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  1. Anything under 100Wh is approved in carry-on on the plane. Don't think on the ships they check unless it's really big lithium battery.
  2. Can you use this diamond drink vouchers during dinner? Main Dining room? And they are good for anything? Specialty coffee as well?
  3. Great, thanks for quick reply. So we can get 2 professional photos printed. That's like $40 bonus. Just need to take more, to choose best ones.
  4. Hi, I'm turned diamond as well after last cruise. Is it free photo for each person? Or just 1 per cabin?
  5. Thanks, that's what I suspected... I was afraid something was wrong with reservation, since pop up message says, if you're sailing a charter, then all access will only be on board... But I'm not. However, all info is available on website for my reservation. Basically just need the app for check-in, etc...
  6. Hi, I'm on the cruise before yours, but wanted to ask. Can you access your cruise inside the Royal Caribbean app? I can't... Getting message, attached...
  7. Hi, I'm on the cruise before yours, but wanted to ask. Can you access your cruise inside the Royal Caribbean app? I can't... Getting message, attached...
  8. Because they not as powerful. Even if you match spf, that's just what they claim biodegradable spf 70,is more like 30-50 spf in real life. And you can't possible reapply it every hour and for kids... You would literally need dozens of bottles for your cruise.
  9. Don't start making people panicking. No one ever going to check your sunblock! Anywhere! But to make sure you not worried yourself. Can buy Neutrogena spray 70spf, it contains no oxybenzone. That's the ingredient you not suppose to use. It's under $10 online.
  10. I doubtful... I've already looked everywhere for a while... And that 70 isn't the same... Those 2 ingredients are one of the main ones that give strong uva uvb protection. So without them sunblock aren't the same at all. Probably more like 30-50. I myself use 100, because of white skin and I swim a lot. And you get burned much easier in water.
  11. It's listed almost everywhere. But I doubt that they have the right to actually check everything you're using. It might be against privacy policy.
  12. Max reef safe goes up to SPF 50, I've seen 70 once , but without those ingredients, sunblock isn't really working the same way. You're much more likely to get burned, especially if you don't apply it completely like they suggest, every 80 min. I'm not sure if links from Amazon allowed here. Or that's advertisement? Can give you couple to choose from.
  13. Guys, need your help. Trying to find better place for covid tests. I have 2 different types of urgent centers near my home. I have insurance, United Healthcare But if I understand correctly, they will charge insurance for Dr office visit during covid test and that would mean that I must pay co-pay for urgent care. Based on my insurance Is that how it usually works? It's never just covid test, it's counts as a Dr visit?
  14. I was going to say that. You're absolutely correct. Just small thing people should be aware, it's not really fresh water, it's heavily chlorinated. So if someone has a problem should use beach pool. That's why they have 1 salt water on all Oasis class ships.
  15. Come on guys, don't be so naive. It sounds like the usual post from someone who haven't even been on royal ship! Way too many people spend days online just posting negative lies!!! I've sailed many times and way too many times read total BS about the ship I've just sailed on. Bad shows, tasteless frozen food, worst elevators in universe and customer service totally sucks! Don't believe! Royal is doing a perfect job. Of course not everything is perfect. Perfect is impossible. I've had not so good waiters. But next day, I was given much better one. Some food isn't up to my taste. So without any problems, you can order anything else you want from the menu. Options and possibilities are almost limitless!
  16. So no main Broadway show in the theater? Why?
  17. Exactly... I've been on Symphony and Harmony before covid, at normal capacity. Close to full. Didn't feel crowded? If course had all reservations done. I'm guessing people without reservations felt like a nightmare. And before and after my cruise read so may online saying they couldn't get into any shows that they wanted to.
  18. Strange, food was always great... I was on Symphony 2 yrs ago and on Oasis in October, food was awesome. Do you have cruise compass from February 12th?
  19. I actually need exactly that sailing, since I'm going to be on exactly same one So needed to see time for the shows. So I can plan around them... Since you can't book any shows in advance, it's really hard to make any plans. And early dinner reservations then become unavailable...
  20. Hey guys Anyone can help to find Symphony of the seas cruise compass? FROM FEBRUARY 12, 2022
  21. Yes, exactly I used fly to fort launderdale, because it was cheaper and then take LYFT to Port Miami cruise. About $35-40 max with tips. Uber was more expensive.. .
  22. You're confused me even more. My question was about refundable deposit fee. And you're saying I'll still lose my deposit?..
  23. Guys, have a question. I've always booked with non refundable deposit option. Now I'm looking into 2023 and found refundable option, it say for additional $170. If I cancel my booking, will I loose this fee of $170 ?
  24. It's simple... Royal Caribbean have no idea what's going to be in Europe in 2023... Plus don't forget, the contract says that they have full rights to change everything! Both ship and itinerary.
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