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  1. As a part time municipal employee I get 10 vacation and as of now 4 personal which can be used as vacation. I also accrue sick time and I have about 50 days, but that's literally only used for sick/doctor appointments. My husband gets 5 weeks vacation, lucky b@st@rd!
  2. Horrible situation all around, however IMO I think it's wrong to blame RC based on what has been reported so far. Hopefully there is some kind of surveillance video, not that I would want to watch it but for the investigators to see what actually happened in those terrifying moments. God bless that poor little girl.
  3. Tagging @JLMoran He brought this up not too long ago and there was some pretty good ideas in that thread. Perhaps he can link it.
  4. As someone who plans to eat dinner mainly in the MDR this was fantastic. It was interesting to see both the menus and then the food. Thank you for posting!
  5. Hello from another over packer! I usually drive to my vacation destinations, so this cruise should be interesting. It's just hubby and I this trip but I'm already worried about my suitcase being overweight on the return trip
  6. I'm not someone who cruises often - that said my last cruise (almost 10 years ago) we left out of San Juan on Adventure of the Seas and we had a great time. We chose Freedom of the Seas for our 25th anniversary cruise this coming November. We could have easily flown to Florida for less money but we really enjoy the itinerary leaving out of San Juan. As for rude guests, those can appear anywhere, on any vacation. I've found most of them at Disney World. (That's not a knock at DW.)
  7. Please forgive my ignorance as I don't fly much (it's been almost 10 years). I've heard that TSA can and does go through your luggage. How does this work with the cubes?
  8. Thanks. The drink package is the same as when I booked it on Black Friday but I jumped on the $10.99 a day Voom for 1 device. I may end up cancelling it, but $76 a week isn't bad to have piece of mind for family back home.
  9. Not sure if this helps but my DD was recently in England & Ireland for vacation. She flew United out of Newark round trip (she uses them for work and has the credit card) She flew Ryan air back & forth between both countries and said it was a breeze. I only mention it because her round trip airfare out of Newark was less than $500. Just giving you another option.
  10. Exactly! I'm about an hour from there and I prefer to go to South in the cooler months so I'm flying to San Juan instead. I'd love to be able to take a future cruise from there someday though.
  11. Thanks - seems weird but who knows what it will look like from being stuffed in a suitcase from the flight.
  12. Ah, you're from the Taylor Ham part of the state, lol. I started your blog yesterday & I just finished with my morning coffee (It's nice when my boss is away.) Really enjoyed getting a first time perspective of her & your pictures were amazing.
  13. Thanks - never realized links were in signatures! We're staying in Condado the night before the cruise so I'm hoping to get at least 2 good meals in PR! I don't foresee a sit down meal for lunch though. Just out of curiosity - which part of NJ are you from? I'm in Monmouth County.
  14. Can you please post the link to your live blog? We'll be on Freedom in Nov. and we booked the San Juan on your own w/airport drop off. We have 9:30-1:30. I'm trying to put together places we want to stop (Umbrella Street & the fountain are 2 so far). I've been looking on Google maps & due to our short time there I know a sit down lunch is out of the question. Was hoping for a later flight, but this was all Jet Blue offered and the price was good.
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