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  1. Whats your room category and number of guests? I see ocean balcony for 2 adults under 1000
  2. Are these new " normal " prices for DBP now. Last cruise in nov I paid 50$ per day and I find 2022 cruises prices are astronomical for stuff like this. Had never seen it above 62 on any cruise I've taken before.
  3. If buying something in CP, can you choose to not use the OBC and only use credit card?
  4. When you have OBC in your cruise planner is it any different from one you may receive on board from a TA or something? If i don't use it before my cruise does it just cross over for while I am on board? Also, does anyone ever get random OBC and not know how? I had 150 that I got from when I booked and a week later I magically have 250. Im not complaining! Just wanted to know if it happened to others.
  5. If you have internet on the ship its a good idea to download to your device before you disembark.
  6. Problem at this point is it’s seemed easier and easier to be deemed a “close contact”
  7. Why were they talking 10 day quarantine at all? I thought they are supposed to fly you home if had flown to port?
  8. The reality is that presently covid is on cruise ships more then it ever has been since the restart. They seem to be doing whatever they can to slow it down and AVOID another shut down. If you aren't comfortable by all means cancel. But I truly believe this is better then the alternatives which could be no cruises.
  9. I understand your stress. It’s hard to decide. Although I too think it’s the safest way to travel ( I compared our nov 27th sailing to being back at work in the OR…tons of hand sanitizer just keep using it!) I think right now things seems “scary”. No one wants to spend days in their cabin or lose all ports or shows at the last minute. But cruises really are the best! it’s not nearly as soon as you, but we want to book July 1st on oasis and I was fully ready to book, but my husband want to wait a few weeks. Personally I need something tangible to look forward to. I hope you make a decision that works for you ( and more so I hope you cruise and have a blast!)
  10. Feel bad for crew...its spreading amongst them like crazy.
  11. We have a 6 year old so activities are generally milder then hiking! Lol
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