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  1. I am curious for those that are vaccinated that tested positive; what vaccination did they have?
  2. I had a bit of time between a cruise ending and my flight home. I ended up taking the train from Miami to West Palm Beach and then back down to Fort Lauderdale for my flight home. Overall I really enjoyed it, the train was clean, seats were comfortable and there was room for luggage. I would gladly ride brightline again.
  3. Enchantment - pre-stretch and then i took my parents on their first cruise which was Enchantment post stretch.
  4. I have three other cabins sailing with me on this sailing; and we all hope they change it to Coco Cay
  5. The market is a bit wonky over the past few days; I think the overall market sentiment is what's dragging RCL.
  6. If I get some time, I would like to go through the site to come up with a timeline of Odyssey. I don't think any cruise ship in modern history has faced her trials before launch.
  7. I sailed with my family in a two bedroom aqua theatre suite on Allure; but, I always go back to interior. The experience was wonderful; but, it was easy for me to transition.
  8. I checked with my TA and they were not loaded to her. When she called in the person she spoke with said they weren’t selling odyssey yet.
  9. I just got off the phone with my TA - they are not loaded yet, she is going to keep watching out for me.
  10. I was shocked that I am 184 days out from sailing and three of my four guarantees have been assigned.
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