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  1. The lack of crowds is already making this one of my favorite cruises. Every crewmember is going out of their way to welcome everyone back.
  2. Windjammer is not even a little crowded.
  3. We passed the test! Just got on the bus.
  4. JS, they made us wait a few minutes but then they were slow so they took us.
  5. I'm all checked in and now just waiting on test results. Should take about 30 minutes. We got here at 1115 and they took us early for our 1230 appointment.
  6. The beach at Baha Mar, taken from the boat dock.
  7. I am in Nassau! We had a great view of Adventure as we flew in. I'm staying at Baha Mar. If I end up quarantined, I will spend a nice 10 days here. A few notes on travel today. The airport's were BUSY. Staffing is short everywhere. Allow extra time. American checked our passports and Bahamas Health Visa at check in. We had to go to the counter. The agent said verifly doesn't work for international flights. Bahamas customs had lines and took 30 to 45 minutes. The taxi guy at the airport tried to tell me that a town car was the same price as a taxi. The town car wa
  8. For anyone using verifly, it was basically useless. I called yesterday and got everything approved but was still not able to check in online. I checked in this morning at the airport and I still needed all passports and Bahamas Health Visa. If you haven't already, don't waste any time on verifly
  9. I just watched Adventure sail out of Nassau on the Port Cam. I'm guessing she is headied to Freeport.
  10. If my wife tests positive and I have to leave her in the Bahamas and go it alone, do I get double C&A points?
  11. Definitely a concern. I would hope another test would be done to verify.
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