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  1. It's taking away some hope for us going on our dec sailing.
  2. Anyone else crazy excited for the first live blog once cruising returns? I feel like it may be the most read blog ever!!
  3. I'm confused...masks are mandatory in disney but not casinos? How does that make sense. ( and I'm not talking as someone pushing masks, just weird)
  4. We had pictures taken us in every dining venue we visited. Usually took one of each of us individually then a family shot. All were included with our photo package.
  5. Quebec has the same problem . Our elder care residences are on absolute disaster. The staff literally abandoned some of them and people were found on the ground, malnourished and many passed on....its horrible.
  6. Question about temp checks and ( rumor ) of thermal scans....after a day in the sun wont it show an elevated temp for sure?
  7. Exactly my point. So when people say cases need to drop to zero it's never going to happen.
  8. Is it just me or does anyone feel like it's pretty much impossible not to get new infections unless on a complete lockdown. I mean nothing but hospitals and pharmacies open kind of thing. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, I'm always much more interested in hospitalization or specifically ICU admissions then just people who have it. If many have it but are at home watching netflix then that's a win!
  9. Exactly!!! I also have worked in healthcare for about 16 years and am seeing it here as well. As well as 80something year olds taking all their meds at once because they don't want to live like this.... In our hospital we have definitely seem an influx at the beginning. And ended up with most of our patients because the long term care facilities have basically shown to be a disaster. At most we had 32ish in ICU. Now have been holding steady at under 15 for last while. Very manageable for the system so far.
  10. I know it's not the same, however I had H1N1 when it went around, was in my mid 20s. Certainly wasnt pleasant and didnt eat for about 10 days and lived in the bathroom...but made it though. Now it's part of our flu vaccine I believe. That being said, my biggest fear in all of this has and still is with all the people we are trying to save from covid, we are killing them from many other things. Cancers not being diagnosed, or treated. Disease not being caught because people are scared of the ER etc. Not to mention people who suffered financially before ( and even people who weren't) are now going to be so much worse. Malnutrition etc. Not to mention the rise in anxiety, depression and suicide. Just my opinion...
  11. I also dont think it's going away any time soon. We need to find a way to live with it and not keep ourselves locked inside for years.
  12. I never thought about piano man...I'm completely crushed!
  13. A. No B. Maybe C. Yes ( mostly because I dont love other people all that much and encouraged isnt mandatory) I keep thinking that even if they make masks be worn at some occasions, they cant at anything that involves food or drink. Because once you start playing with your mask on and off youbare basically contaminating yourself repeatedly.
  14. This is is no way trying to get anyone up in a tiff, just looking for some info from USA. What are your demographics for deaths? Percentages by age etc. In Canada the numbers are small under 70 ( specifically in quebec which is hardest hit).But I feel like stories I hear from US are different and I'm wondering why? Is it our free healthcare? Are people scared to get treatment because they cant afford it? Just wondering why the differences . And I work in healthcare so have witnessed most first hand.
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