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  1. Dont ever go but that title of the sale. They adjust the price for the sale so what you see is what you get. So even if it says 50% off it's the price listed.
  2. Is the hibachi part of the UDP? I thought it was an a la carte thing where you get 35$ and pay the extra. However the latest blog here says it isnt included.
  3. Labor day is soon....would assume another sale.Maybe...
  4. Loved your review!!!! I'm going early nov and it's taking over all my spare time! Lol. I'm going to be EXTRA prepared!
  5. Mine was down to 46$ which is the least it has been ever!
  6. I also posted this on a fb group, and it almost seems that they alternate every week. Many people who just got off symphony got the old ones. Feel like it may be a roll of the dice! Lol
  7. We originally were against it ( well my husband was). Mainly because the lump sum seemed outrageous. However when you calculate it at the present price of 49/ day that's right under 4 cocktails a day. Which seems very doable. 1 or 2 by the pool. 1 pre dinner. Wine with dinner. And thats without the fresh juice or specialty coffee and bottled water! Not to mention if we get the package I'm getting a mimosa every morning! But something to also take into account is the number of sea days vs port days. It's not worth it on heavy port day cruises because you arent on the ship very much so you are trying to make up for it from 6 pm to midnight. And if you are going to a private islan like coco cay the package works there as well!
  8. I've talked to two different people recently about height requirements on symphony in splashaway bay and have got 2 different answers. One side said their child couldnt use any slides because she was 41 inches and the requirement was 42. But someone else said the bigger yellow slide was the only one where they enforced a height requirment. Any other info from recent cruisers would be great!
  9. Hi everyone! Just wondering what the souvenir cups given with beverage packages are like on symphony of the seas. I've seen some cool looking ones with a chip and also some cheap plastic looking ones. Thanks!
  10. Questions for anyone who bought one on symphony or other oasis ships. The fine print when you buy says cocktails under 12 $ but most are 13 or 14. Are they included? Or do you have to pay 2 $ extra per cocktail?
  11. I've only ever done it going down south at an all Inclusive. But it was in my checked bag
  12. Hahahaha! I feel the same about my daughter sometimes. I cant be sure, however I would assume yes. Keep in mind tho a kids meal for a 18 month old or 8 year old would/ should be the same size. So it should be enough. And I'm pretty sure you get appetizers and a main and a dessert. So hopefully that's enough for your growing boy!
  13. Check under the menus for kids menu at chops. They may not have it under your ship but find one on another ship, I'm sure they would be the same.
  14. Oh good. It wasnt on a cruise but when I've travelled down south with my daughter we would sit on the balcony while our daughter napped. ( door dead bolted with a baby minitor) This way mommy and daddy dont have to sit in a dark room for 2 hours.
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