as when I booked it on Black Friday but I jumped on the $10.99 a day Voom for 1 device. I may end up cancelling it, but $76 a week isn't bad to have piece of mind for family back home.
  2. Not sure if this helps but my DD was recently in England & Ireland for vacation. She flew United out of Newark round trip (she uses them for work and has the credit card) She flew Ryan air back & forth between both countries and said it was a breeze. I only mention it because her round trip airfare out of Newark was less than $500. Just giving you another option.
  3. Exactly! I'm about an hour from there and I prefer to go to South in the cooler months so I'm flying to San Juan instead. I'd love to be able to take a future cruise from there someday though.
  4. Thanks - seems weird but who knows what it will look like from being stuffed in a suitcase from the flight.
  5. Ah, you're from the Taylor Ham part of the state, lol. I started your blog yesterday & I just finished with my morning coffee (It's nice when my boss is away.) Really enjoyed getting a first time perspective of her & your pictures were amazing.
  6. Thanks - never realized links were in signatures! We're staying in Condado the night before the cruise so I'm hoping to get at least 2 good meals in PR! I don't foresee a sit down meal for lunch though. Just out of curiosity - which part of NJ are you from? I'm in Monmouth County.
  7. Can you please post the link to your live blog? We'll be on Freedom in Nov. and we booked the San Juan on your own w/airport drop off. We have 9:30-1:30. I'm trying to put together places we want to stop (Umbrella Street & the fountain are 2 so far). I've been looking on Google maps & due to our short time there I know a sit down lunch is out of the question. Was hoping for a later flight, but this was all Jet Blue offered and the price was good.
  8. With all this laundry talk - does anyone know if they have a pressing service for DH's suit? Would it be ready by 1st formal night? I REALLY don't want to bring a garment bag on the plane and he nixed the tux rental idea.
  9. I've never been there either, I just have a second job as a bartender
  10. Most people either round up their beers or tip $1 per mixed drink. Some give a larger amount at the beginning of the night. I get it, the concert tickets can be expensive and then the price of the drinks are ridiculous but honestly we are all there mainly for tips.
  11. Think of it like this - if you go to a show at say PNC Arts Center - just because you paid $$$ for the tickets doesn't mean you shouldn't tip your bartender. The server definitely doesn't see any of the money you've already paid, sadly.
  12. @SpeedNoodles Think this is it? I know we are the next to last cabin in the row.
  13. Thank you so much - that makes sense - thanks for the picture. Now to try and scope out pictures of the aft rooms.
  14. I just wanted to say I'm so sorry you had to make that drive. As a fellow NJ gal I've made that dreaded car ride to FL many times and I can't imagine having to do it last minute. Thanks for the tip on the layout of the ship. I still carry a map in the Disney parks and manage to get turned around. I'll probably bring smaller versions of my cheat sheets to have on hand.
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