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  1. I would not worry at all. Royal has a great weather team and they are always watching what may or may not develop. If anything does, ships will adjust the itinerary to make sure everyone is safe. We have sailed during hurricane season many times and have never run into any problems.
  2. Very good point. Time to dig a bit deeper and see what the actual savings would be. Thank you
  3. I've already used the OBC, so I'm thinking I would have to pay that it if I repriced.
  4. My price has dropped as well, but don't want to lose the OBC. We have a OV balcony, I just checked and the OV balcony w/large balcony is now almost $400 less than what I paid for the regular size balcony. I think I can easily bid for the larger balcony and not have to pay much at all.
  5. Thank you. I appreciate the information. Our cruise is now pricing at $370 less per person!! Going to contact my TA today.
  6. Question for everyone. If I see that the cruise I am going on in Sept has dropped in price, can I re-book after I have already made my final payment?
  7. I understand where you are coming from and you will get no argument out of me. I believe also that this is very close to becoming an everyday virus, just like the cold and even seasonal just like the flu.
  8. I agree and also 'slow' is a bit of an easy term to describe their speed. They move slower than a very small snail! lol
  9. https://www.thestreet.com/investing/cruise-lines-call-for-cdc-to-change-covid-testing-policy
  10. expedition voyages on the Viking Octantis in the United States and Canada will continue to require a pre-departure COVID-19 test.” So, they haven't suspended the pre-cruise testing for this ship in the United States. I really don't see any changes to the pre-cruise testing until late this year.
  11. We are booked on Harmony Sept 4. Got our bid letter as well. We are currently booked in a ocean view balcony. The offer of ocean view large balcony and JS were disappointingly high for the minimum bid, so we are just going to keep what we have.
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