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  1. Ok so ill start by stating I'm canadian if that helps explain my confusion. Everyone is hoping the white house overturns the CDC and gets cruises going. But I'd be wearing of anything that comes from the present residents of the white house.... just wondering...LOL
  2. I think 3 months ago I would have been a very excited lets go attitude towards cruising. But as numbers are now skyrocketing I dont feel like it's a good idea RIGHT NOW. That being said I still can't wait to go but present situation is kind of grim looking.
  3. IMO they have 1 shot to get it right....if it goes badly its like taking a million steps back.
  4. you would think. However people I know have been asked to leave pharmacies, refused service at banks etc. And we can't refuse to take care of covid pts for 2 weeks before. So in theory we would have to say there has been possible exposure.
  5. If they ask possible exposure. Donyou lie and say no? So many patients are " possible" exposure.
  6. I'm wondering how healthcare workers will be treated at embarkation. Immediately brought for extra testing? Grilled a bit more??? Thats me AND my husband so that fact wotries me.
  7. Totally agree!!!! Thats a loss of day 1! But they still want us to pay drink package for that day etc! Not to mention its considered the first day but whats the point if it starts at dinner.
  8. I dont have insight on those rooms, however I would say I also don't LOVE how we had to make lift and shift work. We had 2 rooms. 1 large balcony and 1 regular balcony right next to each other in hopes to open up both balconies together. When we lifted and shifted they had NO options to do it on that sailing and to top it off...if we wanted to downgrade to 2 regular balconies it would cost another 1600$! I understand its price protected so people don't have to pay more for same room, but you would think they would let you down grade for free. So now we are far from our family members...n
  9. We spent the entire muster drill in the blaring heat of the aqua theater discussing with my 4 year old that she was " sooooooo hot" . Lol
  10. Trying to figure out if we wait for RC to cancel or lift and shift our dec cruise. ( and it was booked with a CC from a cancelled april sailing so we cant wait and just get a refund)
  11. For the cruise lines sake, and mine...lol, I really hope they dont lose their holiday season.
  12. I'm still hoping for my dec cruise. And will only believe anything when there is a final decision.
  13. I would definitely be ok with it. Hate big crowds to begin with so if it stops that I'm good!
  14. Hopefully they are already close to a plan but just finalizing it and will release later...who knows. Total speculation...but even if it gets pushed again I would assume they would do anything to have the Thanksgiving, christmas new years holiday season not be lost.
  15. I think my issue with masks is that for most of on board time it's just not feasible. Casinos yes shows yes, embarkation yes. But pulling it down every 5 minutes to take a drink ( which we all know is super often on a cruise) is completely counterproductive and will spread it even more. Masks should be put on then not touched until you take it off and in a safe manner. So that's my issue. ( and I'm just adding that I've worked in anesthesia for 16 years so am used to them)
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