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  1. On symphony at Jamie's my then 4 year old wanted mac and cheese. They didn't have on the menu so I asked her to pick something else. Our waiter said not to worry amd went to get a bowl of it from chops!
  2. I read guests with the key have priority disembarkation. Didnt see anything about that on the letter. Anyone know how it works for key guests?
  3. If you have the refreshment package and chose to have a cocktail....do you pay entire price of just for the shot of the alcohol?
  4. Does anyone know if you have the refreshment package and want a cocktail...do you pay the entire price of just the alcohol shot portion?
  5. I hear great things about them...however our refund due to covid was in process indefinitely and never paid. And I know that happened to most during covid so I have lost all respect for them.
  6. Thank you! So if I order a glass of wine, the first 2 will automatically be at 50% off?
  7. Does anyone have the paper that is given at the beginning of the cruise showing discounts as per status? Specifically platinum. I wanted to see the discount for internet specifically.
  8. Does anyone know if you can add flavored syrups to a coffee purchases with the coffee card at no extra price? Or will you be charged an extra fee?
  9. Can someone post the entertainment schedule once on board?
  10. I'm always surprised when people hear so far out and other right before! Congrats!!
  11. Hi guys. I'm on the sailing after yours but I saw a question about entertainment so I wanted to share what was given to be for a may sailing.
  12. Are you offered the right to get a refund when such a major itinerary change happens?
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