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  1. I'm sorry this happened. No right..at all. I agree with trying another representative and hoping for better. XO
  2. Thanks!! I'm quite surprised it was maskless as its and indoor activity!
  3. For those sailing oasis class ships since the restart, how is the escape room working? Are they putting you with other guests or is your travelling party only? Do you book it on the app? Thxs!
  4. For those whose had the UDP sold out in the cruise planner, did they notice if it was offered on Day 1 of the sailing? Bonus points if anyone has the price it was offered for! Lol
  5. So for our sailing now there are NO dining packages available. 3 nights, UDP and chops plus 1 sold out!
  6. If you don't mind...after boarding do you mind letting us know if flight is back and running? Maybe a pic of entertainment scedule? Have a great trip! Its a great ship
  7. Did you get the new schedule? Would love to see.
  8. Ours popped up but only let us book 2 people from our party of 4. Im assuming a couple cancelled so only half way for us..
  9. We just cancelled our 6 year old. No problems. Full refund for her portion.
  10. In the same realm I only let myself be photographed in a bathing suit on first 2 days of the trip. After that carb and alcohol bloat kick in!
  11. I was told usually it is, but not sure if that was on a sailing where it was previously sold out.
  12. In regards to all the people showing up early...is it badly impacting the rest of us? Does it clog up the line or are they just causing a lot of people waiting outside? Clear lines for each boarding time or are you in kine with people whose time is well after tours? Sorry for all the questions! Just trying to manage expectations in Miami in nov!
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