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  1. I spent 10 years cruising with the grey funnel line (Aka Royal Navy) in accomodations similar to this. However, that was my choice. In this case a two man cabin is going to be somewhat differen than sharing with 20 others
  2. As I recall, Navigator is moving to the west coast so it makes sense her sailings from Mid October onwards are revised
  3. Sheryl and I have had the pleasure of cruising on both. It boils down to what you are looking for in the ship itself, amenities, itinerary and so on. One thing I would add as a consideration is departure Port. Having gone though both Miami and Ft Lauderdale, I have to say Miami Terminal A impresses the most. Not only is it new with heaps of carlos fandango bells and whistles, the parking garage is right there. Easy to drop off and get back to the wheels for those of us who can drive down.
  4. Alas contact lenses arent an option in this case, but thank you for the advice, it is all appreciated
  5. Thank you kindly Oz... We have looked at a variety of options now, and have discovered none of them will actually go to a strength Sheryl would need. Sooo, we are investigating prescription masks, or in one case, adhesive (removable) lenses. When we make a decision on how to proceed, or if we decide to save the cost, will let you know. A
  6. Yeah, I looked yesterday... did find a couple of cruises I liked, but will hold out till December 2023 to make it right for her
  7. Me ! I am particularly looking for late 2023. December 2023 will be Sheryl and I's 25th anniversary, so I want to figure out something rather special
  8. Awesome, I knew the vast base of knowledge here would yield a great result. Thank you sooo much
  9. Our son and granddaughter live in the UK, while Sheryl and I live in Florida. We do not have any idea when we will be able to see them again. The last time I got me a "Squish" was December 2019 when I was over on business and took a side trip. For Sheryl its been even longer. We had planned a couple of trips across the pond in 2020 but obviously those were a no go. Skype chat only goes so far eh. But I would much rather make sure they were safe and have the travel restriction than take a risk
  10. So, a question for those dive experets out there. Both Sheryl and I wear glasses, me for long distance, Sheryl for close up and distance. Obviously, unless we do something like helmet diving, we cant wear our specs under a mask. But there has to be a way either by a custom mask, or applied lenses to the inside. Are there any thoughts on which is best and why.
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