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  1. If I want to add several people to the chat once onboard, what info is needed? Name? Cabin number? Reservation number? I have a group of 40 and thinking this may be a good way to stay in touch….although with no notifications I’m not sure.
  2. My daughters boyfriend lost his card and went to CVS where he originally got it and they were able to reproduce it.
  3. I realize there will never be 100% acceptance but was surprised by the low number. Just wondering if this is common among other agencies or if it’s just us!
  4. I'm a FF as well, wondering how many of your coworkers choose to get the vaccine. Our department sent out a list to sign up for it and less then 30% said yes.
  5. I have a feeling you'll be on the 1st sailing when they resume!
  6. I booked Oasis for November 4th as my plan B.
  7. I booked Oasis for November 4th as my plan B.
  8. Got off Adventure 52 days ago (2nd to last sailing) Next up is Navigator in 63 days (I hope)
  9. I screen capture both our Set Sail passes from the app so I can just open my photos and they scan the barcodes easily. Sometimes the app is slow to open so this seems to be more convenient
  10. I did catch it for $57 for our November Odyssey sailing....not bad!
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