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  1. Arrived here a few moments ago. Expiry Date is : 2022/11/20 Start to finish from order to delivery, 3 days
  2. Left Oakland CA on Wednesday, now in Ft Worth, and scheduled for delivery tomorrow before ipm We are also March 13th, on Allure
  3. Given what I have seen here, I ordered 2 kits for our March cruise today. Will update shipping status and stuff in due course.
  4. Still a thing, happened on our cruise on Freedom in September
  5. We always carry at least $100 per day in cash. Out of that, $100 is in small denomination bills, $5 and $1, specifically for tipping.
  6. We carry a printed copy as a back up. The primary is a screen shot of our Set Sail passes on Cell phone. I have been doing that with airline tickets for a few years. The screen shot means you are not at the mercy of failing wi-fi
  7. Formal nights, whether one or two, are a wondeful opportunity for me to see Sheryl dressed in her finery. Therefore I do my utmost to ensure I dress to match, wearng either blazer and tie, or my tux. It is a small thing to do to see such beauty.
  8. One thing I would consider if you choose to fly into RSW (other than arriving at least a day ahead) is the alternative routes of either State Route 80, or US-41 (Tamiami Trail). Its good to know there is a backup should I-75 be shut down.
  9. Until the Covid shut downs, I flew in and out of Ft Myers every week near enough. I live about 40 miles north of there. That being said I would not fly in on a budget airline, nor on the same day of cruise to allow for delays and cancellations. Technically it is under 3 hours to either Port Everglades, or Port Miami. However, there are always unpredictable surprises such as an overturned tanker on I-75 which happened today. So if you are flying into RSW, plan on doing it at least 24 hours ahead. In your situation, I would choose the additional costs of flyng into Miami or Ft Lauderdale if only for peace of mind and less hassle.
  10. I have been monitoring several items for our Allure sailing in March. I have to say, none of them changed in value at all.
  11. We have lanyards with a detachable end and a supply of plastic pouches, they work well
  12. For our last trip on Freedom (Sep 27) I booked at $161.00 using the repricing option, that went to $124.00 then down to $91.00 so it works
  13. Thank you for the responses. I had rather thought this is what was being inferred, but didnt want to assume anything. To each their own I guess
  14. Can someone explain what kind of group this is? I see the innuendo, but never heard of any group chartering an Oasis class. And yes I am being serious, I just dont put it together...
  15. Alas the expiry date on the box has come and gone. As we cannot validate the extension of the lot # they are off the market.
  16. Always print them out and take them with you. Back up is sometimes a wise move. This way if no internet connection, you still have a way to board
  17. We didnt have issues on our recent 4 days on Freedom. Mask off outside areas, back on when inside unless at a bar or in a restaurant. Saw lots sitting at the bar in the R bar, although as we prefer a table anyways, not an issue. All part of lifes rich tapestry.
  18. We hit the WindJammer in under 15 mins every time. In my case, I start my cruise by building a custom burger
  19. It happens a lot. For our upcoming Allure trip in March, there was very little listed until last week, then "boom" it all filled out. I have the feeling (not an informed opinion) that Royal is validating all excursion providers and their protocols, prior to showing them on the cruise planner
  20. We made the mistake of doing just that. With 3 cruises in the future, (Freedom Sep 27, Allure March 13, 2022 and Serenade Oct 29, 2022) it seemed like a good idea to buy the 6 pack. However, when received they have an expiry date of December 2021, ergo, four of the kits were wasted. We still have them so if anyone who wants them prior to their expiry date wants to get in touch, they can be freebies.
  21. We did it using the camera built into the all in one computer. Prior to the test, I accessed the camera app, and adjusted the angle of the screen so I could see a clear patch of desk, and me together. When we connected to Navi Online, all was good and it went without a hitch. Rather than doing a trial test, maybe just try accessing the camera app and adjusting the view
  22. Same here, and glad to have it. Was a top tip from Kelley Hardey at MEI Travel
  23. I am like you, I rarely venture into such a place, they are all totally confusing to me. I leave the gambling to my dear wife who is far better at it than I could ever be, We do confine ourselves to a $50.00 budget per cruise, and rarely exceed that.
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