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  1. Hope you are all having a blast! Anyone hear about next weeks passenger count?
  2. Thrill waterpark 33$...never seen it that low
  3. Its my favorite restaurant in symphony by a ling shot. Strongly recommend!
  4. Is this the first week of this? Because I hadn't heard anyone say that before.
  5. Was your boarding process chaotic? I've heard a lot of different stories about Miami terminal
  6. Same! We made sure it was offered so our trip home would work. Im worried now. Can't find it anywhere.
  7. Royals website used to say it would administer a PCR for countries requiring it. It no longer mentions it at all! Only the testing for kids? Anyone have insight if its been removed as an option? Leaving next week and that would be a huge issue!
  8. I asked on CC. They said no. So the numbers don't make a ton of sense then. I heard above 50 it would open
  9. The present sailing said they have approx 3600 passengers
  10. Were there lines for specific times? I hope so too!
  11. I'm hearing a lot of people complain about an absolutely chaotic boarding experience in Miami recently getting on symphony. No specific lines for times, just 1 HUGE line and noone checking arrival times. Anyone sail recently or on now and have experience with this?
  12. Has anyone said the passenger count of your sailing?
  13. So just used the app and were able to make all reservations for UDP? Thats what I'm hoping for as well. But we are 2 couples and want to make reservations together ( bookings have been linked by our TA) and thats what making me worried doesn't work properly.
  14. I am on the sailing right after. Any way someone wants to post capacity info when you find out on board? I'm interested how things are going. Thxs!
  15. Thank you! Yes they are linked. can you make reservations when you already have the UDP in the app as well or is it best to go to dining desk?
  16. Travelling end Nov on symphony with my husband and sister with her wife. When making dinner reservations in the app once on board, is it possible to make for 2 linked cabins? Or will it only make for individual room reservations ? I know you can go to a specialty restaurant or dining desk to book. But hoping to do it quickly in the app once onboard.
  17. Did they play an NFL game on Sunday in the aquatheater? I've read they sometimes do that and mybhusband would LOVE it!
  18. Although my assumption is that it will eventually become mandatory as it becomes available. I have to assume that they will give an amount of time for it to become in effect. A buffer to give people time.
  19. I saw a pic recently on fb with a screen of choices and vitamin water wa son. Not sure the flavors tho!
  20. I have faith thats enough time for them to be vaccinated! We are leaving our 6 year old home for our nov sailing. Just not the right time and the unvaxxed rules for returning to Canada are a killer!
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