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  1. Arrived here a few moments ago. Expiry Date is : 2022/11/20 Start to finish from order to delivery, 3 days
  2. Left Oakland CA on Wednesday, now in Ft Worth, and scheduled for delivery tomorrow before ipm We are also March 13th, on Allure
  3. Given what I have seen here, I ordered 2 kits for our March cruise today. Will update shipping status and stuff in due course.
  4. Still a thing, happened on our cruise on Freedom in September
  5. We always carry at least $100 per day in cash. Out of that, $100 is in small denomination bills, $5 and $1, specifically for tipping.
  6. We carry a printed copy as a back up. The primary is a screen shot of our Set Sail passes on Cell phone. I have been doing that with airline tickets for a few years. The screen shot means you are not at the mercy of failing wi-fi
  7. Formal nights, whether one or two, are a wondeful opportunity for me to see Sheryl dressed in her finery. Therefore I do my utmost to ensure I dress to match, wearng either blazer and tie, or my tux. It is a small thing to do to see such beauty.
  8. One thing I would consider if you choose to fly into RSW (other than arriving at least a day ahead) is the alternative routes of either State Route 80, or US-41 (Tamiami Trail). Its good to know there is a backup should I-75 be shut down.
  9. Until the Covid shut downs, I flew in and out of Ft Myers every week near enough. I live about 40 miles north of there. That being said I would not fly in on a budget airline, nor on the same day of cruise to allow for delays and cancellations. Technically it is under 3 hours to either Port Everglades, or Port Miami. However, there are always unpredictable surprises such as an overturned tanker on I-75 which happened today. So if you are flying into RSW, plan on doing it at least 24 hours ahead. In your situation, I would choose the additional costs of flyng into Miami or Ft Lauderdale if only for peace of mind and less hassle.
  10. I have been monitoring several items for our Allure sailing in March. I have to say, none of them changed in value at all.
  11. We have lanyards with a detachable end and a supply of plastic pouches, they work well
  12. For our last trip on Freedom (Sep 27) I booked at $161.00 using the repricing option, that went to $124.00 then down to $91.00 so it works
  13. Thank you for the responses. I had rather thought this is what was being inferred, but didnt want to assume anything. To each their own I guess
  14. Can someone explain what kind of group this is? I see the innuendo, but never heard of any group chartering an Oasis class. And yes I am being serious, I just dont put it together...
  15. Alas the expiry date on the box has come and gone. As we cannot validate the extension of the lot # they are off the market.
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