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  1. That is certainly interesting. I have been to CocoCay twice in the past couple of years and both times our ship was the only ship there that day. I guess that streak will come to an end.
  2. That's some eagle eye pixel peeping. I am not sure that's a real picture of the ship, not that it matters. If it's on the deck plans I am sure it will be there.
  3. There is going to be a lot of drunk dads going down this slide. I predict this get closed before the end of the year.
  4. I personally am all for having more slides and fewer staircases.
  5. LoL. I will politely disagree. I don't want to be anywhere near these separated shoulders or dislocated joints.
  6. Since I posted this message I have seen the show in person, and while I am ashamed to admit initially I did try to cover my 5 year olds eyes during the bone breaking I quickly realized it would draw more attention to it. It was fine. Maybe the bone breaking was toned down after launch or maybe since my boy enjoyed it I cared less about it. There were definitely noticable "ooohs" from the audience (for lack of a better word) in disgust at certain moments. All that said I would see the show again. It's pretty lame and I found the shirtless gymnast far more offensive than the bone breaker. I didn't appreciate the show being wordless.
  7. I am hoping to go from Zero to Prime during the week of Feb 24th!
  8. After the Royal math how much does that work out to with taxes and port fees for 2 adults?
  9. Nice work. Basically this means for me if you drink cocktails the drink package makes sense since you typically only have to drink 6 drinks a day to break even. If you drink beer, or seltzer then you are up to 10 a day and that might not make sense for many people.
  10. For me it (RC website) always asks me the number of state rooms, then the number of adults and kids on a page before your pick your room type, once you pick a room type, you get to the page with the price and your names, sex, address, etc and the price never changes for me on that page anymore.
  11. When it comes to pricing a RC cruise on their website I swear I use to remember that sometimes the price would change when (fake) checking out and get lower, when you added your Crown and Anchor number and sometimes it would go lower when you would add your state residence if it was a state that RC operated out of like New Jersey. I ask because for at least the last six months or so when pricing dozens and dozens of cruises the price never has gone lower when you add your C&A # or state of residence. What's going on here? Did they stop these discounts? Or are they adding them in after you have actually paid? Very confusing.
  12. Agreed about the falling prices. They will never site any numbers but early bookings on Star will be a fraction of what Icon did. And I wouldn't hold your breath for another press release touting record breaking sales or demand as royal did in the wake of Icon's sales. As for the definition of price gouging what you cited was the illegal form of price gouging. What Royal is doing is a cash grab which is certainly price gouging.
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