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  1. I posted about this and there were definitely mixed reviews. But my personal opinion is .....if its giving the occasional drink to your kid....just do it!!! Its costs enough money that giving a bottle of water or drink to your child seems totally reasonable. It's not like you are funneling them expensive cocktails. For sure you will get the stealing is stealing answer....but I saw just do it. Take one sip of the water bottle and consider it yours that they are drinking! Lol.
  2. Oh I agree! We have travelled a lot with her and the young passport photo has never been an issue. I'm not renewing it till it's due! Lol
  3. I need this dessert in my life it seems! I've seen it in videos and looks amazing.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but when getting on and off the ship at ports you need a photo ID as well as your sea pass. Does that go for young children as well? My daughters only ID with a photo is her passport ( and she was 6 months old so doesnt even look close to the same). I dont like taking passports on or off the ship because so many things can happen! Want them to stay in the safe! But we have drivers licenses that we can use and she only has the passport. Will that be a problem? Thx!
  5. What about if you have UDP and are the ship during port day? Can you go to specialty restaurant for lunch then as well?
  6. These limits are something that worries me. Even for something simple like the slides on the ship at splashaway bay. Minimum height is 42 inches. By the time we sail my daughter will be about 40 inches so wont be able to partake. And she goes on slides that look much bigger then those at the park all the time. I anticipate a sad conversation telling her she isnt big enough.
  7. Saw a previous post about favorite food in the MDR. Made me think about the reat of the ship as well! So I'd love to hear what were peoples favorite food or meal from any restaurant, and ship! Would love to hear what everyone liked!
  8. I agree totally! As it turns out when u look at the monetary amount , we decided 800 usd for alcohol was ridiculous. We are travelling with a 4 year old so doubt we will drink that much. That being said there will always be people at either end of the spectrum calling it stealing. I wouldnt share with an adult, but at the price of my drinks giving her a premium OJ wouldnt make me feel bad.
  9. Uber can provide a car seat if you use uberX and request a car seat but it is a 10$ surcharge per car seat.
  10. We plan on a shuttle for that exact reason, our daughter needs a car seat. There is always an uber with carseat option I believe.
  11. On our Nov cruise on symphony we will be stopping in San Juan. First question is if we dock at the port near the airport or near old San Juan? Any suggestions for is travelling with a 4 year old? My plan was ( if we park near old San juan) just to walk around and sightsee ( pigeon plaza etc) in old town for a bit then go back to the ship. Bad idea? Doesnt seem like too many small children activities to do. Thanks in advance!
  12. I wanted the DBP as it dropped in price. However it would be over 800 usd ( within over 1000 for us in CAD) . And as much as I can talk myself into thinking I could drink that much considering the price per drink....thinking of it as 1000 for drinks for the week is insane! We plan on not holding back, if we want a drink just order it and go from there. That being said my husband is not a big drinker and as another member mentioned we have our young daughter with us so it's not like we can just sit back and drink all day. Also with our dining package we get a 40% rebate on wine so it will help. And I think I'll be bringing 2 bottles on board.
  13. Just wondering if embarcation of the ship is like the airport? I.E no water bottle sor liquids above a certain amount? Etc ( although I know you are allowed 2 bottles fo wine)
  14. Anyone have a pic of the wine list from MDR?
  15. Thanks for the insight. She is 4 so was planning on giving her a few mocktails and maybe my fresh squeezed juice option.
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