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  1. Can someone post the entertainment schedule once on board?
  2. I'm always surprised when people hear so far out and other right before! Congrats!!
  3. Hi guys. I'm on the sailing after yours but I saw a question about entertainment so I wanted to share what was given to be for a may sailing.
  4. Are you offered the right to get a refund when such a major itinerary change happens?
  5. This might lead to am entirely new section of RC Blog all from the kids perspective!
  6. Check out the topic " what is going on on the ship right now" by @TheRick. He showed a trick that may help you.
  7. You mentioned tons of crowds when you arrived. Do people who come to early tend to just crowd around the terminal and if you walk up you can find your line for your boarding time? Or do the crowd of people tend to get the the earlier lines and slow it down? ( if that question made any sense!)
  8. Only thing I noticed is that it doesn't seem to show shows like aqua80 etc...
  9. Thats frustrating. You go through the trouble of uploading kids vaccination records etc and it seems like it doesn't move things along qt all.
  10. I did this 2 weeks ago. 1 deluxe and 1 refreshment. No issues.
  11. How are you finding the MDR? Hearing long wait to be seated even with a reservation and very slow service. Making me worried.
  12. From what I'm hearing they should not be all in service, but instead staffing a lesser number of ships properly.
  13. How is everyone's experience presently with the MDR? I'm hearing pretty bad things from groups saying wait times horrendous even with reservations and very slow service. How has it been lately?
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