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  1. I waited an hour and I was able to get into the reservation. Thanks all!
  2. This is the next thing on my list to do in Cozumel.
  3. I feel like since it's after the CSO, and it's Royals newest ship they will do whatever they can to have her sail. That being said, I paid for the refundable deposit. Just in case.
  4. I am normally not a balcony person; but, I can see all my mornings on that balcony. They are huge.
  5. We went on Symphony before all of the pandemic happened in 2019 and I loved the redesign of the cabins. I am eagerly awaiting Odyssey. It'll be nice, I will have this five night before the family all cruises in December to get myself familiar with her, it'll be my first quantum/ultra class sailing.
  6. Feel free. I went online immediately after booking to look for youtube videos. If Odyssey keeps the same layout, I can do without a couch and have a larger balcony.
  7. The studio cabin for me was less than half the price of a regular balcony; and, I went ahead and pulled the lever and reserved a room. Is there a Roll Call for the inaugural sailing?
  8. Yeah the 20 points would be better than 10. Gotta get that push to D+ complete.
  9. Chicago was my first musical it will always have a special place in my heart. If it’s on Odyssey; I’ll be ecstatic.
  10. I am on a charter this January; I am really hoping everything stabilizes and we're good to sail.
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