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  1. In the era of Covid are we still able to bring our own coffee cups?
  2. I have a feeling my nine night out of Galveston on Independence will be similar.
  3. Were you able to get three for you or three for your family? I wanted to stop and get them for my cruises and wasn't sure if I could only get one or multiple.
  4. I am on that same sailing and having the same issue.
  5. Thank you I've reached out through messenger and they keep linking me to the health sailing page which doesn't address this question.
  6. I have the opportunity to do a b2b cruise coming up; but, haven't been able to find testing requirements for those doing a b2b. Obviously I know i need to do the one before the original but would they just test me on the ship?
  7. Do you have to book after you redeem that reward or could I book now and apply it to that sailing when it comes?
  8. I am curious for those that are vaccinated that tested positive; what vaccination did they have?
  9. I had a bit of time between a cruise ending and my flight home. I ended up taking the train from Miami to West Palm Beach and then back down to Fort Lauderdale for my flight home. Overall I really enjoyed it, the train was clean, seats were comfortable and there was room for luggage. I would gladly ride brightline again.
  10. Enchantment - pre-stretch and then i took my parents on their first cruise which was Enchantment post stretch.
  11. I have three other cabins sailing with me on this sailing; and we all hope they change it to Coco Cay ?
  12. The market is a bit wonky over the past few days; I think the overall market sentiment is what's dragging RCL.
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