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  1. Under 12 currently is very low percentage... And they definitely not going to sleep afterwards... Running around the ship till at least midnight and even later
  2. Just several? I usually do hundreds...
  3. This virus is still pretty much new... We're learning everyday. Another thing that's unexplained. Why on Oasis, unvaccinated guests show in Aquathwter most times goes first around 8.30pm and vaccinated one at almost 10:30 at night! Is it really only safe for vaccinated people to be outside late at night?
  4. Hey guys, Can anyone explain who just sailed , what's the policy on taking photos? I know there's a mask policy indoors. Can you take mask off for a minute while taking a photo? Any crew bother you regarding this?
  5. That's unfortunate... I'm sure it would return. Not sure why not now... Since Windjammer is same setup...
  6. But my initial question was very specific... Was there buffet now in the MDR?
  7. All ships and always... I've been on Anthem, and that's same class. Been on much smaller ships. And on 3 oasis ships, all had breakfast buffet in dining room. But waiters were there as well. So it was mixed style.
  8. What ships were you on tours? Maybe smaller ones? Not oasis class or even quantum
  9. Why would you think that 16th floor Windjammer cooks food for 3rd floor master dining room?
  10. Similar, but not the same! I'm my opinion some items in MDR buffet were better prepared, better quality and made to order items were also better than Windjammer... I know many preferred it over having breakfast in Windjammer...
  11. Yes, that's what I thought... MDR without buffet isn't the same breakfast. Guess Windjammer is the best option. Since like to have a bit of everything. Can't order that at table service.
  12. Thanks, but I'm very aware what was precovid. Was there hundreds of times. I'm asking of right now...
  13. Wasn't asking about menu at all. If buffet is available or just table service
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