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  1. I'm of the type who wants to go once it's up and running ( after a small grace period to make sure they dont take 3 steps back). But my husband does keep mentioning what scares him is being quarantined because 1 person is sick of 6000 passengers. Juat want this all to be over. Work in healthcare and I'm getting more depressed by the day...
  2. Being excited! Seems hard to get excited even about a cruise at the end of the year with all that's going on. So much unknown. And I'm the best planner!!! Lol
  3. Although we are definitely sending hope that everyone is ok....its inevitable at this point. Its popping up everywhere.
  4. I think for sure some things will change but think that the tourism will need us to travel!!! I'm sure ports will open and welcome cruisers as soon as they can safely
  5. What is everyone favorite floor to stay on oasis class ships, specifically staying in an ocean view balcony. We have been on 12 which was great and easy access to the pool, but I've been juggling the idea of 8. Easy access to promenade etc, and getting to walk through central park pretty much all the time seems like a great bonus. Any thoughts???
  6. I'm happy they finally did it. We all knew it wasnt gonna happen by April. Might as well do it as early as possible so people can adjust their expectations and / or schedules.
  7. Wowsa... that's a lot of time at home with our kids....love them to death but they are exhausting! If our kids cant go to school, there is no way we will be allowed to travel IMO. When do they normally finish? We go all the way till end of june.
  8. In quebec Canada we have had our kids out of school for 2 weeks and at least another 5 more weeks to go. As healthcare workers we have also been asked not to travel till at least the (end) summer. Oh...and the borders are closed...lol. Everything but essential services open. And they want to start giving fines to people for social gathering over 2 people... Oy... I need a cruise...
  9. My positive thought.. we had to cancel our easter cruise on harmony. However looking to reschedule to dec where family will be able to join, and I will be celebrating my 8 year cancer free anniversary on board!
  10. Usually bottom of the page on cruise compasses
  11. I'm certainly not trying to start a fight, but I'm interested at when people think we are likely to be able to resume cruise vacations?? ( and please everyone remember this is just peoples opinions or guesses....stay nice! Lol)
  12. Wss your 5 year old big enough for the abyss?? Was she scared?
  13. Our government has asked all health care workers to avoid international travel.... that's both my husband and I. Didnt have much of a choice to cancel.
  14. Even if I think its total overkill...how do you not cancel if you are told that??? So annoying.
  15. That's my feeling. Places like china, italy, etc are level 3. Havent seen anything like that officially about cruises...
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