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  1. Very pro vaccinated cruises! As for masks, can survive walking around / to dinner. But I will not wear one in the pool deck watching my daughter swim etc. Just doesn't seem like something I would enjoy and especially not something I want to pay $$$$ to do.
  2. I'm interested to see what health policies / procedures they will do on a fully vaccinated ship...
  3. This study showing its looking like it cuts transmission as well! https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-pfizer-biontechs-covid-19-vaccine-reduces-transmission-after-one-dose/
  4. I have wondered this as well. I have a 5 year old and this will crush me immensely. But my thought on it is IF they do this, they will have to completely reimburse people and not offer FCC. They are the ones telling you that you can't go. At least I know I would be demanding it.
  5. And as kids aren't able to be vaccinated does that mean no family cruises? I feel like if royal and carnival etc make vaccination requirements, they would have to make exceptions for kids. Or offer full refunds instead of FCC. I know if I am told my daughter can't sail I will not accept FCC. All of this being hypothetical of course.
  6. I'll wear a mask walking to dinner etc, but I draw the line at on the pool deck... I feel like thats my line in the sand.
  7. In Quebec, Canada they have decided to hold off on our second dose in order to vaccinate more people.... As much as I like the end results, I kind of what it as planned and instructed by the company.
  8. As a Respiratory Therapist for the past 16+ years in Montreal I appreciate every nice word you said. 2020 has been the longest 5 years of my life! Lol
  9. I'm going to preface this by saying this is a very naive comment and I definitely know the answer is $$$$. But I can't help by think that considering this is a world wide pandemic and people are dying everywhere...shouldn't Pfizer etc give labs around the world the formula and pump it out like crazy. If it was a cure for something small I can understand wanting to make it a monopoly. But considering it could get the world back on track to normalcy im sad it doesn't work like that...
  10. As many others I wear a mask every day for work ( anesthesia) so I am used to it. However I can't say I enjoy wearing one anywhere beside work but I obviously do it. I would wear it to dinner or a show etc but its a hard no wearing it outside on the sundeck. Does not seem like vacation to have to do that.
  11. Did the healthy panel paperwork say whats to happen if someone teats positive? Because if 1 person positive confines 4000 others to their room ( as they did on this 53 guest yacht) cruising will never survive.
  12. We can. But they didn't have any in our category right next to each other.
  13. Sadly we had the same. We had 2 rooms next to each other, but on our shifted cruise they are about 10 rooms between us. Was quite disappointing as we wanted to open up the balcony. And one of the silliest issues with lift and shift is you can't even agree to downgrade for the same price. If we wanted to go from our ocean view with large balcony to a regular balcony ocean view it was gonna cost us 1300$ extra.
  14. https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.70257875.2120994689.1604505119-1044776922.1557067778
  15. You can look it up on the website and input your sailing. It then gives all the options!
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