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  1. What is the Uber/Lyft availability on a Sunday morning for those disembarking and needing a ride to Orlando airport?
  2. Prices for this cruise are dropping like a rock! I got a great deal when I booked back in May, but its $259 dollars lower today. My TA (Crucon) has grown tired of my inquiries throughout this booking so I was reluctant, but then did send an email about it. I priced it on their own website. Just a reminder to check your pricing. I'm expecting OBC as well as another Royal Up offer soon.
  3. Our kids are college athletes, and they will at times do a t-shirt exchange with other teams after they compete. My wife and I were thinking it could be fun to suggest that to this group. Anyone want a shirt from Minnesota? You should. ...just a thought
  4. Sailing Allure late Oct and we have a room we can live with, but that does not mean we're not interested in entertaining the offer for an upgrade. I have received 3 emails from Royal up in the past week, but its the same offer. Do they change at all or get any more reasonable as the sail date nears? The minimum bids are too high for us to be interested currently.
  5. Sailing Allure 10/24/2021, first post ever after reading many. Thanks for the great discussions. Booked a GTY balcony XB category back in May, 61 days out and no assignment activity as of yet. Interesting how much it can vary, but it has me thinking of reasons. I think booking price has an impact on priority of assignment and Royal Up offers. I booked awhile ago and would love a Royal Up opportunity, but would like a room assignment first. Does anyone else think that by paying more up front leads to quicker room assignment and increased offers to Royal Up?
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