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  1. I dont have an answer to your question...but I must add that I would live to do a friends trivia on our cruise. Last one didnt have it and I'm praying the next will. I dont even want a team...I'll crush it on my own!!!! PIVOT!!!!
  2. I was just on symphony and EVERY restaurant was available in the cruise planner. Now we are going on Harmony in april and ONLY Wonderland and Izumi come up to book. What cant we book 150, Sabor etc???
  3. We just dealt with this. Did NOT pay for them. And when we made of reservations they just made them for us 3.
  4. I got the deluxe package so will not bother brining anything on board. I'll just walk to the windjammer first thing in the am.
  5. It says continental breakfast is free while American breakfast includes a room service charge. If we order the continental breakfast with a couple mimosas ( we DO have the drink oackage) will we be charged a fee. Or is it included since we have the DX?
  6. When giving an extra tip at specialty restaurants, do people leave cash or add to their sea pass account?
  7. Most restaurants have a separate dinner menu for kids. It does not seem to be MDR food. All options are going in the theme / type of restaurant.
  8. I'm thinking about a package because I make an album of every trip we take...but it's still a lot of $$
  9. Its chops plus any other specialty dining venue!
  10. It should show is your cruise planner. Also for us it shows on our daily schedule ( 1st dinner time blocked off)
  11. But if you are a non us citizen this doesnt always work. We repriced our dining package and I lost 50$ on the exchange rate for my refund before I repurchased . Still won overall but not as much as expected .
  12. That's one of the things at the top of my list to try!
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