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  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and all the great information!
  2. Still waiting.....what's the 2nd most expensive item????
  3. You did....I just listened to that podcast yesterday! Episode 27 (preview of Navigator) and 29 (review). Navigator had just been refurbished with so many new additions including your 1st taste of Sabor! How time flies!
  4. I was on Mariner in May, I don't notice any difference in the crowd then any other ship. Coming off 3 Freedom class ships then Oasis I was worried about Mariner being a little smaller. The size was great, just a tiny bit smaller then a Freedom ship, only the width of the ship was really noticeable to me. I absolutely loved everything about Mariner! We sailed on Navigator the very next weekend and had the same experience and next up is Adventure in February.
  5. I always sleep really well....but maybe the Deluxe Drink Package helps with that! LOL
  6. February 29th, 2020 - 8 nights on Adventure April 23rd - 3 nights on Oasis November 5th - 4 nights on the inaugural Odyssey
  7. Where is this "When is your next cruise" you speak of?
  8. I already started a FB group for this sailing, feel free to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2451939745090932/
  9. Oasis 5 (I believe she will be Melody of the Seas) will certainly be just ever so slightly bigger in tonnage than Symphony. They do this every time so that they get the "biggest ship in the world" press that comes with it.
  10. Symphony will remain the largest until Oasis 5 launches.
  11. I got a balcony for less than $300 more then what a 4 day Navigator sailing is for the same timeframe. I think that's well worth it for a newest ship on it's inaugural sailing.
  12. @Matt already put down a deposit I believe! Unofficial group cruise it appears! Lol
  13. We’ll have to plan a RC Blog meetup onboard!
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