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  1. @smokeybanditthat worked! Thank you. @JLMoranthanks for the instructions. I’ll give that a go!
  2. We’re on this one, alongside my partners parents and grandparents
  3. Yes, but I can’t see where to search for flights and if I click login or register it only offers agent details.
  4. I can see some people book air2sea themselves but I can’t see the option, only via an agent. Is this because I’m in the UK?
  5. I wondered the same. I saw it recently disappeared from my September 21 cruise but it’s available (at a ridiculous rate) on my October 22 cruise.
  6. @emmef thanks. My mum walks with a stick and either something else to grab onto or my arm! So we should be fine to get out on the balcony. The scooter is mostly to allow her to get around the ship unaided as she can’t walk far even with a stick and an arm. Really helpful to hear all of your thoughts on the cabin! Thanks all!
  7. I think the only one that slightly interests us is priority check in. I may take a look at this if ours gets cancelled. Thanks!
  8. We originally looked into this and unfortunately none were available which is why we looked at a normal room. I’ve contacted RCI special needs to ensure she gets a shower chair etc. to support her there.
  9. Hi All, I’ve booked a Junior Suite for my mum and I in September. After some thought the price is the same as if we’d bought two separate connecting balcony rooms. I originally booked the JS for extra room, especially with 2 of us crammed together with her mobility scooter. But if we had 1 room each it wouldn’t be as bad. I’m thinking we’d both have a big bed and a bathroom each and our space. I’m thinking if our cruise gets cancelled, should I consider a change of room type. What are peoples thoughts? This is our first holiday together since I was 13 (17years ago). My question
  10. This is our biggest issue on a cruise. We always get a “private” table but we may as well not have asked for one. The last cruise we changed table and waiter as he treated 4 private tables as one big group which we hated. We also hated random people joining our conversation. If we wanted either we’d have signed up for a group table. We were literally 2 inches apart from the next private table.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I have one booked on 23rd September and wondered if it had been cancelled. Not just yet anyway!
  12. Thank you for both of your comments. You’ve been very helpful!
  13. Hi All, My mum and I are booked on the Anthem in September () and I’m looking to treat her on the formal night by paying for us both to get our hair done. It’s her first cruise and I want it to be special for her. From memory I think day 2 is a good guess for a formal night as it’s a sea day before the first port. Does this sound like a right assumption to others? I’d also like to ask what people’s experience is like with the ‘shampoo and style dry’ hair treatment? Do they do whatever style you like? Are they any good? Is it worth the money? Would love to hear people’s experience.
  14. What makes you think they’ll abandon it if as you say most will be vaccinated? I have my fingers crossed for a September cruise around Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and France
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