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  1. I booked a few days after it was announced! Can’t wait!
  2. I realize there will never be 100% acceptance but was surprised by the low number. Just wondering if this is common among other agencies or if it’s just us!
  3. I'm a FF as well, wondering how many of your coworkers choose to get the vaccine. Our department sent out a list to sign up for it and less then 30% said yes.
  4. I have a feeling you'll be on the 1st sailing when they resume!
  5. I booked Oasis for November 4th as my plan B.
  6. I booked Oasis for November 4th as my plan B.
  7. Got off Adventure 52 days ago (2nd to last sailing) Next up is Navigator in 63 days (I hope)
  8. I screen capture both our Set Sail passes from the app so I can just open my photos and they scan the barcodes easily. Sometimes the app is slow to open so this seems to be more convenient
  9. I did catch it for $57 for our November Odyssey sailing....not bad!
  10. I hope it goes lower, I definitely need the DX for that sailing!! #teamdx
  11. I'm booked on Harmony 2/21/21! Harmony is a great choice!
  12. Absolutely and I'm thankful I will be able to recover some of her lost income.
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