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  1. Got off Adventure 52 days ago (2nd to last sailing) Next up is Navigator in 63 days (I hope)
  2. I screen capture both our Set Sail passes from the app so I can just open my photos and they scan the barcodes easily. Sometimes the app is slow to open so this seems to be more convenient
  3. I did catch it for $57 for our November Odyssey sailing....not bad!
  4. I hope it goes lower, I definitely need the DX for that sailing!! #teamdx
  5. I'm booked on Harmony 2/21/21! Harmony is a great choice!
  6. Absolutely and I'm thankful I will be able to recover some of her lost income.
  7. My wife's office is closed for at least 7 week so I have to use the check to pay bills 😢
  8. I prefer to be on 6 or 7 so I can run down to the Royal Promenade easily.
  9. I opted for the 125% back for my Cruise Planner purchases. I have a hold on a Navigator sailing in July, once booked will that OBC automatically be applied to that sailing?
  10. I opted for the $50 OBC when they changed the neighborhood balcony policy. If/when they cancel my Oasis sailing in April I wonder how his will be handled? I used the $50 toward a 150 CP reservation.
  11. With the rumors of Allure and Explorers Amp's being cancelled or delayed I wonder what else will be effected? There's Labadee's upgrade, Antigua, Paradise Island, Perfect Day Lelepa, Oasis 6 and the Icon class.
  12. There are a few sites that track ship locations, here is one.... https://www.cruisemapper.com
  13. Mama Lee lives on Crystal Serenity, Alanna Zingano had a great interview with her. Unlike Mario, I don't believe she maintains a residence on land.
  14. I was on Adventure last week and noticed them cleaning more then normal, however I did not notice any smells from it.
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