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  1. I always self disembark, I wait till the tail end of the designated timeframe and there's no line.
  2. Adventure in 9 days for me, but I too have been waiting well over a year for this one!
  3. Awesome, I was wondering this myself!
  4. I was just at Disney Springs last week and ate at Rain Forest! Have a great time!
  5. I hope they leave it as it is! I don't mind paying, but if I'm paying I don't want it as busy as the Oasis Lagoon! We are thinking about booking Indy for July 4th weekend, I think I'll check it out if we end up doing that.
  6. In this weeks podcast Matt mentioned 450 passes for the Beach Club. Considering it was sold out, it didn't look too busy on his videos throughout the day.
  7. I've done the Beach Bed a couple of times, I think there's a lot more value in the Beach Club. Different experience, but moving forward I'll be going for the Beach Club!
  8. I sail on her twice next year, February and November. At least I'll get to enjoy Sabor one last time.
  9. When having 2 cabins, I assume they can not program the Wow bands to open both cabin doors?
  10. Me too! Adventure in 31 days, Oasis in 85!
  11. I'm sailing on Harmony twice next year, I think we will give it a try. My wife is gluten free so hopefully they can accommodate that as well as the other restaurants/MDR always do.
  12. We are bringing my daughters friend with us next month who is 16. I will have the proper RCCL form signed and notarized obviously so she can board with us. I assume I won't have any issues getting off at the ports?
  13. I think 150 Central Park is a great restaurant for a "date night".
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