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  1. We have contemplated returning to ships we have cruised on previously. There are always things we talk about relating to each ship (particularly Brilliance) and while the models arent exactly a motivator for rebooking on a previous ship, it is a bonus that we can pick up the models we didnt buy. We return to Navigator Sep 21, this time the model comes home. Serenade, Freedom and Brilliance to follow.
  2. The good cigars are special. One of those and a fine brandy in a crystal brandy balloon out on my pool deck 4 times a year. It is my "you made it" moment. I won't give the full tale of woe, suffice to say I was born into the slums of late 50s Liverpool and will retire in Florida.
  3. We had made final payment on our Feb 21 5 nights on Independence, then whammo, cancelled. Out of the options available, we are going to take the FCC and rebook for Feb 22, leapfrogging our current Sep 21 4 nights on Navigator. We had booked a JS, so we may take the 125% and put it towards a grand suite and absorb the balance. Yes we were disappointed the Feb 21 sailing was cancelled, but there is an advantage here, and we always look for the positive.
  4. I may have to follow you on that. I did pick up some hand rolled havana cigars in Nassau. They were astoundingly good. So I can't wait to get more. Yes I know they are bad for me, but they are an occassional indulgence.
  5. A ship name Tshirt is an absolute for Sheryl, if it is purple, so much the better. My take away is 2 large bottles of Captain Morgan Private Reserve.
  6. If RCL say masks are mandatory, and give instruction on where and when they are to be worn, then Sheryl and I will be wearing them. To us it is more important to cruise than to worry about the mask.
  7. This is a more cultured way of saying "Taking the Mickey" or having a laugh at the speakers expense.
  8. I havent seen anyone mention my own packing hack, so I am surprised. Disposable plastic shower caps. One shoe fits perfectly inside, so the soles (and whatever bacteria may be on them) are effectively prevented from coming into contact with clothing.
  9. You are too kind. But the crossed out cruises make the others more meaningful
  10. We watch as many youtube videos (not just Matt's) about the ship we will be embarking on, for months ahead of time
  11. So, the game is afoot. Our Feb 2021 sailing is cancelled, so that will leapfrog over the September 2021 sailing and land in somewhere in Feb 2022. Likely will take a FCC on this one.
  12. Just got a present in my inbox. Dear Guest, We hope that this email finds you healthy and safe. As you know, the current situation has been, and still is, quite fluid. The CDC’s Conditional Sailing Order is a positive step for the cruising industry, and we are anxious to welcome guests back onboard. We recently extended our global suspension through December 31st, 2020, excluding sailings onboard Quantum of the Seas, to ensure we have ample time to focus on our healthy return to service initiatives. However, in order to allow additional time for our preparation, we’ve decided
  13. We have a simple method on this. Next year we have 2 cruises booked, one in Feb 21, the other in Sep 21. If all goes well, we can enjoy both, if not then we can leapfrog them with Lift n Shift to the following year. The Feb 21 is already paid for, so it simply leapfrogs the september 21 sailing and goes to Feb 22. We would have had to pay the final funds on the september sailing at the end of june anyway. So, with these 2 cruises positioned to be able to play leapfrog, we can just keep doing that until the day we are able to walk up the gangway again. I dont see any of the m
  14. Kraken and I had a brief but interesting experience together a few years ago. I may try it again one day, just to see if things have changed since then. What is life without a little risk and adventure...?
  15. Even if it is made with that awful stuff "Kraken" that looks rather interesting. Now if we could have it made with "Pussers Gunpowder Proof" rum, that would be even better.
  16. Thinking on the positive side for a moment. This proves the early detection measures and monitoring are effective, and notice everyone was isolated immediately to mitigate contacts and spreading. Well done says I
  17. As I understand it, RC makes every effort to avoid such things, and have a team monitoring weather way ahead of any ships course and making "suggestions" to the ships captain about how to avoid any unpleasantness. Passengers turning green and not having an amazing time isnt good for business.
  18. Oh my, this could get interesting.... Thinking about our last time on Navigator First thing is morning coffee, OJ and fruit delivered to the JS. out to the balcony More coffee with second breakfast in the MDR, down to the R bar, for Bloody Mary then stroll around the walking track Back to the R bar, jack and coke takes me through to lunch Glass of wine with lunch in the MDR Back to the R Bar to let lunch settle and wash down with another Jack and Coke Mini Golf Back to the R Bar - more jack and coke Change for dinner Dinner in the MDR- 2 glas
  19. I know its far too soon to be overly excited by this, but we do see it as a positive step which will help us get back to sea
  20. I am former Royal Navy, a scheduled day of activities is something I would expect. Particularly any emergency evolutions etc.
  21. They didnt on Navigator this year, we discussed it with the wait staff. When we told them we were sad we missed Valentines Day at sea, they confirmed it wasnt too special at all.
  22. As a florida resident, its easy to get to any of the 4 cruise ports here for me, so I would volunteer in a heartbeat
  23. My best memory from our last cruise (Navigator, Feb 2020) was springing one surprise after another on Sheryl for her birthday.
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