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  1. I'm booked on a 12/28 cruise. I'm hoping to go, but expecting it to be cancelled. I wish it would get resolved one way or the other at this point because I will make some other plan for the week if it doesn't go.
  2. Just checked in for my 12/28 cruise on Adventure of the seas. It felt good to check in! I put the chances at 25% at best, but I'm an optimist.
  3. Jr suites are considered Sea Class so you may have been upgraded. Did you get a room number?
  4. I'm picturing a mall food court type of set up.
  5. Any guesses on when RC will cancel cruises on Allure out of Galveston. I'm guessing it will move to Miami or Ft Lauderdale. If we have a booked room, do you think we would have the option of keeping the booking with the new port/itinerary?
  6. https://www.galvnews.com/news/free/article_3110ec89-1a5f-5cc1-a4f6-2d81dad146af.html Not good if you are booked on Allure out of Galveston (I am for March 2022)
  7. Besides checking for price breaks, does MEI offer any perks not available on RC website or the big travel websites? I have been mostly a book it yourself person but have been looking into having a travel agent.
  8. Its really a personal choice. My wife and I are not big drinkers and you would need to drink 5-6 drinks per day to break even on a drink package. I may drink that on a sea day, but almost certainly not when I am I port. We ordered drinks as we wanted last cruise just to see what it came to and it was roughly half the cost of the package. We are also generally satisfied in the main dining room but like the occasional specialty restaurant. The MDR is like eating at a nice catered wedding - its not a fine dining, cook to order meal but it is very good although maybe limited in choices.
  9. You are correct. I would make reservations for the 1st night and Lobster night. There are pretty big lines on those nights for walk up.
  10. I highly suggest having your teen attend the meet and greet on the first night of the cruise (usually 8 pm) My 13 year old spent all of his time with other teens on our recent cruise. We basically didn't see him on sea days except at dinner. He made a lot of friends and even ran into some of them on our shore excursions. We paid for the internet package and used WhatsApp to text with him
  11. I take copies and my drivers license. If you do not back it back to the ship, my understanding is that they will remove your passports from the room safe and leave them with the port agent. There are some potential negative consequences to losing your passport while ashore. I actually take pictures of my whole families passports on my phone and email a copy to someone who is not going on the cruise in case my phone is lost or stolen.
  12. I was charged the $15 corkage fee in the MDR on Liberty a few years ago one of the two bottles we brought to dinner. I had no problem with paying since I knew the rule. Its still a bargain vs buying a bottle onboard and I get to pick the wine I like. I would bring my glass from the room, but I often drink a second glass.
  13. Most of the colleges have Spring Break the week before. The ones that don't are primarily northern schools. I think you will be fine.
  14. The trend on land has been towards more casual dress in all aspects of life. Even in the business world, more and more companies are going business casual vs suits. Younger people are redefining what "dressed up" means for a date or night out. RC is a business and wants (needs) to attract young people. I have mixed feelings as I like the "dress up" part of cruise dining, at least on some nights. I don't really feel that what anyone else wears affects me, although I think a minimum standard should apply to avoid "people of Walmart" on RC. I'd like to see them eliminate formal nigh
  15. You should at least tip the amount you will be auto billed or pre pay. Anything else would be optional. The differences in tipping culture are rooted in how service staff are paid in the US vs Europe. The cruise staff are not paid well and rely on tips to make their living so it is only right to follow the tipping culture on a cruise - especially since it is added to your bill anyway.
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