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  1. I would do the 7 night Symphony if you have never been to Europe. It is port intensive and visits some really good highlights of Europe. I chose to do this cruise (last year on Wonder) out of Rome. My reasoning was that Rome has so much to see that is hard to really get a good sense of the city in 1 day. We went 2 days early, and stayed 3 days late and were able to really take in Rome. Barcelona is easier to tour from the ship as your dock downtown and can easily walk the city vs Rome where you dock 90 minutes away and must take a bus or train from the ship and return on time.
  2. Atlantis has been ripping off cruise passengers for years with outrageous day fees. I'm sure they are upset.
  3. I'm not a fan of the key unless you are a cruise with ports requiring tenders. If you make sure to check in exactly 45 days out, you can get an early check in time.
  4. I use this one, but there are many good tour operators in Roatan. HOME - Roatan Tours, Cruiseship Activities, Excursions, Zipline Canopy Tours with Ronys Independent Tours, Roatan (ronystours.com)
  5. Look at Viator.com for ideas. Cruise excursions will always be a little more expensive. Excursions in general are more expensive in Europe vs the Caribbean.
  6. I have booked directly through RCI and through another large online travel agency. I now use a full service TA (MEI which sponsors this website). I recommend the full service TA, but can see why many book directly. I had a bad experience with the large online site when there were cruise cancellations that required rebooking. It ended up taking a lot of my time. trying to get rebooked and it was a problem because Royal would not deal with me directly, and the inexperienced "TA's" at the online site didn't really know how to fix my issue. I would have been better dealing directly with Royal. I use the full service TA mainly to deal with issues that come up.
  7. We did the ship tour of Pompeii in the am, and then walked to Christmas alley in the afternoon. Plenty of time to do both. We had fun with both. Naples is unique and we did have the best pizza I have ever had.
  8. It's a good plan. Ft lauderdale is pretty close if the price is right. Lyft will work very well.
  9. Roatan has excellent snorkeling at West Bay beach (far left side). You can get a taxi, but I would make arrangements to have the driver pick you back up at a predetermined time. Roatan is a very poor island. I would personally go with a tour company. This tour would cost you $20 PP #3 WEST BAY BEACH SHUTTLE GROUP EXCURSION WITH OTHERS. - Roatan Tours, Cruiseship Activities, Excursions, Zipline Canopy Tours with Ronys Independent Tours, Roatan (ronystours.com)
  10. You can actually book it yourself and transfer it to a travel agent if you want the best of both worlds. TA's should not charge anything extra - definitely a red flag if they are doing this.
  11. I'm guessing that there were bids above you. They are giving you a chance to bid higher should you wish.
  12. I definitely recommend trying it at least once.
  13. I'm pretty sure that newborns must be 6 months old at time of sailing. You may want to check on that with your TA.
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