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  1. I've been there twice. It's worth it in the $79 to $99 per person range. I wouldn't pay more than that. It's nice and has a very good lunch, but the free areas at PDCC are also really nice.
  2. If it's been a while since you cruised, you will notice that both are less formal than 10 years ago. In general, the world is less dressy than it was. You will still see people dressed up, but I rarely see Tuxedos and formal dresses.
  3. I wouldn't count on it. You should fill out the Guest Special Needs form. Royal can usually provide authorized extension cords and distilled water for your CPAP. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/guest-special-needs
  4. If both my wife and I are Diamond, do we both get the discount on the press/dry cleaning and laundry bag, or is it only one per stateroom?
  5. You can also get some European outlet adapters that will allow you to use the EU outlets that will be there.
  6. It's one of the reasons that I like a moderated board! Way too much misinformation and crazy talk on facebook and the "other board". There is a great community here also to go along with the steady stream of information you provide.
  7. Just be aware that this group is largely unsupervised. They are allowed to come and go from the teen area as they please. There are scheduled activities, but the kids are not required to attend. They often hang out and find things to do around the ship outside of the organized stuff. I trust my son not to get into (too much) trouble, but some parents are not comfortable with this set up. He is 16 now and we are about to go on his 4th cruise as a teen. He has always found a group to spend the week with and has always had a great time. You know your daughter best, so you are the best one to decide where she belongs. I recommend getting the Zoom internet and using a web-based texting app to keep in touch with her. Set some meet up times, etc.
  8. speak to the AO staff about getting your child moved into the teen group. I was able to do this with my son at 11.
  9. As long as the accounts are linked, the child will receive whatever status (level) the parent has achieved until they are 18. After that, the child will retain the status, but only have the points they have personally earned. So a child whose parents were Diamond at 18 would still be Diamond even if they only had 30 points. They would not be moved up to Diamond plus until they achieved the required points on their own.
  10. No real restrictions, but I promise you won't need as much as you think!
  11. Good catch! I went back and edited. Amazing how one letter can make a whole new meaning.
  12. Updated protocols just came out be email. We get 2 days to test instead of 1 - must be EU fully vaccinated.
  13. My son has had his own C and A number since his first cruise. Kids can definitely have their own number. We signed him up with the Loyalty Ambassador on the ship. You could also call C and A direct.
  14. Yes, you read correctly but it only applies to people that the EU considers fully vaccinated. This means your last covid shot/booster was within 270 days.
  15. I'm an obsessive planner so I agree that it can almost be a letdown when all the planning is done. I think it's also hard to fully commit to getting excited when you can still have covid issues.
  16. I just received an email for my Wonder of the seas cruise on June 2nd updating the protocols. It looks like fully vaccinated passengers, as defined by the EU standards (full boosters or last shot within 270 days) can take the antigen test 2 days prior to the cruise vs 1 day. Those not fully vaccinated, still need to be within 1 day. Those not fully vaccinated also have additional testing for shore excursions. I'm not sure what changed here because I haven't paid a whole lotvof attention because my family is fully vaccinated.
  17. You can always book your own cruise on the Royal Caribbean website yourself and then transfer it to your TA. I do this most of the time. My TA will then manage the booking and watch for price drops. I regularly receive price drops that my TA spots and emails to me. I enjoy booking my own cruises and used to book either directly with Royal, or used one of the big online TA's. During Covid, with multiple cancellations/rebookings I was spending way too much time following up on FCC's and other issues. For me, the biggest reason to use a TA is for when things go wrong.
  18. I'm cutting and pasting from my cruise planner but it clearly states the time - sounds like you got an extra half hour. Pisa On Your Own FLORENCE/PISA(LASPEZIA)ITALY DURATION: 3 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES Discover the many marvels of the Renaissance in Pisa, one of the greatest trading and sea… From*$69.00USD Adult $69.00USD Child
  19. You can call and they will change her to a refreshment package and refund you the difference in price.
  20. Yes, that's the one. We are leaving on Memorial day and arriving on Tuesday so we will be taking the tests from our hotel on Wed. We are also staying for 3 nights after the cruise in Rome.
  21. Make sure you set up your accounts in advance. It takes a few minutes to take the test and you need to wait 15 minutes for the results. I find it helps to have a 2nd person hold the phone for part of the test so I would do 2 at a time. It can be hard to understand the proctors (heavy accents) so it can be helpful to have watched a video on the process beforehand.
  22. I'm bringing my Abott tests with me from the US to take in the hotel. My understanding is that they are easy to get at any pharmacy.
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