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  1. Last night I noticed a pending charge on my CC from RCL. I checked my RC account and saw a new assigned CP balcony. This morning I got the Royal UP accepted bid email confirming! We leave Sunday (9/5)! So excited! We had a Boardwalk balcony in March 2020 right before the shutdown on Harmony and loved it!
  2. Last night I noticed 3 of my 4 RoyalUp bids were showing as expired, with only my minimum bid neighborhood balcony listing still showing as pending (hoping for this upgrade!). 10 days to go on Allure! ??️ Also, when doing a ghost booking, there still appears to be a ton of Boardwalk balcony rooms available to book.
  3. To my surprise, got our cabin assignment today, interior, deck 12, so no upgrade from my GTY (interior guarantee, which of course is fine!), and assigned 12 days from sailing on Allure. Now to wait and see what happens with our RoyalUp bids!
  4. Same @teddy. 16 days to go for Allure and still GTY on the interior. Here's to hoping a bid comes in! We went for the following, all at the min bid.
  5. Not sure if it helps anyone, but as a point of reference, 31 days out for Allure and still no room assignment. However, we did bid on multiple rooms via RoyalUp.
  6. Oddly enough my wife got the email, even though I am the "primary person" on the reservation. I haven't received one (even checked spam) but we were able to provide status for both of us with her email.
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind welcomes! I am so excited to get back to cruising, as I am sure many of you are! ?️
  8. Hello! With sailings starting to resume, just wondering with your 2021 reservations which type of GTY room did you book and where you ended up? As many ships are sailing with limited capacity, I wanted to see if anyone scored a minor upgrade, or a more desirable room location. Also for those participating in RoyalUp for 2021 cruises, did you find it easier to successfully win a bid? I am sailing Allure on Sept 5 and still impatiently wondering what my GTY assignment will be ?
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