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  1. If I am understanding correctly, you booked an interior guarantee. This is the cheapest option available for booking and doesn't entitle you to any choice. You are going to get the best room that hasn't already sold - period. If you want something more, you will need to pay for it.
  2. Supply and demand - it's worth what people are willing to pay.
  3. Why would they give a credit for people who were able to enjoy the full cruise?
  4. Mattress comfort is subjective. Having said that, this is what I would describe as a known issue with Royal. The beds are very firm. I don't really like them either, but my wife loves them so it's not everyone who is complaining. They can bring in the foam topper, but beyond that the beds are the beds and they aren't going to change them out.
  5. Me too, I wish I had bought a lot more.
  6. MDR food should not be compared to a good restaurant because the meals are not cooked to order. The meals are cooked in mass and menu choices reflect that. They are more correctly compared to banquet food that would be served at an awards dinner or wedding. I think they do a good job overall but there are definitely some things that are a miss for me. I wish there was more variety to the menu's so that those of us who cruise regularly get some fresh choices.
  7. Officially no, but if you use your card to enter and she follows you in, nobody would really know.
  8. Congratulations! A few tips: Make sure you specify whether you are using your diamond drinks or not when you order. Waiters will often apply them automatically if you don't specify and you may waste one on a low cost drink. The coffee machine in the Crown Lounge is an underrated perk. They also have a nice hor dourves set up at happy hour and a waiter to get drinks. The concierge located in the Crown lounge can do a lot of things you used to have to go to guest relations for. The free photo (each) is another nice perk.
  9. I love the new terminal and parking is much better than the offsite parking at the old terminal. My only complaint is that they force you to go all the way around the North Lot, past the terminal, just to enter the lot. It makes no sense.
  10. Traffic in Italy is notorious for delays. You probably make your flight 90% of the time but there are many issues that could prevent it. If you miss it, what options would you have at that point? I would think you would be able to get to Madrid somehow that day but there may be a cost.
  11. If you can afford it, there are some big advantages to staying in the park. Disney is really 4 parks so you will definitely need to make some decisions depending on how many days you have available.
  12. It can vary by port as the ship does need to clear customs before allowing people to leave. 7 to 7:30 is normal but it can definitely be delayed.
  13. This is very common in Roatan. Cash is preferred at restaurants also.
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